Cost of Living – Australia

UK and Australia: The House Price Debate

20 May 2015 Cost of Living - Australia

Time for another reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles, this one is on the highly contentious issue of house prices, both here and in the UK. Which country’s houses really are the cheapest? Or, more to the point, the most expensive? Before we push on with the article I want […]

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Costco versus Coles in Australia

16 March 2015 Cost of Living - Australia

Out of the blue, on Sunday Mrs Bob said to me “I want to go to Costco.” Gosh, I’d forgotten all about those people; when we used to live in the UK our Costco trips were a regular occurrence. Once every two or three months we would drive over to Gray’s Thurrock, a half-hour or […]

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Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurants, Prices Compared UK and Australia

12 January 2015 Cost of Living - Australia

Jamie Oliver is a cheeky chappy from the UK who is well known in many parts of the world. From what I can gather, he runs about five different restaurant chains the biggest of which appears to be “Jamie’s Italian”. He has something like 35 to 40 of these restaurants in the UK and a […]

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Time to Go Christmas Toy Shopping in Australia

17 December 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

As Christmas descends upon us it is time again to go shopping for toys; well, they don’t all come from Santa… In particular I want to compare prices between Australia and the UK. I’ve done this a few times before in previous years, notably… The Cost of Living in Australia: Buying Toys in November 2009 […]

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Australia, UK and USA Price Comparison: Fitness Trackers

17 September 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

I was lucky enough to be given a Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker for Father’s Day the other week, an unusually expensive gift for such an occasion. I usually get a Toblerone, but as I am on my first ever diet that would have been quite a cruel gift. Under the circumstances though, a fitness tracker […]

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Fairer Prices for Australians; Shopping to Get Cheaper?

10 September 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

There was an interesting item in the news the other day which talked about the ‘Australia Tax’ which doesn’t technically exist, not officially anyway. It is used to describe the premium prices we sometimes have to pay for the same products or services simply because we are here in Australia. This is Joe Hockey, our […]

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Solar Power in Australia: Does It Work?

23 July 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

As you probably will remember, one of our previous prime ministers, Julia Gillard, introduced the carbon tax in Australia despite promising “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” On Thursday of last week, our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, fulfilled one of his election promises by abolishing the carbon tax in […]

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Cost of books in Australia versus the UK and USA

18 June 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

Books in Australia have always been quite expensive, I noticed that almost as soon as we arrived. I remember there was one particular book I wanted to buy a couple of years after I got here, it was available for £7.00 on Amazon in the UK but the cheapest I could find it here was […]

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