Cost of Living – Australia


We interrupt this blog about life in Australia to bring you a cute little fluffy dog story. But don’t worry, it’s all going to be delivered as if it was a serious cost comparison between Australia and the UK  about buying a puppy. So that’s all right then, isn’t it? As regular readers will know, [...]


It’s been awhile since I last talk about Australian house prices and compared them to those in the UK; I’m surely due to do that again, but not now. When I have talked about it previously, I have suggested that Australia doesn’t really do house price crashes or the “boom and bust” stuff so common [...]


As I mentioned on Monday in my post about Crime Rates, we love a good survey here on BobinOz. But what makes us laugh like a drain is a really bad survey. A Really Bad Survey Australian cities amongst most expensive in the world are the kind of shock horror headlines that greeted any of [...]


In many ways, it’s a great relief that the barbecue, or any kind of gathering in a friends back garden, has replaced going to the pub as the standard form of entertainment here in Australia. Because when you go round a friend’s house, you take a couple of bottles of wine, which will cost anything [...]

Freedom Fuels

AKA: When is a discount not a discount? AAKA: Trouble at the bowser. Here’s another Australian word we’ve got that you haven’t. Well, you do have the word, but not in the way that we mean it here in Australia. The word can mean a generic name for a tanker. For most kids, and for [...]


A couple of years ago I did a cost comparison post between England and Australia on the price of toys. At that time, from the selected toys I looked at, Australia ended up being 11% more expensive than in the UK. You can read that post by clicking the following link: The Cost of Living [...]


As you know, I’m currently BobinThailand. Me, my wife and my daughter are hopefully having a good time. Actually, it’s not just the three of us either; we are with a rather large gang. I haven’t rounded everyone up and tagged them yet, but at a guess we are about 20 or so adults with [...]


A couple of weeks ago I did an update on the cost of living in Australia when I went grocery shopping again. I pretty much bought all of the same things I had purchased two years ago and was shocked to find that here in Australia, prices had barely changed during that time. So what’s [...]