Cost of Living – Australia

Domestic Appliance Repair Costs: Australia Versus UK

5 March 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

Sometimes things go wrong. It doesn’t really matter where you live; England, Australia, the USA or even in your own idea of Utopia, things will still go wrong. When they do, we have to pay to get them fixed. I (or we really, this includes Mrs Bob) have had a fortnight of things going wrong […]

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Christmas Shopping: Prices in Australia and the UK Compared

18 December 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

I’ve written about Christmas shopping before and presented some cost comparisons between our two countries. You can see those posts here: The Cost of Toys in Australia Australia versus the UK: Christmas Shopping Compared The first post, as you can probably tell, concentrated on children’s toys, after all, that’s where most of the money goes […]

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Petrol Prices UK and Australia: An Update

25 November 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

Or how to save $91.80 per month on your petrol bill. It was more than four years ago when I last compared petrol prices between England and Australia; in fact the post is so old I actually called it The Cost of Living in Australia because it was the very first in my category on […]

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Australia: Lucky Country or Expensive Country?

28 August 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

That depends on which way you look at it. It also depends upon who you ask. Two major economic experts of the globe released two vastly contrasting stories with almost completely opposing headlines simultaneously last week, well, within a few days of each other. I am grateful to 2 of my readers who both contacted […]

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Australia versus the UK; Taxes and Pensions

24 July 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

A story of swings and roundabouts. The last time I wrote about income tax rates here in Australia and compared them to those in the UK was back in October 2009. At the time, these were the tax bands in operation here in Australia. Old tax rates now out of date… On 1 July each […]

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Guarding Your Cat or Dog from Diseases: Core Injections

3 June 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

Mrs Bobinoz walked back into the house this morning; she had a cat carrier in her hand with two cats inside and a dog on the end of a lead. “That’s all the pets’ injections up-to-date for another year!” She said. Before adding… “Don’t ask me how much though.” Of course, I then had to […]

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Coles versus Tesco: Battle of the Batteries!

15 May 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

Also known as: the cost of living in Australia compared with the UK explained with batteries. Time I did another of my scientifically flawless cost comparisons between the UK and Australia, this one should be slightly easier to complete than my post Buying a Bed in Australia: It’s a Nightmare! For one thing, both of […]

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Buying a Bed in Australia: It’s a Nightmare!

24 April 2013 Cost of Living - Australia

After a period of time with both Mrs Bobinoz and myself whingeing about our bad backs at each other, we wondered whether we should consider buying a new mattress. After a brief period of calculation, we realised the mattress we had been sleeping on was a wee tad over 15 years old. Yes, it WAS […]

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