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I am now pleased to announce full details of the membership area.

There isn’t one. Nothing to join. Nothing to pay. No premium membership. Nothing.

It’s all FREE!


That’s all you need to know, nothing more to read here, unless you want to…

Why I scrapped my original plan

Websites like these do not run themselves, it takes a great deal of time to continually add content, keep up with the emails and comments as well as taking care of all ongoing maintenance. As it’s just little old me running this website, it’s pretty much turned into a full-time job.

Then there are costs for hosting, domain registrations, company registrations and all sorts of other costs involved in keeping a website like this online.

My original plan was to have a membership area with a small monthly premium, less than the cost of a glossy magazine, just to cover those costs and the time I spend doing it.

Well, I’ve now been doing it since the beginning of 2009 and I am still having the time of my life running this website. I love it, it’s fun and best of all, I get to chat with so many people through the comments.

It gets even better.

Some companies started to pay me to advertise here. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve got quite a few banners around the place all offering ‘moving to Australia’ related products and services. So I’ve sold advertising spaces, although in the blogosphere I believe it’s more commonly referred to as ‘getting sponsored’.

I also sell a few things around the website. Not my things, but other people’s things, things that I have personally reviewed and I believe both offer excellent value and are also relevant to my audience. And when I sell some of those things, the people I sell them for give me some commission.

I think this is brilliant, because it covers my costs and my time.

Thanks to these two small things, I can keep this website free to everybody.

All you have to do is put up with a few banners here and there, which I try to keep as unobtrusive as possible, and also understand that a few of my pages do actually sell things. Good things, relevant things, but things that will cost you money.

You don’t have to buy them though, you don’t have to spend a cent.

Access to each and every one of the over 1000 pages on Bobinoz is free. And all that premium content I intended to put in the membership area? I’ll be adding that here over the coming months and years, all for free.

Nothing to join. Nothing to pay. No premium membership. Nothing.

Thanks for reading.


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  • David Harrison February 23, 2018, 2:01 pm | Link

    Hi mate great site. I’m currently in Hobart. Any reasonable rental prices around Toowong, Westend, etc, for a 1 bedroom unit? Close to the city. Brisbane has become an expensive city but Hobart is too quiet and boring. Maybe you have some ideas. I’m Australian but I don’t enjoy living here really. China has always been my favorite country. Especially with family there. Just trying to find a nice place where I can be happy here. Hobart isn’t it.
    Thanks mate. David Harrison

    • BobinOz February 23, 2018, 7:06 pm | Link

      Thanks mate, glad you like.

      I just searched for one-bedroom apartments in or near Brisbane city that were up for rent from between $300 and $400 a week, I got results of “Showing 1 – 20 of 324 total results”. You can find a link to the website on my page Cost of Buying or Renting a House in Australia and have a good look around yourself.

      There was even another 100 or so more available at between $200 and $300 per week, so you would be spoiled for choice. I’m not surprised, they keep telling me there is a glut of apartments in Brisbane, so come on up. Brisbane isn’t that expensive, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’ve in here 10 years so far, I’ve not got bored yet.

      Good luck, Bob

      • David Harrison February 24, 2018, 11:00 pm | Link

        Wow! $200 to $300 per week. That’s great.

        David Harrison

        • BobinOz February 26, 2018, 6:43 pm | Link

          Yes, I was a bit surprised myself. Looking at the listings, most of them were $250-$300, but I did see a couple at the $200 price.

  • Moving To Australia February 9, 2018, 2:48 pm | Link

    Hello Bob,

    I am 42 years old, got very good Job offer, hence planning to move to Melbourne from Singapore.They offered me A$160K over 9% plus yearly package.
    We are family of 4, 13 years and 10 years two kids.
    My Wife is not working and she has no plan to work as well 🙂

    Kindly advice how much TAX i have to pay yearly bases, and does this salary is enough to have quality and secure life in Melbourne.
    My Company will provide health insurance for me and my family with BUPA top over.
    I am planning to buy the house in next one year or so for sure.

    wondering is this a right decision to move…


  • Reena January 28, 2018, 3:20 pm | Link

    I have previously lived in Australia and an Australian citizen. Due to personal reasons I had to come to India. I look forward to find a job in Adelaide and settle there. Previously worked in the banking sector for 7 years. I would like to know which suburb would be suitable for me to reside and to keep searching for jobs and attending interviews in banks and company’s while I am there. Not particular about the beach. Main requirements- Not too far as an hour or more from office locations, Safe place, low cost, walkable distance to shops for basic grocery shopping, power and water supply availability, less crowded, parks and walking areas as I love nature :). If anyone could share information it would be very helpful. I have never been to Adelaide or stayed in a shared accommodation before and I have been out of the country for almost two years. Look forward to your responses. God bless and have a great day..
    Regards, Reena

    • BobinOz January 29, 2018, 8:12 pm | Link

      Well, I have a page about Adelaide, you would be better off asking this question there.

  • Ravi September 6, 2017, 3:16 am | Link

    Hi Bob,
    I came to Australia in the month of march on student visa subclass 500, and I have applied for my wife 2 times for tourist visa but both the time she got refusal and i have applied for a dependent visa too in the month of April 2017, still case officer didn’t allot, iam worrying why its delaying, as per website we will hear with in 4 months but it’s more than that, please help me out and my consultant who applied for visa not giving proper response.
    hope to hear something constructive from your end, it will be a great help for me, thanks 🙂

    • BobinOz September 6, 2017, 8:51 pm | Link

      Well, I have no idea, only somebody from the immigration department can give you the answers you look for.

