Living in Hobart

Hobart Mount WellingtonHobart LocationHobart is the capital of Tasmania and Australia’s second oldest established capital city, behind Sydney. It has a population of around 210,000 people and is on Australia’s only island state, with the city situated about 500 km south of Australian mainland’s most southern point, which is just below Melbourne.

So it is Australia’s most southerly situated city and acts as a port to the Antarctic, being just 3443 kms from the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Hobart is a little bit cooler than the rest of Australia. So if hot, sunny and clear blue skies are your thing, Hobart is probably not for you. But if you fancy the idea of living in a city that is like living in the countryside all at once, then Hobart could be your paradise.

Hobart is situated on the River Derwent with the beauty of Mt Wellington in the background. It has a history that is unique in Australia and there is clear evidence of its English colonisation, with cottages that could have been plucked from a Cornwall village. In all, it is a fishing port of immense beauty.

To enjoy Hobart to its full, you should really love the sea, sailing, boating and or fishing. Or you may be content just to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and a quiet coffee in one of the many seaside cafes and restaurants available to you.

Elsewhere around the islands you can enjoy any one of the 18 national parks, go bush walking in stunning countryside, pick out any one of the stunning surf beaches and catch a few waves or just kick back and relax on any one of the quiet, almost unexplored beaches.

Maybe you could jump into your 4×4 and simply explore this magnificent island, or just head straight to one of the many golf courses, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

What’s the weather like?

Hobart Annual Weather ChartIt’s like England but warmer. Or it’s like Australia, but colder. Take your pick. You will certainly experience four season and a few climate swings.

The hottest temperature on record was 40.8°C and the lowest -2.8°C. You won’t get as much sunshine as you would have in many other parts of Australia, but you will get more than you’d see in the UK.

Hobart doesn’t escape extreme weathers though, with possibilities of bushfires, gale force winds, flooding and thunderstorms but not a chance of a cyclone. No. Hobart cannot have a cyclone because one of the “conditions” required for a cyclone is the ocean surface temperature must be 26. 5?C or more in order to form. As Hobart is nearer to the poles than the tropics the sea is cooler than that.

So Hobart gets hurricanes instead.

Here is a map of the Hobart area

Hobart Map
Hobart can be divided into five main areas…….

Questions about Hobart?

If you have any question about living in Hobart, please please feel free to ask them in the comments below. Or if you know this city well, why not tell us what you think of it or maybe even help out by answering some of the questions people have about the area. I’m sure anybody thinking of moving here would be very grateful for any help you can give them.

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  • Tara carter May 29, 2021, 4:17 am |

    Hi, my names Tara I’m a single mother, I live in SA
    I was thinking of relocating myself and son to Tasmania (my mothers aboriginal family from Tasmania, so for cultural reasons ) but I was wondering, do they teach much of Tasmanian aboriginal history in Tasmania and do they have much austim awareness in Tasmania (my son might have austim, still waiting on the test to be done) and is there much work in Tasmania at the moment?

    And what are schools like?

    And what are Tasmania’s people like?

    Thank you sincerely Tara carter

    • David Harrison May 30, 2021, 4:26 pm |

      Hi I’m Tasmanian. I live in south east Queensland at the moment. Tasmania is very cold most of the year but the air is really clean and fresh. Hobart is now very expensive with limited eating out options. The seafood dining really isn’t that great. It’s a highly conservative Liberal State and very hard to make friends. Hope this helps you abit. I’m trying to emigrate to Asia at some stage.
      David Harrison

    • David Harrison May 30, 2021, 4:31 pm |

      Another reply on the points you raised. I feel aboriginal history is fairly covered up there. There is Bruny Island where Trugganinni was from. Very bea place. As mentioned before, Tasmania is a very conservative Island. As for autism awareness I’m not sure.
      David Harrison

      • BobinOz May 31, 2021, 7:54 pm |

        Hi Tara and David,

        David, it’s interesting you mentioned that it’s hard to make friends in Tasmania, that has been mentioned before in the comments on this website. It surprises me, people on small islands are usually more community minded, but apparently not in Tasmania?

        I have to say though, I’ve only been to Tasmania a couple of times, but I absolutely love it over there. Especially Hobart, and in the short time I’ve been there I thought the restaurant choices were really good. Love the pubs too, very much like traditional English pubs. Great to walk into a pub with a roaring log fire in winter.

        Tara, like David I don’t know what it would be like there for children with autism, maybe you can search to see if there are any autism related organisations in Australia that can help?

        • David Harrison May 31, 2021, 8:34 pm |

          No its not too friendly in parts in Tasmania. Very isolated. Hobart feels very lonely but quiet. I think Hobart is not at all friendly. Some parts of Tasmania are nicer. The main thing is its peaceful and quiet if that’s what one is looking for. I would like to move to Coffs Harbour or Ballina on the NSW Coast. But ultimately I want to be back in China and the Philippines.

          • BobinOz June 2, 2021, 7:59 pm |

            Tassie to China? That’s some seachange!

  • akhil September 22, 2018, 4:44 pm |

    Hi Bob,
    I am an Engineer from India.I would like to know about Tasmania as I am planning to move to Tasmania. I need to prepare a commitment statement for that i need to know more about Tasmania life style. I hope you can help me with this.

    • David Harrison September 22, 2018, 5:35 pm |

      Hi Akhil. Just saw your post to Bob on his website. I’m a local Tasmanian currently living in Hobart but hopefully leaving soon. If you need any insight into Tasmania feel free to contact me.
      David Harrison

      • akhil September 22, 2018, 5:54 pm |

        Hi David Harrison,
        Thank you for your kind response. I hope you understand my need. I am planning to move to Tasmania. Since my skilled occupation is open in Tasmania i need to prepare for applying EOI on visa 489 category. For that i need to prepare a commitment statement, Personal research into recent advertised positions relevant to the nominated occupation etc.

