Comment Policy

Comment Policy – Quick Version:

I answer every comment personally, with just a handful of exceptions.

  • When the comment is not addressed to me, but to another commenter.
  • When I can’t answer the question, see below.
  • When the question has been answered so many times before, it’s not funny. It always pays to read the article and the comments to see if your question has already been covered.
  • When the question can only legally be answered by a MARA registered migration agent.

Commenting guidelines:

When commenting, follow these simple guidelines and you won’t go far wrong.

Be polite, be friendly and discuss the subject of the post.

Comment Policy – Full Version:

What I love about comments:

  • I love it when readers communicate with me through comments.
  • I love hearing other people’s views, even if they are not the same as mine.
  • I absolutely adore it when people start interacting with each other and helping each other out by answering questions.

What I hate about comments:

  • I hate it when people get mean and nasty.
  • I hate bad language; not personally, I use it on special occassions. But I just don’t like it on my blog; it’s not the place for it.
  • I really hate racist comments.
  • I hate it when people don’t talk about the subject of the post, but instead rant on about something or other or have a personal dig at me or one of my visitors who popped by and made a comment.
  • I hate one sentence, nonsensical and inane comments like, “I love this post, it’s really useful, thank you!” and includes a link to another site in the website field.
  • I really hate comments stuffed full of website links leading to sites that make even me blush.
  • And I hate it when people post the same comment many times, whether on the same page or different pages.
  • But I really, really hate it when people don’t comment at all, so please do add to the discussion whenever you can, it is appreciated.

Comments that I hate for the above stated reasons are in breach of my comment policy and will be deleted.

How comments are dealt with.

Comments on this blog do not usually need my approval, they instantly appear online. If yours doesn’t, then you have probably done something I’m not happy with and one of my plug-ins has taken care of it for me. Periodically, I check the folder these comments go into and if I find nothing wrong, I will approve it, otherwise it will be sent into cyber oblivion.

On other occasions, comments that do not follow these guidelines do appear automatically. All comments that are automatically approved end up in my inbox, so at some point I will get to read it. If it breaks the guidelines, I will delete it.

It is best to simply remember……

“Be polite, be friendly and discuss the subject of the post.”

And please, keep those comments coming, because I really do love the interaction with you, it makes what I do worthwhile.

Many thanks.


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