  • kevin young July 14, 2017, 7:32 am | Link

    Hi Bob
    I have been granted a spousal visa ($ ! ) because my wife was born in oz. We are moving in November to The Gold Coast and I have one important question. I am a carpenter ( of 30 or so years ) and very keen to get to work asap on arrival. Apart from the white card ( which is easy to get in Australia ) do you think I’ll have any problems getting work as some people have said that I might need to convert my qualies to Australian ones ?
    Cheers Kev

    • BobinOz July 14, 2017, 7:35 pm | Link

      Yes, I think you are right to be concerned Kevin, quite a few professions need to go through extra training before they can ply their trade here in Australia. Electricians, lawyers, plumbers and all sorts of professionals all need to jump through some hoops, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case for carpenters as well.

      I don’t know for sure though. May I suggest you search Google for ‘Qualifications and skills recognition Australia’, that should take you to the Australian government’s website on the issue and also help you find organisations that can help you get your skill recognised here, assuming you need it. I believe it’s possible to do some work on this whilst you are still in the UK so you can work here as soon as you land, although given your timescale, you may have left it too late for that now.

      If you do your research on this though, at least you will know what you are in for when you get here. Good luck with your move, Bob

  • sam June 29, 2017, 5:21 pm | Link

    hey mate
    i have applied for 187 regional employer sponsor visa direct entry stream for permanent residency in November 2016 . I did nt get the any update it says application received . i am planning to get married next month and if my application status doesn’t change or the application is finalized can i add my new wife to the application??.please let me know mate i am trying to find out and didn’t find any help online.

    • BobinOz June 29, 2017, 11:43 pm | Link

      You would need to speak to a MARA registered migration agent about this, I can’t answer these kinds of questions, see Would I Qualify?

  • SURENDER SINGH June 5, 2017, 1:33 pm | Link

    Dear Sir,
    I want a sponcership agrement from Australia. Plz. guide me batter way to get a sponcer visa & job in Australia . I am from India.
    Plz. Guide me better way to get sponcership.

    Surender Singh

  • RAM May 20, 2017, 5:49 am | Link

    Hello Bob,
    What are the chances of people for getting invite, who submit their EOI before July with 60 points. The category is 2631.
    Best Ragrds,

    • BobinOz May 22, 2017, 4:57 pm | Link

      I couldn’t tell you, but it may be worth you reading my page about EOI as well as the comments people are making there about their experiences with this process.

  • Naveen Kumar April 29, 2017, 9:35 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    Your website is a boon to people like me who do not have the slightest idea about migrating to Australia! Have been following your site for quite some time now…Great work and thanks for maintaining it so well!
    I have recently applied for 190 (NSW) Visa (16th April 2017) from India and front loaded everything including PCC and Meds. I have received an email from DIBP (26th April 2017) asking for additional details in Form 1221 for myself and my spouse.They have also asked for PCC for my wife that I have uploaded already onto my immi account. The queries 🙂
    1. Should I just upload the PCC for my wife again or ask the CO for the reason?
    2. What is the significance of Form 1221, since there’s very little difference between this and Form 80 (already uploaded for both)?

    • BobinOz May 2, 2017, 6:27 pm | Link

      I’m afraid I don’t answer these kinds of questions, see my page Would I Qualify?

      • Naveen Kumar May 2, 2017, 7:05 pm | Link

        Thanks for the reply…Will check it on the provided link.

  • liam April 24, 2017, 4:43 am | Link

    Hi, bob. I was wondering i am from England and i would like to know what kind of visa you need to live in Australia permanently rather than on a WHV?:
    Thank you,

  • Andrew Cosgrove April 18, 2017, 3:56 am | Link

    Hi Bob, I’d first like to say thanks for running such a great sweb site.
    I’m a New Zealander living in Switzerland and about to go “Down under” and live in Australia, the north of Brisbane. My question is that my wife is Swiss how long does she normally have to wait before she can work?
    Thanks heaps for your advice,
    Cheers Andrew

  • Manish Sharma April 9, 2017, 7:46 pm | Link

    Hi Bob
    How are you mate. Your website is just amazing. It has lots of info about Australian cities. I also have few questions to ask. I live in Melbourne. But I am thinking to moving to Queensland. I am planning to Masters in Agriculture from Queensland University, Gatton campus. I just would like to ask, does Queensland has good enough agricultural jobs opportunities. Is Queensland University is good for Agriculture study. Would appreciate your comments.

    • BobinOz April 10, 2017, 8:29 pm | Link

      Thanks Manish, glad you like.

      I’m afraid I have no idea what the agricultural job situation is like here in Queensland, but my page called Getting a Job or a Sponsorship can help you research that.

      I think the Gatton campus does have a pretty good reputation around here, it’s in a quite remote location though, the very opposite of Melbourne. Toowoomba would be the nearest big town but Gatton itself is very rural. I’m sure the students there though have worked out a way of having fun.

      Good luck, Bob

      • Manish Sharma April 10, 2017, 9:04 pm | Link

        Thanks A lot Bob

  • Trevor March 7, 2017, 7:14 pm | Link

    The Truth about Life in Australia

    From a 14-year British migrant to Australia writing on another ‘expat’ board. He seems incredibly jaded, perhaps forgetting that Australia tends to combine the best of the British and American cultures in a modern, clean country with a superb infrastructure for its size and low population. It’s true that in his 14 years there the country has become extremely expensive for newcomers, particularly housing. Sorry about the length but it covers a lot. Replies in indents, thus: > That explains a lot…Bringing up kids are expensive anywhere in the world, more so in the West Stop caring about class and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses That is irresponsible to leave a young child on their own. All schools have after hours care program and that is where your child ought to be, not loitering around on their own. Nonsense Hmmm, can happen anywhere in the world. Exercise caution. I call BS In some suburbs may be? We’ve had no problems. Conspiracy theory? Agree Like everywhere else Like everywhere else Like everywhere else They are cutting down on middle class welfare…no longer easy to scam the system. SO a step in the right direction. No, public healthcare is free. You can choose not to go private. Agree, like every where else. We are vegetarian, don;t smoke and drink. Sounds like a white self-loather! Good and bad types everywhere. 6% of human populations are psychopathic! <

    • Trevor March 13, 2017, 9:19 pm | Link

      Bob, you’d better remove this thread: I overloaded your software with a long post which it edited in its own incomprehensible way.