        I am totally feeling blank now.If i get an job offer from Tasmania i can easily apply for the visa. Also my sister who is residing in Perth suggest me to go for Tasmania visa as there is lot opportunities available there and she says Tasmania is a good place to live.
        David can you help me in this?

        • David Grahame Harrison September 22, 2018, 6:38 pm |

          Hi Akhil. Can you add my WhatsApp or messenger? It will be easier to talk. I don’t know the abbreviations you gave me but I can certainly give you advice on Hobart City.

          • akhil September 25, 2018, 1:03 am |

            HI david
            please give me your chat id or Whatsapp number

        • David Harrison June 4, 2021, 8:42 pm |

          Hello Akhil. Yes I can give you some advice. I would say if you can get a good job and are able to find a reasonable home in Hobart then go for it.
          The lifestyle in Hobart Tasmania, and Tasmania all over, is conservative. As mentioned before, its not an easy place to make friends but parts of Tasmania are more friendly. Such as the towns far south of Hobart. Tasmania has a more isolated but British feel to it. Tasmanians are well cultured, quieter and definitely conservative. This conservatism can appear down right cold and unfriendly. Hobart is definitely a city that’s moving ahead. Housing and eating outside at cafes or restaurants is very expensive. The climate is mostly cold nearly all year round but there are distinct seasons. Winter has long cold nights with short very cool to cold days. Summer has warm to hot days that are very long with short warm to cool nights. Housung rentals are very hard to find or get approved for, the same as nearly all over Australia. For me I would prefer the coast of New South Wales. Ballina or Coffs Harbour. Hope this helps. Messege here for more information.

    • Claudine Gustilo February 15, 2019, 6:14 am |

      Which part of Hobart that is not prone to floods?

      • BobinOz February 15, 2019, 5:49 pm |

        If you Google ‘flood maps Hobart’, you will find that quite a lot of information comes up which I’m sure you will find helpful.

      • David Harrison June 4, 2021, 9:33 pm |

        In general Hobart doesn’t really flood. But in June 2017 there was a massive storm at night that did flood the city and cars actually floated away. Though this is rare. It took about 1 week to clean up the city. Hobart can even get snow on its mountain, Mount Wellington, (also known as Mount Kurangi but please check for the correct spelling) in the middle of summer. Although Hobart can get very heavy rain, mostly in the winter months, severe flooding is quite rare. Sometimes the parks will flood out for awhile.

  • Tanzid Mahmood Tanoy July 31, 2018, 11:29 am |

    I am from Bangladesh and i was intending to do my masters in UTas, Hobart, Tas. What is the actual job market scenario in hobart? I will have to pay a huge amount of money as my tution expense. Can i expect 1/3rd of the education fees along with my living costs in hobart can be covered by doing part time jobs? I am entitled to work for 20hours a week as an international student. Can you describe me more about the part time options and their availability?

    • BobinOz July 31, 2018, 8:52 pm |

      I have a couple of posts that can help you with your answers, the first one is here…


      As for jobs though, that’s impossible to answer. There are never any guarantees of finding work and it is mostly dependent on your skills and ability to find opportunities and get past the interview. My page Getting a Job or a Sponsorship does have useful links to help you search for potential opportunities in Hobart.

      Good luck, Bob

    • David Harrison July 31, 2018, 9:18 pm |

      Hello Tanzid I’m David and I’m from Hobart Tasmania. I can honestly tell you that the work availability and rental availability here in Hobart is next to nothing. I read today there is only a 0.7 percent housing available in the market here. Also employers here will cheat you of your entitled salary, and pay you way below the minimum salary! My ex wife was Chinese and her employer here ripped her off over $29,000 of salary over a two to three year period. We did recover the money only after I privately threatened the employer with severe legal action! To be honest this underpaying of foreign employees happens all over Australia. The government doesn’t do enough about it! It’s good to know your rights before you start working here in Australia. The current rental situation is very bad here in Hobart and what is available is too expensive and they are often large properties. It’s ok if you can want to share or find housemates I guess. Also Tasmanians are the poorest and lowest paid employees in Australia! My best advice to you is to perhaps consider the University of Queensland in Brisbane (UQ). Brisbane is a much nicer city and has far more opportunities and a much better climate than down here in Hobart Tasmania. I’ve personally lived in Brisbane for three years and loved it there. I’m currently preparing to leave Hobart and move back to Cairns in Far North Queensland. If you need anymore information and help you can email me on davidharrisonlive@gmail.com or ask me for my Facebook. All the best with your choice.
      David Harrison, Hobart Tasmania

    • David Harrison June 5, 2021, 1:19 pm |

      I think the job market is ok in Hobart but I don’t really know how good it will be for you. It depends on your qualifications and what you are able to do. Some people have to apply for many many jobs just to get a position approved. Australia is a tough job market and country to live in all over. Salaries are high but not high enough for the cost of an Australian life. The main problem being the cost of and lack of available affordable housing. There maybe part time work available but you’ll have to apply for job vacancies online. Seek.com is one such job site and there are others you’ll find in Google. Most jobs anywhere in Australia are requiring higher and higher qualifications and an interviewers elimination process. There is also the local market competition. I hope this helps.
      David Harrison

  • David Harrison July 29, 2018, 6:26 pm |

    Hello I wouldn’t recommend to move to or to live in Hobart Tasmania. The people really aren’t that friendly down here. Certainly no better than in Sydney. Also Hobart is in an housng crises and homelessness is quite high. My personal preference is Queensland. Much nicer climate and nicer people and I’ll be moving back to Cairns soon.

