Cost of Living – Australia


After a period of time with both Mrs Bobinoz and myself whingeing about our bad backs at each other, we wondered whether we should consider buying a new mattress. After a brief period of calculation, we realised the mattress we had been sleeping on was a wee tad over 15 years old. Yes, it WAS [...]


I’ve written quite a few posts about beer… Australia’s Best Beers and Lagers by BobinOz The Price of a Night Out With the Boys Lights, Heavies, Mids and Schooners Explained Cost of Living in Australia: Alcohol. This Week: Beer Australia Versus England: Beer and Pubs Cheap Australian Beer Anybody? … to name but a few. [...]


As you know, here at Bobinoz we love a survey or a report. Hot off the press, today I came across the summer 2013 report from RP Data all about property prices in Australia. First, who is RP Data? In their own words, they are “the biggest provider of property information, analytics and risk management [...]


It’s been a long time since I wrote my post Cost of Living in Australia: School Fees, over three years to be a little more precise. In that article I said… “First, let me make it clear that these are the fees that apply to Australian citizens and permanent residents. If you are here on [...]


I read an article last week written by Jessica Ervine who says she has fallen out of love with her iPhone, because she is fed up with being ripped off. Ripped off, she says, because she lives in Australia and Apple’s prices are far more expensive here. It’s not just Apple, she says its also [...]


Last month I told you that my article Hard Yakka and the Cost of Living in Australia appeared in the November edition of Australia and New Zealand magazine. It didn’t. What did appear in that magazine was the article I am about to print below, which is the third and final part of my miniseries [...]


Its Christmas time and that means it’s time to go shopping. Well, I don’t want to leave it to the last minute, do I? But what am I going to buy? And would whatever I buy cost more in the UK than in Australia, or will it be the other way round? Surely we all [...]


Current Rates Aussie yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys $35.74 of stuff. The UK yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys £13.64 of stuff. Click on the following link to see my original article on the hard yakka. As I mentioned in my article How Expensive is Australia last month, I realised I hadn’t [...]