      It would help in locating past postings if you were to add a search feature here. I couldn’t locate the main one on motoring in order to mention that British car insurance no-claims-bonuses (up to 9 years) are usually transferable to Australian policies on application.

      • BobinOz March 14, 2017, 8:45 pm | Link

        Ha ha, intriguing theory.

        It might interest you to know that the longest ever comment made on my website, as far as I’m aware, was by somebody called Steve and it contained 3233 words. It’s quite a read…

        Steve’s long comment

        As long as it was though, my software did not edit anything in any kind of incomprehensible way on his comment. That’s the way it is with WordPress comments, whatever is typed appears online. There is no automatic editing.

        As for searching Trevor, there is a search box on the right-hand side of every page towards the top, just underneath the video. I searched for ‘car insurance’ and a highly relevant page came third in the list. Give it a try, it works quite well.

        • Trevor March 18, 2017, 10:14 pm | Link

          Thanks for pointing out the search box. My compressed and truncated ‘Truth about Life in Australia’ post doesn’t make much sense in its present form and I can’t edit. My download speed is 76.6 Mbps and upload is 5.21 Mbps, so I just wonder if the relatively-high upload speed forced your server or software to abbreviate much of the text. The author was a ‘Glass Half-Empty’ scientific professional who whinged about the Aussies but still chose to stay!

  • Trevor March 4, 2017, 11:15 am | Link

    A Tale From 1968

    At the end of 1967 my father left London to buy a tyre repair and vulcanising service from a Mr Corby in West Wales. Mr Corby taught him the ropes, then he was off with his family to Oz, as a £10 pom, to try his luck in the same business. Unfortunately the second-hand tyre-repair business was not a going concern in Australia and Mr Corby couldn’t make headway against the tough local entrepreneurs. Additionally his family, coming from damp, cool Wales, couldn’t stand the incessant antipodean heat and reported being attacked by clouds of biting midges at pristine but deserted beaches. 8 months later they were back in Wales and returned to the same old business but in another town. Assisted migrants were generally obliged to remain in Australia for two years after arrival, or alternatively refund the cost of their assisted passage: no small matter for a family of 5.

    As for us, the family went to West Wales to join dad in January 1968 — but he got fed up with the tyre business, I didn’t like my school and my mother missed her mum in London — so we all went ‘home’ as well. Moral of the story: the grass is not always greener.

    P.S. How do you avoid the sandflies?

    • BobinOz March 7, 2017, 7:05 pm | Link

      I wonder if Mr Corby and his family have since thought they should have given Australia a better go?

      • Trevor March 7, 2017, 7:21 pm | Link

        Mr Corby would be in his nineties now, so is probably no longer with us. I’m sure most British migrants in the 1960s stayed on after some initial whingeing. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be a market for Mr Corby’s niche service, plus the family all got homesick. It’s a huge difference from Pencader village in Carmarthenshire!

  • Trevor March 2, 2017, 5:46 am | Link

    Water Hardness

    Total Hardness levels of calcium carbonate in ppm are: Canberra: 40; Melbourne: 10–26; Sydney: 39.4–60.1; Perth: 29–226; Brisbane: 100; Adelaide: 134–148; Hobart: 5.8–34.4; Darwin: 31. London 275 ppm. Lancashire 0-50 ppm.

    You being an Essex boy, and I London-born, we know all about southern England’s dreadful hard water. Rough towels, hard to lather-up and skin never really feeling smooth. The Gold Coast is better, isn’t it? But not as soft as Sydney’s. You’d notice the difference if you went home!

    • BobinOz March 2, 2017, 11:47 pm | Link

      The hard water of Essex was always a problem Trevor, I remember it well. Green lime scale around your taps, harsh showers, and as you say, rough towels. As soon as I arrived in Brisbane I knew it was different, it is just not problem here.

      The water is so much softer, and here is the absolute proof, you cannot even buy salt for the dishwasher. Well, you probably can if you try hard enough, but none of the major supermarkets sell it because nobody needs it.

      I probably would notice the difference if I came home, except I’m not coming home 🙂

      • Trevor March 4, 2017, 8:38 am | Link

        Thanks for confirming the soft water. Everywhere outside of southern England (line from the Bristol Channel to the Humber), from Colombia to South-East Asia to Australia seem to enjoy soft water. The odd thing is that, although softening systems are available, the English just don’t bother fitting them, at least in homes; some pubs and hotels might though. Likewise air-conditioning is rare in homes as it’s only needed 2 months of the year.

  • Trevor February 6, 2017, 12:37 pm | Link

    I was wondering what sort of Internet speeds you get there in Brisbane — and whether the speed drops off much when out of urban areas? Here in the UK I’m flying along at 70 Mbps on Virgin Media’s cable broadband but the Aussie average is only 8 Mbps.

    Enjoyed your 20 reasons to move there. Inadequate numbers of tradesmen was a surprise … need to DIY or buy somewhere not needing much work. Could the accent be putting them off? I’m sure the Aussies know how to find ’em. Non-pushy salesmen sounds good, except they are TOO passive! To escape the South Asian telephone marketers means blocking all international calls:

    Sore, dry hands: more-frequent washing or a drop in testosterone due to the heat. Get yourself tested. 50% of men in their 50s are deficient and it goes up: 60% in their 60s etc. There are gels and creams available to get back virility and non-chapped hands are an unexpected benefit. Any Brit’s health will improve after a few months there simply by normalising vitamin D through sun exposure.