    • BobinOz July 30, 2018, 7:29 pm |

      There was an article in the paper just the other day saying how Hobart house prices have rocketed over the last 12 months, I think they quoted 12.7% or something?

      I will certainly give a second thumbs up to Queensland, I love it here.

      • David Harrison July 30, 2018, 8:26 pm |

        Hi Bob yes something like that figure and it may not be sustainable. Yes Queensland is the best for sure.

  • Angira May 24, 2018, 1:50 am |

    I’m shifting to Hobart from India for my research career.And little bit confused regarding the safety and financial circumstances.
    Can you please guide me?

  • Saleem April 5, 2018, 8:58 pm |

    Hey there, thanks for the great article. I’m planning to move to Australia next year and Hobart is one of the locations where my profession (marketing specialist) has job vacancies. Could you advice on the kind of jobs and salary i can expect (I head the social media marketing for a large agency here). What are the living conditions like and house rents?

    • BobinOz April 6, 2018, 5:37 pm |

      I quite like Hobart, it’s got a lot of character and I would say the living conditions are good. I believe rental prices have gone up in recent years, but they would still be quite reasonable. To research it, go to my page Cost of Buying or Renting a House in Australia.

      Jobs though, that’s a different story. Unfortunately it is often the case that a profession will appear on the shortages list somewhere, but the reality is that the information is out of date and in fact, vacancies in that field of thin on the ground.

      I just used the links on my page Getting a Job or a Sponsorship to research it, and I only found one job currently available when I searched for marketing specialist.

      I strongly advise that you do plenty of research of your own as many people have come to Australia on similar visas thinking they will easily find work, but that doesn’t turn out to be the case. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I think it’s what you do need to know.

  • Denny February 8, 2018, 8:08 am |

    Hi Bob,
    Your site is very informative.Please i am planning to apply for Tasmania state sponsorship.Could please help me the cost of living and standard salary of a Mechanical engineer in Tasmania.

  • Jigar November 19, 2017, 5:53 pm |

    Dear Bob,
    THanks a lot for this great motive of helping people.
    I am going to migrate to Tasmania on Skilled Regional Provisional 489 Visa.
    Does this cover school tuition fees for state school ?
    I researched many websites but couldnt be sure.
    Is there anyone in Tasmania with children on 489 visa who can help me out. It will be a great help.

    • BobinOz November 20, 2017, 8:25 pm |

      Thanks, glad you like.

      My rather unhelpful answer is “I don’t think so.” Some temporary visa holders do have to pay state school fees in Tasmania, for example those on a 457 visa. I believe the 489 is different though so I don’t think you will have to pay those fees. It would be nice to get that clarified though by someone who knows.

      Can anybody help with this?

      • Jigar November 20, 2017, 8:48 pm |

        Thanks a lot Bob. God bless you man! You’re a great help

        • Priti February 28, 2018, 8:44 pm |

          We are on 457 visa and schools are free for both of my kids at Launceston.

          • BobinOz March 1, 2018, 6:56 pm |

            Thanks for the clarification Priti, I was under the impression that fees were charged in state schools for 457 visa holders, but by what you are saying, it looks like they do not.

          • SANDEEP SINGH August 19, 2018, 10:27 pm |

            Hello priti, this is sandeep singh from India. I am planning to migrate to Australia on skilled visa 190 alongwith my wife and kids. I want to know how is the life of indians there and how much earning we can do if we come on PR basis.

      • islandcross February 13, 2018, 7:02 am |

        Hi Jigar,

        Hope this helps. No visa 489 holder need not to pay for children’s school fee starting from Primary to Secondary School. Send an email to this link https://www.education.tas.gov.au/students/international-students/ and they will give you a form (Provisional/Resident Student Application Form) fill it up and send it back to them again.


    • Denny February 8, 2018, 8:12 am |

      Hi Jigar,

      Where you able to find out if your visa 489 in Tasmania covers children school fees? Please i am planning to apply,so i will like to know all information regarding living in Tasmania with family.


    • islandcross February 13, 2018, 6:59 am |

      Hi Jigar,

      Hope this helps. No visa 489 holder need not to pay for children’s school fee starting from Primary to Secondary School. Send an email to this link https://www.education.tas.gov.au/students/international-students/ and they will give you a form (Provisional/Resident Student Application Form) fill it up and send it back to them again.


  • arpit August 21, 2017, 5:52 pm |

    i just heard a news in march about a gang lynching of an indian nursing student there. i know their r all kinds of ppl …but is law system as strong on the local population as it is in mainland australia? and are like trekking and going to inhabited areas dangerous?

    • BobinOz August 22, 2017, 9:06 pm |

      Erm, just to clear this up, in case somebody misunderstands, the lynching did not take place in Hobart or Australia anywhere. I assume you are talking about India?

      Anyway, you will be pleased to hear the Australia is a very safe country indeed and we have very strong law enforcement. That includes Hobart, Tasmania, and all of Australia.

    • T February 19, 2018, 5:11 pm |

      Tasmania has much lower serious crime than the rest of Australia and the highest police clear up rate, crime solving rate. It is hard to get away with crimes in an island where many people know you or know people who know you. The population is very small. I’ve researched this via official annual police reports.

      • BobinOz February 20, 2018, 9:16 pm |

        Thanks for the input, interesting, but I suppose not overly surprising. Tasmania seemed extremely safe to me when I was there.

  • Melissa June 4, 2017, 1:55 pm |

    Hi, I would like to know about living standard of Tasmanian . I am a professional graduate in civil engineering and my boy friend professional graduate in IT. We basically from India. We would like know job opportunists in Tasmanian. As well we would like to know if Indian’s stay there?