    Driving a pleasure: YES … plenty of space and you won’t miss the British potholes, weaving in and out of parked cars, bus lanes, horn-pushers and tailgaters. Negatives: high traffic fines and mind-numbingly low speed limits. Does Queensland do you for failing to stop 3 seconds at stop signs like NSW?

    Rape figures were a surprise. Possibly reflects the Sheilas’ higher propensity to accuse, higher police charge rates and, right or wrong, a reluctance by women to indulge in casual sex. Curiously, commercial sex is legal, but expensive, in Australia — within the strict limits of specialist establishments. Australia is possibly more suited to the family man than the bed-hopping bachelor.

  • Trevor February 2, 2017, 11:54 pm | Link

    On Freeview TV in the UK we get Channel 7’s documentaries on the Aussie police (The Force) and customs enforcement, which also covers airport immigration. I admire their fair but strict, no-nonsense approach which keeps undesirables and contraband out of the country.

    If you get a chance, take a look at the British counterparts, like Police Interceptors, where you can see lone women and entire families having their vehicles seized at the roadside and left to fend for themselves — just for having expired vehicle insurance. I would not wish to live in a country which does this to its people. By contrast, young dudes with marijuana in their vehicles are sent off with a warning — so long as they have valid car insurance. And those laws were promulgated by a labour government … heaven help us!

    • BobinOz February 3, 2017, 4:35 pm | Link

      Okay, I’ll look out for it on Aussie TV.

  • Trevor January 28, 2017, 11:58 am | Link

    Bob, well done to get out of the UK the very same year (2007) its vile politicians decided to seize vehicles, dumping even lone women and families on the roadside — just for forgetting to renew their vehicle insurance! Australia has a heart and will just give a warning, unless unroadworthiness or crime is involved.

    In 1988 the UK gave private landlords the absolute right to evict any tenant on 2 months’ notice. All Australian states have laws against retaliatory eviction, whilst tenants in Britain have their contracts effectively invalidated through fear of making a complaint. Naturally this law drives down housing standards as tenants and landlords have no incentive to improve. There is a chronic housing shortage due to 300,000+ immigrants a year — mostly poor eastern-EU citizens. Imagine Australia joining Asean but with additional free movement of people: a recipe for disaster. The ‘Lucky Country’ indeed … and well worth the cost of living, considering the payback.

    You’re in Brisbane? Great choice … on a sub-tropical tongue of land, which extends over the NSW border, having very mild winters and summers free from the absolute scorchers of the major cities further south. Thanks for the nice website.

    • BobinOz January 29, 2017, 8:49 pm | Link

      Thanks Trevor, glad you like my website.

      Yes, I love it here in Brisbane, the climate is just perfect for me. Didn’t know about these specific law changes, but why would I, I was gone! Never had any regrets about leaving either, me and my family have taken to this place like ducks to water and like you say, I think we have chosen a great spot.

      I’m not 100% sure if Australia really is the ‘Lucky Country’, the author of that book penned the title with sarcasm I believe, but I feel I am most certainly lucky to be living here.

      Good luck to you, Bob

      • Trevor February 2, 2017, 11:13 pm | Link

        Bob, I do have one specific question on Internet speeds. As a retiree I don’t need to be in the big city, preferring more-rural coastal locations from which I could drive in. For a western country Internet speeds aren’t that great in Australia, around 8 Mbps — even Thailand beats it. So I was wondering how far out of Gold Coast or Brisbane I could settle without a precipitous drop in speed? Thanks.

        Yeah, the UK is in a real mess now with the pound worth toilet paper and an arrogant, right-wing conservative party with no credible opposition, not to mention the crap weather! Apart from impecunious east Europeans and Indian billionaires, nobody in their right mind would want to settle here!

        • BobinOz February 3, 2017, 4:32 pm | Link

          If you want a decent internet connection Trevor, just Google the NBN rollout maps, NBN being National Broadband Network, and choose to live in an area that has already got the NBN. Quite a few places do have it now, rural ones as well, and I think with that you will get at least 20 Mbps.

          I’ve not got it where I live yet, but it’s been promised for June of this year.

          • Trevor February 11, 2017, 5:03 am | Link

            Thanks Bob. That’ll help in locating. Strange thing is they seem to prioritise large chunks of rural areas in preference to the major cities!

            BTW if you ever wondered why Australia is 70% desert compared with the relatively green and temperate USA, it’s down to the latitude being a little over half that of The States’ median. Had that dinosaur-destroying asteroid hit the earth 10 million years earlier, then Australia, for the most part, drifting north at 6-7 cm a year, would have greeted humans whilst still in the temperate zone, like the USA and Europe today.

            • BobinOz February 12, 2017, 8:08 pm | Link

              When I’m quite glad that dinosaur–destroying astroid did hit the earth 10 million years earlier, because it sounds to me the reason why we have such great beach weather 🙂

              Yes, I think they have targeted the smaller rural areas first, maybe because it’s cheaper to do the lower density populations first, or maybe just to put a smile on their faces. I recently went on a road trip up north, pretty sure I got faster speeds in almost every town along the way than I do here in Brisbane.

              As I said though, it’s coming soon, I think.

  • praveen sahu January 21, 2017, 9:05 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,

    Its a great job that you are doing out here.
    I will be applying for visa subclass 189 and have just one query.
    If I include my mother in EOI as dependant how much more time it will take to get call from
    Australian state etc.
    Kindly answer it , as I want to migrate with her and she has no one apart from me.


    • BobinOz January 22, 2017, 8:54 pm | Link

      Sorry, that’s not a question I am able to answer, you would need to speak to your MARA registered migration agent about that, or if you’re not using one, speak directly with the immigration department.

  • Humaid Abdalla December 11, 2016, 7:50 pm | Link

    I would like to introduce myself Humaid Bilal UAE; National .United Arab Emirates. Please could you help me with the follow question?
    I would like to work anywhere in Australian QLD Brisbane, as my daughter student in University until 2020. Right now I am living and working in (UAE) United Arab Emirates, and I am sending my CVs to you trying to find a job in Australian QLD Brisbane.
    I can speak English .and I would like to work in any area related to my degree working experience. It may be Banking logistics, Retail Banking sales, marketing,. in the Hotel Industry even room service/housekeeping. Although i have enough experience in hotel industry i work as a Finance Manager and sales marketing in hotel industry Do you think that is easy to get it ? I am thinking in moving to Australian QLD Brisbane and once there I would look for a job. How do you see it? What can you recommend me to find a job? Are there many chances to get it? I am really interested in getting it. I have attached my resume for your consideration. If employer wants to contact, please write mail in: [email protected] -Mob 00971506330207- +61 499 272 514
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • BobinOz December 12, 2016, 7:23 pm | Link

      I cannot help you directly with your plans to come to Australia, but I can tell you you will definitely need a visa to do so. See my page about Visas.

      I can’t help you find a job either, but my page Getting a Job or a Sponsorship will guide you with that as well. Good luck, Bob

  • Haley Parkes December 9, 2016, 8:15 am | Link

    Hi bob , house sold , business sold , dogs booked , flights booked , arrive March 17 from Essex! Your website has been really helpful but stuck on a couple of things ! What to bring with us especially the TVs ? 3 years old tv will it work ? Also some lamps ? And a camping fridge ? Don’t want to waste money shipping this out and then no good , oh Hoover as we’ll? We going into a holiday let for a month or so while we look for permanent home ! Do you know of any companies that deal with pet friendly accommodation around Brisbane/ Gold Coast area as have emailed several but not much back , must be the Aussie laid back approach.
    With thanks Haley, Clacton on sea Essex .

    • BobinOz December 9, 2016, 7:10 pm | Link

      Sounds like you are on your way then 🙂

      So, what to bring with you? Here is a post that will help you with that…

      I assume you intend to bring some stuff anyway? If you are, and the other stuff fits in the same space in the container, therefore is at no extra charge, then you may as well bring the things if they work properly. TVs are difficult these days, some smart TVs might work, some not. You can always attach a set-top box or Foxtel or Fetch TV.

      Accommodation will be difficult to find with a pet, and you will need to actually be here to inspect a potential long-term rental property, you won’t be able to rent one from abroad. You might find some tips on the following article helpful as well…

      These days Airbnb is worth a look and maybe you can search it for pet friendly options. Hope that helps and good luck with your move, Bob

  • duli November 9, 2016, 3:03 am | Link

    Hi Bob and all,
    Thank you for a wonderful website. The very intention of it is symbolic of Australia and it’s people I know and have come to love. I hope you or the folks out there can help. My wife has been offered a medical post at the Prince Charles Hospital and we should be moving out to North Brisbane in January 2017, if all things fall in place. I’d like to know from you and those who know North Brisbane (around Chermside), which areas they would recommend for a young family ( my kids are 9 and 12). I have done virtual ‘drive arounds’ etc, checked out and other sites, but I still don’t know which areas are best. Wavell Heights rated highly on and then dropped this year. I managed to get my daughter provisionally accepted at Wavell Heights Primary, but would like others opinions on their experiences in N Brisbane. We would like to be near a good public school, not too far away from the mall, libraries, kid-friendly places, sports activities like swimming and tennis, but also sober nightlife(ie cafes and family restaurants). Which areas out in North Brisbane would you guys recommend?

    • BobinOz November 10, 2016, 12:57 am | Link

      Well this is a question that you should be asking on my pages about Brisbane, they are easily accessible from the main menu under Australian Cities.

      Before you do ask though, have a read the comments already made on those pages, there’s lots of talk about the various suburbs and the best places to live. Cheers, Bob

  • Ricky November 8, 2016, 4:20 pm | Link

    Hi Bob, good day. Am applying for 489 subclass visa. Is it ok if i visit Australia only a per year until i find a job since i do not want to leave my current one without finding a new job (Am currently working in India). Since am married, quitting my current job will be a hugh risk. Please can you help me on the same. Is it quicker to get a 489 granted than 189/190 or is the processing same throughout all types of visas let it be PR or not? Thanks a lot.

  • Ishtiaque October 23, 2016, 1:09 pm | Link

    Dear Bob,

    Good day. I am currently living in Bangladesh and working in Sales and marketing profession for last 5 years. Now I need a clear guideline as I want my self settled in Australia. I am actually looking for a job with sponsorship. Is it possible to get a job with a job from my country to Australia? If yes, than would you please suggest me the path a way, how to do this?

    I will wait for your reply.

    Cell: +8801833182125

  • tim berry October 10, 2016, 7:38 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    We have just applied for subclass 173 parent contribution, my only concern is the time to tell you that all is ok…..i have a business to sell and can’t realy do that until the ok is given, and then i need the time to sell. Is the a way you can find out after the medical and police checks ?

    • BobinOz October 11, 2016, 9:27 pm | Link

      I think the only person that could answer that for you would be your case officer. Good luck, Bob

  • Joanne September 9, 2016, 1:44 am | Link

    We are moving to Brisbane in January and my son will be playing for the Broncos , he will also play for north Devils .
    The college we are looking at is Hubbard , any suggestions on best places to rent which are near to all these places , any help please

    • BobinOz September 9, 2016, 6:08 pm | Link

      You should have a look at the comments on my page about Brisbane, there is lots of talk about the suburbs, you may find that helpful.