    • BobinOz June 5, 2017, 7:46 pm |

      According to the information you will find on this post…


      The suburb of Rosny Park in Hobart has a 25% Indian population. I couldn’t find any evidence of Indians anywhere else in Tasmania. The standard of living you will enjoy will very much depend on whether or not you can secure employment, and there are no guarantees of that. Please see my page called Getting a Job or a Sponsorship and be sure to also check out the additional links at the foot of the article, especially the one about the job market since 2015.

      Good luck, Bob

  • xx April 16, 2017, 11:47 pm |

    i am indian,divorced lady , having child 14 years.And i am immigrating to Victoria and have to stay here for atleast 2 years.Can u plz tell what is cheapest and best place for me and my child for stay of 2 years (no job in australia yet)

    • BobinOz April 18, 2017, 8:52 pm |

      This page is about Hobart. Please visit my page about Victoria and you will see your options. If you read the comments, you will find what others think of the various places in Victoria and one reader in particular has put a lot of work into researching the cheapest place to live in that state.

  • Renald December 5, 2016, 2:08 pm |

    I’m currently located in India. The place I live is hot which doesn’t suit me. Hence moving to Australia is surely on the cards. Which could be the best place to settle down since I like cooler climatic conditions(14-17 Degrees) round the year with an atmosphere that’s quite and has low population.

    • BobinOz December 5, 2016, 11:55 pm |

      You’ve already found it, I reckon. Hobart, or anywhere in Tasmania should suit you fine. Otherwise, maybe somewhere in Canada?

  • mkdicky November 1, 2016, 12:51 pm |

    I am planning a move to Hobart from Mildura (VIC) because I am struggling with my asthma and allergies in the dry, dusty farm area (pollens and pesticides). How does Hobart fare in this regard? And which parts of the city are the warmest/ dryest to live in?

    • BobinOz November 1, 2016, 11:42 pm |

      I can’t answer this question accurately, I live in Brisbane, but I have been informed on more than one occasion that the air around Tasmania is of the highest quality, maybe even some of the cleanest in the world.

      I don’t know whether that translates to a better environment for those with asthma and allergies, but hopefully somebody who does live in the area will be able to give you a better answer than I can.

      Can anybody help mkdicky with this?

      • David Harrison July 31, 2018, 10:38 pm |

        Hi, on the air quality of Tasmania the far north west coast of Tasmania is graded as having the cleanest air in the world. I’m Tasmanian and grew up in Hobart though my favorite State in Australia is Queensland.

    • T February 19, 2018, 5:15 pm |

      Hi, I live 35 minutes from Hobart. Being down south it gets cold and Hobart can be windy. Dirt storms aren’t a thing here. The air is often mildly humid, not dry. If cold affects your asthma that me be a difficulty. There is also a lot of wood burning in winter. Other than that the air is beautifully clean, I love it and on the whole my asthma is much improved since moving here from SA… except when I have a cold/virus.

  • Kathryn May 28, 2016, 11:55 am |

    I grew up in Newcastle, moved to Europe, ended up living in Oregon. I will retire from teaching next summer and my husband (American) and I are looking at moving to Australia. We are looking at Tasmania because we think it will not be too hot, and we may be able to afford housing. Our son is living in Melbourne, but we want a less frantic lifestyle. I don’t like heat, but I do like blue skies. Any recommendations in Tasmania?

    • BobinOz May 30, 2016, 3:14 pm |

      That probably depends on what you want, I think you will need to be a little more specific. Do you want to live close to the city or in a rural location? Close to the sea or inland?

      I won’t be able to help you personally, I simply don’t know Tasmania well enough, but hopefully if you can let people know what you’re looking for, one of the locals will try and help you out.

  • Liz March 26, 2016, 2:02 am |

    Hi Bob,
    Visited Tasmania 2014 and loved it. I am thinking of coming out to Tasmania for 3 months from the UK how would I go about finding accommodation for three months. Looking to live in Hobart and travel.

    • BobinOz March 28, 2016, 10:31 pm |

      I would try AirBnB and Stayz, but I wouldn’t pin yourself down to one place for three months, I’d move around a bit if I were you to get the best out of your holiday. Good luck, Bob

  • Scott March 8, 2016, 3:56 pm |

    Hey Bob

    Great site!
    I’m sick of living in Brisbane and I’ve always wanted to live near snow. After spending some time in the US and Canada I have only grown stronger feelings about this.

    Hobart seems to be my best bet within Australia. I was wondering if you could tell me suburbs around Hobart that are close enough to the city for work, but also provide easy access to the snow?

    How much snow does Tasmania actually get?

    Thanks 🙂

    • BobinOz March 8, 2016, 8:23 pm |

      Australia isn’t the best country for snow Scott, but then I suspect you know that. This question is best answered by a local, and I’m not, but I think snow will still be pretty scarce around Hobart, you’d probably need to go Mount Wellington during the absolute middle of winter to get your snow fix.

      I’m sure there are other occasionally snowy places in Tasmania, as I say, I will leave that to the locals. In Hobart though everything is close to everything else, so you won’t have any problem with that.

      • Wanda Kempa March 18, 2016, 1:30 pm |

        Having been born in Tasmania, (now living in Canada), I can confirm that BobInOz is correct in saying that “you’d probably need to go Mount Wellington during the absolute middle of winter to get your snow fix”. Our winter in Winnipeg, Canada this year has been just absolutely brilliant. We’ve had average snowfalls with very very mild temperatures. Just 10 days ago we had temperatures of near +12 degrees Celsius, and this morning we woke up to -2 degrees Celsius and a beautiful thick covering of pristine white snow. It was like a winter wonderland! Take note that the usual winter wonderland is no wonder at all, and comes with an average temperature of -30 degrees Celsius (before factoring in the windchill).