  • NICOLE HARDING-HILL August 24, 2016, 9:17 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    Hope all going well over there.
    Just wondered if you can advise, I am a citizen but not been back to oz in very long time. My passport and citizenship certificate are both in my maiden name, but i am married now (same sex) I have to renew my UK passport next year, do i update my Aussi one yet or wait til in Oz??
    PS..everything else is in married name except for passports.
    Cheers, Nic

    • BobinOz August 25, 2016, 6:56 pm | Link

      I really don’t know, I’m afraid, so I can’t really advise. I have no idea what the pros and cons might be. Always good to keep your passports up to date whenever possible though, that’s in my view. Good luck though, Bob

    • Robert ómarsson October 10, 2016, 10:58 pm | Link

      Hi, I went through similar situation. I was born in perth but moved soon after, now i was applying for new passport and my family name has changed since i was in australia ,I was given advise in the australian embassy to contact registers of birth deaths and marriages in perth and get my name changed before applying for new adult passport because otherwise they wouldn’t accept my proof of identity documents such as drivers licence or credit card if the names wouldn’t match wich is required in order to get a new passport, so I went through this name changing process and i was good to go.

  • Thulan De Livera August 13, 2016, 2:30 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    I got visa under 489 regional development, far south coast.I am a IT professional and willing to come to Australia within few months.
    I just want to know what are the areas that I can find IT jobs,also want to know whether Bega is a peaceful area for my kids


  • Christian Weishaupt August 6, 2016, 12:43 pm | Link

    G’day Bob
    congratulations on what you are doing, I’m living momentarily in Hong Kong and hope to come back to Aussie with my lovely Chinese wife. What a good way to show her why !
    I’m inclined to say in what you are doing, that’s a bible reading family man ? Never mind, you doing me a great favour and honour by making it possible to read and enjoy your webpage !
    Thank you very much.
    Christian Weishaupt

    • BobinOz August 7, 2016, 8:49 pm | Link

      Glad to hear you are enjoying reading my pages Christian, I hope they help convince your wife to come to Australia. And yes, I am a family man, I’ve not got round to reading the Bible yet though.

  • Lucy Martin August 4, 2016, 12:09 am | Link

    Hi Bob,
    I am hoping you can give some visa advice. I am aware that may a complex case. I applied for a visa subclass 417(first working visa) at the beginning of April and have had to submit further documents due to having a caution from 10 years ago. These documents took me 2 and a half months to get from the british police force but were submitted at the beginning of July. I have still not been granted a visa and my immi account is just saying assessment in progress. Is there any other way of contacting Australian immigration? I have tried via email from the start but have never had a response to any communication. I have also now turned 31, I have accepted that it will be declined but would like to apply for a holiday visa instead and don’t really know what to do.
    Please help
    Many thanks

    • BobinOz August 4, 2016, 8:14 pm | Link

      Sorry, I can’t help you with this Lucy, you would need to speak to a MARA registered migration agent if you need help. See my page about Visas. Good luck, Bob

  • Trupti Shelar July 25, 2016, 4:00 am | Link

    Hi Bob and Gareth,
    I am Trupti here age 34 and single. I am planning to apply for Australian PR visa Sub class 190. I have been working in customer service life long before applying for PR just wanted to understand the opportunities in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide for my kind of profile. I do not enjoy partying but love to socialise with like minded and I am more keen in wildlife and love to live a quiet life.


    Warm Regards,
    Trupti Shelar

    • BobinOz July 26, 2016, 12:18 am | Link

      You can check the job listings on my page called Getting a Job or a Sponsorship, but I don’t think there would be any doubt that at the moment the most work opportunities would be in Sydney. Cheers, Bob

  • soran singh July 15, 2016, 10:01 pm | Link

    I wanted to migrate to australia .Please tell which document and feed is require.

    Soran Singh

  • Donabel July 13, 2016, 7:34 pm | Link


    I am applying for Visa under sub class 573, i am planning to be with my spouse so we applied for a dependent visa. He has a problem with his medical, can i go to Australia first as my spouse complied to his medical concern? Thanks.

    • BobinOz July 13, 2016, 9:55 pm | Link

      I cannot assist with any questions about visas and eligibility, see Would I Qualify?

      • Ashok July 14, 2016, 6:20 pm | Link

        So who’s applied for 573 visa? You or your spouse? If you are applying for 573 visa and you cleared the medical you can travel to Australia. Once your spouse cleared the medical he can join you.

        For more info refer

  • Deo Kumar July 11, 2016, 5:23 pm | Link

    I am from bhutan, so how can i sign up since our country bhutan is not reflected in country list name.

    • BobinOz July 11, 2016, 10:02 pm | Link

      When you say ‘sign up’, do you mean pay for my Visa Assessment Service?

      If that is the case, I’m afraid the only payments I accept are through PayPal, there is no other payment option. PayPal are the only method that allows me to accept payments in other currencies without attracting huge fees.

      Do you know anybody who lives in the country that is on the list who could pay on your behalf? If you do, that would be the way to go. Good luck, Bob

  • sarita Ghanekar July 10, 2016, 1:02 am | Link

    Great website Bob, I love that eBook of yours….hopefully I shud be able to migrate to Australia soon , Cheers, keep up d good work ?

    • BobinOz July 10, 2016, 8:55 pm | Link

      Thanks Sarita, I appreciate that. I hope your move goes well. Bob

  • Ashok July 5, 2016, 9:22 pm | Link

    Hey Hi,
    I’m moving to North Sydney on 30th Jul. My work place is in Berry Street (North Sydney). I’m looking for a room/house 30 mins from Berry Street. Any suggestions on location? My budget is 300 per month for the room and 600 per month for house.
    If house I would need to share with someone else and I might need to find a flatie. Kindly help.

    • BobinOz July 6, 2016, 12:55 am | Link

      Might be a good idea if you asked this question on my page about Sydney.

  • Raj June 30, 2016, 9:11 pm | Link

    Could you all please help me in clearing some of the doubts regarding 190 visa.I have done my nursing in India and got my registration 3 months ago in Australia and my study has been assessed by ANMAC. I applied for my EOI from Victoria state sponsorship one week ago.
    Can i apply for NSW sponsorship as well and will wait which one will come first and will lodge my file or double EOI affect to get an invitation.
    Another question is regarding state sponsorship nomination application when we can apply for it after EOI or before it?
    Your response will be highly appreciated!!

    • BobinOz July 1, 2016, 12:57 am | Link

      My page about EOI will help you. Check out the comments as well, lots of people giving good advice about this sort of thing.

  • KUMAR J June 27, 2016, 9:47 pm | Link


    I have completed my degree and DMOP and now working in chennai. 7years experience in medical billing and still working.
    iwant abroad job because im going to next level.

    My contact no : 9840359414
    Email ID: [email protected]


    Kumar j

  • Mark May 30, 2016, 6:34 am | Link

    Hi Bob,

    Love the site !

    Me and my other half are going to oz for a month in September to see if we would like to live there!

    Plan is to do 1week in Melbourne and 1 week Sydney and then 2weeks travelling Gold Coast.

    Any recommendations on where best to get an appartment in Melbourne and Sydney for week.

    And how best to use our time?



    • BobinOz May 30, 2016, 5:08 pm | Link

      If you mean where as in how to best book your accommodation, try stayz or Airbnb. If you mean in which suburbs, that depends more on what you’re looking for?

      In Melbourne, I really liked St Kilda and in Sydney, if you can stay somewhere close to one of the ferry points in the harbour, it’s a great way to commute into the city centre and to other areas of Sydney.

  • Ruki May 26, 2016, 8:45 pm | Link

    Hi Bob. I am planning to migrate to Australia, to Melbourne, towards the end of the year. Still my Visa is in the processing stage so that I thought of looking for some places to stay. I am interested in renting a 3 bedroom house with back garden as my son will need one for his fun activities. I am looking at South East melbourne as I’ve heard that there are plenty of job opportunities there. I am keen to know the below points before renting a house.
    1) Will they request for proof of employment
    2) Will they request for rent payment history
    I am unable to provide the above as I am new to your country and I feel it may take few weeks for me to get a secured job.
    I am planning to share the house with my sister’s family (My sister, Her Husband, her baby boy & Mother). This is because my husband is not with me in Australia for few years so its always better for me to stay with my sister rather than staying alone. Will they allow to accomadate everyone in the same house or will they allow only for one family.
    I am looking for rent between $300-350 PW as I am bringing very minimal amount when coming and also it should be closer to the railway station, Hospitals & Primary schools.
    Please let me know. Thanks alot for your valuable service

    • BobinOz May 27, 2016, 5:59 pm | Link

      This is something you will need to discuss with the rental agencies or the landlord direct, I believe they make each decision on a case-by-case basis. It will be your job to convince them that you are a worthy tenant, so it is in your interest to gather as much useful information and proofs as possible. Good luck, Bob

  • Kathy t May 24, 2016, 8:38 pm | Link

    Hello Bob,
    I just want to ask if I can get 5 points, as I am a nurse which is in the SOL and my husband a motor mechanic which is in the SOL list too? Passed all with the English qualification and less than 50 of age? Thank you,

  • Anjanica May 10, 2016, 1:39 pm | Link

    Hey Bob, i am visiting your profile since long. I read all the sections. Its a very beautiful and well structured website. You are doing a great job. I have applied for EOI state nomination as software engineer under subclass 90 with 55 points. Got mail on 5th april 2016 that they have received my application. could you please tell me how much time does it take in getting EOI result with 55 points.
    Reply would be appriciated. Thanks a ton in advance.

    • BobinOz May 10, 2016, 11:45 pm | Link

      Thanks, glad you like my website.

      My understanding is that there is no set time on this, it varies a great deal depending on how many points you have and what your skill is. May I suggest you read my post, and more particularly the comments, over on my page all about EOI.

      There are lots of people who have gone through this process who have shared their experiences about it in the comments. Good luck, Bob

      • Anjanica June 3, 2016, 12:37 am | Link

        Thank you so much for your time Bob. Yea i am getting it soon.:).

  • Sheeba May 4, 2016, 1:04 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    I would like to know that, for Australian PR IELTS is mandatory right,my brother has good score in TESOL , is he eligible for applying with this English test.waiting for u r valuable reply.

    • BobinOz May 4, 2016, 11:58 pm | Link

      You need to visit website and look for their page on English language tests, they will tell you the up-to-date information about what tests are and are not acceptable. Good luck, Bob

  • Aparna April 22, 2016, 12:41 am | Link

    Hi Bob,

    I recently discovered your website and was quite motivated. We are currently living as an expat where my husband has a well paid job( he earns about USD 145K). But the biggest constraint that we are facing here is language and cultural difference. We successfully got our PR an year and half before. My husband is really trying hard to find a job at Australia. But in vain. Few days before he was contacted by a recruitment firm for a contracting job in Brisbane for AUD105K. We are family of 3+ 1 dog. My son is 7 years old and he attends school here. We are ready to sacrifice all the comforts just to land at Australia. Is $105K sufficient to run a family in Brisbane? Considering the fact that we get subsidies for school and health care, do you think we can survive with this money? We are really in diabolical state now. Please share your thoughts. It would really help us a lot. We don’t want to do something stupid and regret later. Thanks.


    • BobinOz April 22, 2016, 7:14 pm | Link

      Yes, that’s a good salary, it should certainly be sufficient for a decent lifestyle for you, your husband and son. You can find out more on my page called How much do you need?