    • William September 24, 2016, 1:53 am |

      Hobart is actually warmer more consistently than much of the rest of the state, so being close to snow really depends on your definition of ‘close’, with Mt Wellington only likely to get snows in the depths of winter. If your willing to head out on day trips, or even go camping! Gasp! (I suppose booking a holiday hut is also possible.) snow is not hard to find in winter. Snows down to 200m are reasonably common in winter and can get a fair bit lower than that.

      Tas doesn’t really support year round snow, so don’t expect to find any mid December.

    • David Harrison July 31, 2018, 10:49 pm |

      Hi I’m a local Tasmanian. Tasmania gets snow mainly in the central area of the Island around the central highlands, cradle mountain areas and the ski fields at Ben Lomond and mount Mawson. Mount Ossa is the highest point in Tasmania at 1617 metres above sea level. Tasmania has eight mountains exceeding 1500 metres. Hobart City Mount Wellington also gets snow mostly through winter. You can drive a car or take a tour bus from Hobart City up to the car park at the top of Mount Wellington over 1270 metres above sea level. On a clear day the views are amazing. The dominate environment colour gere in Tasmania is blue so it’s very lovely.

  • Sabrina February 15, 2016, 7:43 am |

    We’re thinking of moving to Tasmania sometime in the next two years…so plenty of time. We’d like to live no more than 40 mins drive into hobart, and a property big enough for fruit trees, veggies, chickens etc. My husband likes surfing so nearish surfing beaches, and near good schools. And love the idea of snow being a day trip away. We’d rent first, then buy so we’ll have a chance then to look around. Just after some ideas, suggestings, tips and advice. We’re coming from SE QLD, raising a young family, looking at semi self sufficiency, and a lifestyle change. We’re open to other areas too as long as they meet our needs/wants except that my husband doesn’t have any major skills so will probably have more luck finding a job in a city. Thanks!

    • BobinOz February 15, 2016, 5:41 pm |

      I think you will be spoilt for choice, there are loads of houses with lots of land that will fit your criteria. As for exactly where though, I will have to leave that to the locals. Anybody got any suggestions for Sabrina?

    • Gav July 7, 2016, 12:32 pm |

      Hey Sabrina,
      If you’re looking for a relatively large block of land in close-ish proximity to the City, then somewhere like South Hobart, Fern Tree, Margate, Allen’s Rivulet or Howden would probably be your best bet. Each are well relatively well known for the size of the properties, and are not too built up. Alternatively, if you’d rather be closer to the beach than the City, try looking around Clifton Beach, Dodges Ferry, Cremorne, or South Arm. Again they have appropriately sized properties to what you seem to be looking for, and are on the other side of the river to the city, closer to the better beaches.

  • Allen January 16, 2016, 9:30 am |


    Just looking to invest in property in Hobart and was wondering if you had any thoughts on areas.
    Some people have recommended Glenorchy, West Hobart, New Town or Moonah


    • BobinOz January 18, 2016, 2:54 am |

      That’s one I will need to leave to the locals Allen, I have no idea, being up here in Brisbane. Anybody?

  • Darleen January 7, 2016, 9:49 pm |

    Hi Bob,
    I am another person trying to get cool, i am from Bribie Island.. What is the Theatre life like. Did Les Miserables come to Hobart?

    • Darleen January 7, 2016, 9:51 pm |

      Bribie Island in Qld North side of Brisbane

      • BobinOz January 8, 2016, 9:56 pm |

        Yes, I know Bribie Island, I’ve been there a couple of times. As for Les Miserables, I’m not sure if it went to Hobart, it’s possible though, I think they recently opened a new arthouse or something.

        Can any locals confirm whether Les Miserables came to town?

  • Yash Rungta December 31, 2015, 5:53 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Please unsubscribe from all threads. I’ve landed in Australia and wish to receive no further emails. I’d like to tell you that it has been a pleasure to look at your website and will continue to do so. However, I no longer feel the need to look at comments. I tried unsubscribing but am still getting replies. Thanks mate!

    • BobinOz January 3, 2016, 6:53 pm |

      Okay, I have now unsubscribed you. Thanks for being the reader and I hope your move goes well. Cheers, Bob

  • Lola December 29, 2015, 2:42 pm |

    Tasmania appears full of possibilities for jaded mainlanders or immigrants. Im a mainlander residing in hot and dusty Central Victoria, Australia.

    The dream is keeping one step ahead of climate change. Just last week my regional township experienced three days of over 38 degree temps. The dust, the summer heat and the parched landscapes of concern to us now.

    Just wondering whether you have assisted or observed wily and energetic mature aged tree changers set up homes in Tassie. I was an early 30’s tree changer from Melbourne many years ago and here I go again.

    I truly do believe that reinvention and risk taking (..after number crunching and alot of research…) should be available to all ages.

    The dream is enrolling at the University of Tasmania in Humanities and easing into early retirement. I could possibly pick up some casual work in health and social services or not.



    • BobinOz December 30, 2015, 10:11 pm |

      Funnily enough you’re the second hot and dusty Australian I’ve spoken to this week who is thinking of moving to Hobart. The other one was from South Australia who have also had a bit of a heat wave recently.

      Not sure how old you are, but I was nearly 50 when I moved from England to Australia, it sure worked out for me. So I’m equally sure it will work out for you, I don’t think you’re ever too old to relocate. Good luck, Bob

  • Ronnie December 15, 2015, 3:56 pm |

    Hey Bob,

    Do you have idea on the internet speeds and reliability in Hobart ? I would need a high speed and reliable internet for work from home kind of thing. Is this doable ? Can we rely on the internet there ?

    Thank you

    • BobinOz December 15, 2015, 9:21 pm |

      What you need to do Ronnie is search for the NBN rollout maps, NBN being National Broadband Network. The plan is that everywhere will be covered eventually, but at the moment some places have and some haven’t. Unfortunately I haven’t where I live, but it’s apparently promised for the end of 2016.

      I think you can search specific suburbs or addresses on the map, just choose one where they already have NBN or where it will be installed very soon. Other than that, you may be interested in this article…


      Cheers, Bob

      • Ronnie December 19, 2015, 1:33 pm |

        Thank you for the information Bob 🙂

  • donna November 25, 2015, 12:12 pm |

    Hi Bob

    Great info. we have just moved back to Perth. We lived here for 5 years and then went back to the UK for 3 years. I love the English countryside and walking in forests and places with views. I do find the summer’s here can be too hot although the rest of the year is lovely and there has been a huge growth spurt here too.

    I have always had a fascination with Hobart and plan on visiting but I have this urge to live there, we visited the lake district in the UK and it was so beautiful, we are from West Sussex but have also lived in Norfolk. Do you think it would be a good place to live and does anyone know how bad the flies are in summer lol as here they are a nightmare!

    I work as a Driving Instructor and hubby is a Brickie, we have a 16 year old daughter and wonder if hoping over to Melbourne is a good choice for a break. I hear that it is like Cornwall. Perth is gorgeous but apart from walking the gods on the beach we don’t use it.

    look forward to a reply

    • BobinOz December 1, 2015, 7:15 pm |

      Well I’ve only spent a week in Tasmania, but I really loved the place. Don’t know about the flies, I went in winter so they certainly were not a problem then. I can’t imagine they would be a problem, but I would have to leave that to a local to answer for you.

      If you like the Lake District, I’m sure you would love Tasmania. I wouldn’t describe Melbourne as being like Cornwall though, not in a million years. Nice city to visit for a break though.

      • donna December 29, 2015, 10:17 pm |

        Thanks Bob, well I’m definately planning a visit and also hope to get over to New Zealand in 2016.

  • Danielle October 3, 2015, 12:11 pm |

    My friend and I are graduating collage this year (we live in Canada) and we’re looking for a new place to start our lives. Is it pricey to live there?

  • Yash Rungta August 17, 2015, 6:27 pm |

    I’ve applied for my 189 Visa. In fact I’ve already been invited and paid the visa fee too. We plan to settle in Hobart. I’m a Chartered Accountant(I’ve also enrolled for CPA Australi which I will complete by November this year). Could you suggest me references of accountants you know in Hobart so that I could talk with them about potential opportunities for me there? Or better, could you help me get a job there?

    Also, how big is Hobart? On wikipedia I can see it is as big as a about 1600-1700sq. kms. But people say its really small and I could travel throughout the city in like 30 mins. What is the truth?

    • BobinOz August 17, 2015, 8:37 pm |

      Sorry, I don’t have any contacts in Hobart at all. Check out How to Find a Sponsored Job in Australia, that might help.

      Hobart is small though, it certainly wouldn’t take you long to drive through in a car. It’s a good city though, very trendy.

    • Janice September 3, 2015, 5:19 pm |

      I live on the Sunshine Coast and have just returned from a short holiday in Hobart.
      It is very small no traffic problems no pollution. I love it. It is pretty and has some great cafes and restaurants.

      • Yash Rungta September 3, 2015, 5:52 pm |

        Hello Janice,

        Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  • Harmanjit Singh January 21, 2015, 11:44 pm |

    Hi Bob
    my name harman and belong to India but now Australian citizen , I have family with 2 year 2 kids I wanna buy home and any type work like without skills . I’m living in Sydney and not decided which city best me I m don’t mind country side as well please help me?

  • Laura January 18, 2015, 12:35 am |


    I am planning on going to university in Tasmania, I am from South America. Do you think Tasmania is a good place for students like me?

    Thank you !

    • BobinOz January 21, 2015, 3:27 pm |

      It’s impossible for me to say Laura. Tasmania is a beautiful place, lots of rolling hills, green grass, lakes, rivers and ocean. But it’s also Australia’s coldest state, so if you’re looking for hot weather, it’s the wrong choice.

      Other than that, I’m not sure what it’s like specifically for students or whether it would suit you, I’d be guessing. Good luck though where ever you decide to go.

      Cheers, Bob

  • Rubal January 14, 2015, 1:49 am |

    Hii bob i am a wrestler play all india universities so I can settle in Hobart there is any best collage in Hobart and work also so I can manage my rent

    • BobinOz January 15, 2015, 12:16 am |

      I couldn’t tell you for sure, Hobart is not known for its job opportunities, so if I were you I would do more research. You will find links to the online employment agencies on one page called Getting a Job or a Sponsorship. Hope that helps.

  • Lisa November 23, 2014, 9:11 am |


    I am starting to seriously consider moving to Tasmania from the Sydney Suburbs as the weather there seems cooler. And at first glance the rents seem more reasonable. I am on a disability pension and was wondering what the medical care situation is like there? Hobart is smaller than Sydney but is it bigger than our suburbs like Hornsby or Parramatta? What about universities?


    • BobinOz November 24, 2014, 5:14 pm |

      Again, I’ll need to leave this to the locals, can anybody help Lisa with this?

  • Emma October 26, 2014, 4:34 pm |

    Hi Bob

    Thanks for the info!

    I was born in Tasmania but have lived in Canberra for 20 years. My partner, young daughter and I are now considering a move back there as we want a slower paced lifestyle. My partner works in IT and I have a bit of a mixed background, science, hospitality and fitness. I’d be happy working one or two part time/casual jobs.