      • Aparna April 23, 2016, 2:26 am | Link

        Thanks for input Bob. :)…It really helps us (that’s a huge relief)…Sometimes we feel why god is so hard on us when my husband has amazing expertise in his field but still not able to land on a job in Australia. Your suggestion really helps to go ahead with our decision. Yeah, it true that I’ll miss the comforts but that’s okay. Lesson learnt is that happiness is more important than money and we are longing for that.

        I do have one more question though. If you have any input/ idea that would be great too. Are there firms/ companies that do “Resume marketing consultancy” where they help the job seekers by floating their resumes to potential employers? Do they really exist?? If so, could you shed some light. Thanks Bob.

        • BobinOz April 25, 2016, 3:58 pm | Link

          Can I point you to my page called How to Find a Sponsored Job in Australia? It’s not just for people looking for sponsored jobs, it will help with any kind of job in Australia. Is not a free product, but it’s worth every cent. Good luck, Bob

    • Darren May 4, 2016, 2:28 pm | Link

      Hi $105k is a real lot of $$ I live in Sydney & even I don’t have that much money, Also I think u have the wrong assumptions about living in Austalia!

      • Aparna May 4, 2016, 3:31 pm | Link

        Thanks for the support Darren. When we visited Sydney, we found everything to be really expensive. My husband earns approx. USD 145K excluding the rental (as housing is provided by the company). It was highly confusing as whether we are taking the right decision or not. Hope we land Australia atleast by this year. Hope god gives us a path.

        • BobinOz May 5, 2016, 12:11 am | Link

          I think, just to be clear here, although $105,000 per year in Australia is a good salary, 145K USD in the US is definitely going to go a lot further than your 105K in Australia, particularly in Sydney which is our most expensive city.

          I think what Darren is implying (correct me if I’m wrong Darren) about your assumptions is that if disposable income is your driving factor, then maybe stay in the US, but living in Australia with less money and fewer creature comforts might well be the better lifestyle choice.

  • Saqib imtiaz syed April 6, 2016, 1:19 am | Link

    Hi Bob ,
    Thanks for the help and support you are providing to members . I have a question . My CO has asked me for medical of my wife , son and my self against visa application for 189 sub class . My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and can not undergo chest x-ray . Since, I am from pakistan and cannot avoid her chest x ray , what should I do ? Shall we go for rest of medical examinations and leave my wife chest x ray pending ? or we should not do the medical at all and inform the CO for this new development ? Our Hap ID’s are already initiated for us .
    Looking for your advice .

    • BobinOz April 6, 2016, 6:26 pm | Link

      This isn’t a question I can answer, you should speak to either your case officer or a MARA registered migration agent about how best to proceed. Good luck, Bob

  • Rimi April 4, 2016, 8:21 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    I just came across your website and it has a lot of helpful information. I am preparing in advance to relocate my dog next year. I am now in the information gathering stage. I am from Bangalore, India and as I have searched online, I understood relocating my dog from India to Australia is going to be a lengthy process.
    Can you please help me in getting Australian government’s contact number. Information is available online in details. But I need more details about exactly what vaccinations, blood test, import permit are required. I do not want get an agent as that would be very expensive for me. If I can talk to someone from the Australian govt. that would be great.

    • BobinOz April 5, 2016, 8:31 pm | Link

      It is very unlikely you will be able to talk directly to somebody in the government about this, they have set up all the information you need on their website. May I suggest you read my page called Bringing Your Pet to Australia and use the links included on it to help you find out what you need to do.

      You will also find lots of comments where people offer even further advice. Good luck, Bob

  • Suzi Horrocks April 3, 2016, 8:02 am | Link

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I was wondering if you could possibly help me??
    My name is Suzi and I have 20+years’ experience as a community service worker, I’m a student on a visa from the United Kingdom.
    I’m looking for Community work with a 457 Temporary Visa attached, so I can reside in Australia on completion of my Diploma that I’m currently studying at Melbourne Polytechnic
    (The Diploma of community service works) to be completed in Dec 2016.
    I’m in the process of relocating to the Bacchus’s Marsh/ Melton area, where I’m living is being re-developed.
    I would be grateful if you could help me in finding a registered organization who is able to sponsor me as a Community Worker, if you’re not able to help me.
    Please don’t ignore me as I’m trying so hard to find a sponsor
    Thank you Miss Suzi Horrocks

  • Piet April 1, 2016, 10:55 pm | Link

    Hey Bob,
    I’m following you since nov 2015.
    Me and my family reached finally a decision and filled in the EOIform today. The recent events in our capital Brussels persuaded us to take the final step.
    I just wanted to ask you what happens next. Should we just wait now for an answer or do we need to take further actions ourself?
    I tried to find an explication online but that didn’t made me any wiser.
    Maybe you can pinpoint us in the right direction?
    Thanks Bob
    Many greetzzz from Belgium

    • BobinOz April 4, 2016, 2:58 pm | Link

      Hi Piet

      I don’t really know much about the process other than what I have written on my page called EOI. You will learn quite a bit about it if you skim through the many comments that have been made from people who have actually gone down this route. Good luck, Bob

  • Liesl Comer March 31, 2016, 2:56 am | Link

    Hello Bob,
    My partner and I have decided that we would like to make the move and have researched visas, I am a secondary school teacher and 48, so I have heard that a 489 visa would be the best for me, although this is only for 4 years, but have heard that you can apply for permanent after a number of years. If I was to get a job before applying for the visa could I then qualify for another type of visa? where I would get permanent residency automatically. Also would you recommend a skills assessment before applying for a job? I have joined a couple of agencies already and am worried that this may have been done in haste, without thinking about a skills assessment first? Thanks in advance Liesl

    • BobinOz March 31, 2016, 8:54 pm | Link

      I’m afraid these aren’t questions I can answer, you need to be speaking to a MARA registered migration agent. Alternatively, you will get answers to all of these questions if you were to go through my Visa Assessment Service performed by my resident MARA migration agent.

      Good luck, Bob

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