    Do you think Tasmania would be a good fit for us? We’re particularly looking at areas like Kingston Beach.

    Thanks in advance

    • BobinOz October 27, 2014, 2:10 pm |

      The only downside to Tasmania, as far as I can see, is that it’s apparently quite difficult to find work. If you can overcome that one, then maybe it would be a very good move for you. But, of course, I’m up here in Brisbane, so hopefully someone from Tassie can give you a better answer than I can.


      • Emily October 4, 2016, 8:41 am |

        Hi all.we lived in Tassie for 3 years after migrating from the UK. We had a beautiful house on Kingston Beach. I loved the lifestyle and the people but and this is a big but my husband is a uni lecturer in Education and though had some work with UTAS it was patchy at best. I am an artist and though very inspiring not so many opportunities for shows or selling work. We tried to make it work but in our early 50’s too young to retire and if we had stayed we would be faced with a financial struggle down the line. A great shame as we both loved it there but had to pragmatically leave for a bigger city with more job opportunities for us both. We are now enjoying a much better lifestyle and more freedom to explore the rest of Australia with ease,rather than having to take a very expensive boat or plane anytime we wanted to explore other parts of Australia. Tassie is a beautiful place and very easy to fall in love with on holiday but before a move there you have to be very sure that you can get enough work to survive comfortably to be able to enjoy all that is on offer there. If it’s for retirement and you have enough funds,maybe better as property compared to the rest of Australis is cheap and it offers a good all be it rather quite existence. But beware the isolation from the mainland,the lack of variety of goods and services and a certain resistance to ‘outsiders’ Many people have made it work there but beware if you like a city existence with all the amenities a city brings then it’s probably better to just go on holiday and enjoy it that way. Good luck !

        • BobinOz October 4, 2016, 7:29 pm |

          It is such a shame that work is so difficult to find in Tassie, because as you say, it’s a beautiful place to live.

  • Bilal September 11, 2014, 6:46 pm |

    Dear Bob,

    I got a State Sponsor Business Skill visa granted last year but still cannot decide to move to Hobart, i ve been to Hobart Twice but cannot find out weather doing business is fisible or not there, please advice as planing to invest about 100k $ to minimize risk. I have family of 3 kids and 2 of Us ( Husband n Wife) u think our monthly expense include house rent and car fuel, utilities, grocery , eat out etc in 5k $ per month?Hope to get some help from your side

    • BobinOz September 11, 2014, 7:47 pm |

      Well, I’d be guessing a bit, but I think you would be okay on $5000 a month, budgeting 7K would probably be better though. If you are thinking of setting up a new business in Hobart, I simply couldn’t tell you how feasible or not that might be, the economy isn’t the greatest in Tasmania.

      Hobart is a beautiful place though, no doubt about that.

      Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

      PS. If anyone living locally can give a better answer than I have done, please do help out Bilal here.

  • Selina August 12, 2014, 10:17 pm |

    You’re missing an important piece of information about schools in Tasmania, which would be especially relevant to your first commenter Ceri.

    In most of Australia, secondary students go to high schools between the ages of 12 and 17, with uniforms, attendance etc. In Tasmania, high school stops at 15, or GCSE level. The last two years of school, or A level, are done at separate institutions called colleges. These serve as a sort of halfway house between school and the world, with no uniforms, no attendance, freedom to come and go etc.

    If you research the subject you will see media reports of a recent move to change this system to be more in line with the rest of the country. This is controversial and currently only on a trial basis at a few schools. Given that such a change is going to be very expensive in terms of infrastructure, and isn’t really efficient given the population, I think the college system will be around for a while yet.

    • BobinOz August 13, 2014, 7:26 pm |

      Thank you Selina for pointing that out, obviously I didn’t know, although I am aware that each state does have slightly different rules for almost everything, including education.

      It’s interesting because here in Queensland we are also going through some educational changes in order to fall in line with ‘the rest of the country’ although it doesn’t sound as though we will be falling in line with what’s going on at the moment in Tasmania.

      My daughter will now be going to senior school a year earlier than she would have done. Up until the end of next year, grade 7 has always been a junior school thing, but after next year, grade 7 will be the first year in senior school. Next year my daughter will be in grade 6, so she will go up to senior school after that along with the grade 7 students as well, so two years worth of students will be going to seniors at the same time.

      Thanks for the info Selina, always interesting to hear what goes on elsewhere around the country.

      Cheers, Bob

    • Matt November 26, 2014, 8:57 pm |

      Having grown up in Tasmania I have to say I loved the college model, it was the time of my life. I loved it so much. It was like mini-university. You felt all grown up having finally left the uniform school days. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Adam August 3, 2014, 9:26 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    My wife and I are considering Tasmania as an option for our state sponsored visa. We’re more concerned from a job opportunity point of view if there will be jobs for us. She’s a speech therapist (on the Tas skills nomination list) and I’m in recruitment. The job portal Seek didn’t provide any options but one.

    I guess my question is, how concerned should we be about finding work in Hobart in our fields?

    • BobinOz August 4, 2014, 7:04 pm |

      Quite concerned, I would think, especially if Seek is only showing one vacancy.

      Tasmania has the highest unemployment rate in Australia at the moment at 7.4%. Check out my page called Getting a Job or a Sponsorship for links to a couple more agencies you can search.

      Good luck, Bob

  • VJ July 18, 2014, 6:41 am |

    Hi Bob,

    Thinking of moving to Hobart Tasmania. Have kids aged 4 and 7 respectively. How is education/schools in Tasmania? l am Indian origin, how about getting Indian spices, food etc.

    • BobinOz July 18, 2014, 2:15 pm |

      Tasmania is a foodies paradise, I’m sure you will not find any problems getting hold of Indian spices. I can’t help you specifically about schools in Tasmania, but I’ve got lots of information about Australia’s schools on my page called Which school?.

      Good luck, Bob

  • Ceri May 16, 2014, 8:54 pm |

    Hi Bob

    Been enjoying your website and newsletters for a little while now!

    We’re from the UK and have been thinking about a move out there since my husband had a work placement in Brisbane in 2012 and we all (me and 2 kids) joined him for a couple of months. We didn’t really do much about it though and I guess we thought it was more of a dream. BUT… he’s currently exploring a job offer in Hobart which has come about very suddenly and unexpectedly. If it were just us, we’d jump at the chance (we’re 45, so its probably our last one!), but I’m really worried about the impact on our 2 kids – boys, aged 16 &14, especially from a schooling point of view. The eldest is sitting his GCSEs right now and is all set to do A levels from September, when the the youngest would also start his GCSE courses.
    I guess my question is about how difficult it might be for them to integrate into the Australian system at that age – I know school leaving age is 17 there.
    The job offer starts in January 2015, so one thought is to let the eldest complete the first year of A Levels, and we join my husband in July….? Would this help him at all, or is it better to get into the final year there asap?
    Also, is Hobart/Tasmania a good place for teenagers? We all love hiking in the Lake District and none of us are total sun seekers, so climate and environment would no doubt suit us, but I’m a little worried that it might be too quiet for the lads as they get older?

    Sorry for the long post – but any thoughts or comments would be really gratefully received! It’s all exciting – but I just wish this had happened 10 years earlier! I think we feel that if we can’t make it work for the boys, then the whole thing is probably a non-starter 🙁
    Many thanks

    • BobinOz May 19, 2014, 1:54 pm |

      Hi Ceri

      Thanks for your email, I can fully understand your concerns regarding your boys. They are both at a very tricky age, probably the worst possible age for a big move like this. I think most kids under say 10 or 11 years breeze it, those 18 or older simply aren’t kids any more.

      It’s those teenage years that are tricky.

      I can’t really advise you, I think much depends on what your boys think. What usually happens is that one is for it and the other is against it, and then by the time you get the one who is against it to say he’s in favour, the other one goes off the idea 🙂

      Hobart is a great city and Tasmania is so much like the Lake District, I’m sure you will love it there. Would it be too quiet for your kids? I suspect it would become that way at some point, but I’m sure you don’t intend living there for ever.

      Good luck whatever you decide, and hopefully one of my readers who does live in Hobart might also pop by to help you out more than I can.

      Cheers, Bob

      • Ceri May 19, 2014, 6:23 pm |

        Thanks for the reply. I think your first paragraph pretty much sums up my thoughts and reservations! Having said that, both boys are positive about the idea at the moment – especially the youngest. We’re beginning to think about eldest staying back to complete his A Levels (and lodging with a friend) and joining us later – although I think I’d live in fear that he’d perhaps never come!

        Anyway, my husband is due back tomorrow after 3 weeks out there so I guess we’ve got some interesting conversations ahead of us. Like you say, a move to Hobart probably wouldn’t be forever (we’ve got our sights set on Melbourne in an ideal world) – and my youngest keeps telling me that life is for living and sometimes you just have to take risks!!

        If it all moves further towards reality I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions.

        Thanks again

      • ceri May 19, 2014, 6:41 pm |

        Thanks for the reply. (I thought I’d just posted a response but it hasn’t appeared – so sorry if you somehow get two very similar ones from me!)

        Your first paragraph pretty much sums up my thoughts and reservations – although for the time being at least, both boys are positive about the idea, especially the youngest. We’re beginning to think that maybe the best solution for the eldest is for him to complete his A Levels (and lodge with a friend for a year) and then join us afterwards – although I’d really worry that he may then decide not to come at all!

        My husband is due back tomorrow after 3 weeks out there so we’ve no doubt got some interesting and difficult conversations ahead of us – but as my youngest keeps telling me, life is for living and sometimes you just have to take risks (even at 45!). As you say, we probably wouldn’t be in Hobart forever (although it might suit my husband and I!) – and in the longer term would ideally have our sights on Melbourne where there would perhaps be more opportunities for the boys as they move into adulthood.

        If it all becomes more of a reality in the coming weeks/months I’m sure I’ll be back with lots more questions!
        Many thanks again

        • Michelle Hoffmann March 7, 2018, 9:42 pm |

          Hi there,
          We currently live in Brisbane with a 7 year old son and are considering a move to Tassie. Reading through this post I am really interested in what the current schooling looks like and how / if the transition changing high schools to finish in Year 12 is progressing in Tasmania. Also intrigued as to where Ceri ended up with in terms of her decision.

          • BobinOz March 8, 2018, 6:37 pm |

            This is one I will need to leave to the locals and as for Ceri, hopefully she is still monitoring this conversation and will maybe let you know what they decided in the end.

  • Woja May 7, 2014, 5:03 pm |

    Hi Bob
    Just a quick note to let you know your temperature chart for Hobart is way out.
    If its Fahrenheit it would be closer
    cheers Woj

    • BobinOz May 7, 2014, 11:41 pm |

      No it isn’t, it’s spot-on. If it was Fahrenheit Hobart would be mainly inhabited by polar bears and penguins. Is it?

  • Manoj pujar July 21, 2013, 2:59 pm |

    Hi Bob, your site a complete encyclopaedia on Australia, I am really impressed.
    I am a doctor,specialist physician from India. I am planning to relocate to Australia with family. My assessment is underway with AMC. Meanwhile could u please let me know how much will be the basic salary of a specialist physician in Australia?

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