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So Bob, you’ve been here since November 2007, give me one good reason why I should move to Australia.

Crikey mate! I can do better than that, here’s…..

20 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Australia.

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Yes, you can read the magazines, you can watch the TV, you can speak to migration agents, you can get a bucket load of information from the Australian government’s immigration website and you can talk to all the relocation experts you can find, but……

If you want to know what it’s really like to live in Australia, grab your free copy of my e-book now and gain incredible insights to so, so much, like….

  • Who Bert is.
  • An unusual Australian sales technique. Don’t let this one catch you out!
  • How to put an end to irritating telesales.
  • The joys of stress less holidays.
  • Almost guaranteed to go soggy in the UK, here we love ’em. Lots of ’em. But what are they?
  • Does anyone live longer than the Aussies? I’ll tell you….
  • They’re a joke in England, but more fun than you can shake a stick at here. Great at Christmas too. But what is it?
  • What’s just around the corner?
  • The best place for a kid’s birthday party.
  • It’s this national replacement for a British tradition, but does it work?
  • The one thing Australia is short of and what that means to you!
  • The all important dress code. Break this rule and you be left standing outside!

Hey! And I haven’t even started on the top ten yet!

Yes, 20 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Australia is essential reading for anyone considering the move. Over 90 pages, something like 60 of Bob’s top tips and who knows how many glorious photographs.What's Good About Australia

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G’Day Bob
I came across your site lastnight after browsing the net and wow I cant take my eyes off it – its a great read.. I love the E-Book thats put a huge smile on my face and I really want to move to Australia now!
Thank You
Jo :=)


O my God!
Just read your e book and want to go to Aus now!  Am living in Ireland and have nearly finished the visa application process. Hope to move to Sydney in August.
Congratulations on your book. It is fantastic
Kind regards


I have been following your blog or a few weeks now. I really enjoyed your ’20 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Australia’ and have found your posts to be very informative. I love the humour that you inject into your stories.


I live in Romania, me and my boyfriend intend to move in Sydney. We are 26 and 30 years old, I’ve read your e-book and I can say that now I am more exciting than I was about Australia.


Dear Mr.Bob,
Thanks for sending me the e-picture book. It is an experience in itself. The previous sunday we all family members had a memorable session going through your blog! You almost took us there..Hat’s off. Though i have not seen any official publication from the tourism deptt of Australia but i can bet your work would be a far exceeding..great compiling, fine flow of thoughts and a great effort. No wonder if you become a brand ambassador of the tourism deptt there someone like our Mr.Amitabh Bachchan.
Best Regards,


today i found your website and all day long i was reading your e-book! I really loved it! It was a pleasure to read it, because there was very good info whit a lot of sense of humor! I am 23 years old girl from Lithuania, thinking to move in Australia, so searching for more info about living out there. Your website gives a lot of it!
I just wanted to say for you – thank you for your book! I really love it!

Best regards,


Hey, I have just been reading your e book for quite a while now, I can’t stop reading it. I thank God I have found your website. This is just a big blessing for us. You are answering all the questions I wanted to know. You gave me that opportunity to travel arond Australia through you ebook.


My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to email me.



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  • Freweyni Befkadu August 27, 2018, 6:05 pm |

    Dear Mr Bob,
    Me and my husband already read your ebook and we love Australia verymuch million times thank you for sending us full information about our dream land.

    Best Regards

    • BobinOz August 29, 2018, 8:32 pm |

      My pleasure, glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks, Bob

  • Chris Cunningham March 18, 2018, 4:30 pm |

    Hi Bob,
    I’m glad you gave Steve a piece of your mind and so pleased you have made many friends here in Australia. It just goes to show it’s the friends you make, not so much the place, that colours your view of a country. If you make no friends you are going to hate the place! And I’d like to tell him to go back to the icebox if he wants. He could maybe buy an airconditioner and try harder to make friends here.

    • BobinOz March 19, 2018, 7:35 pm |

      Well, Steve wasn’t very pleasant about Australians, was he? Not surprised he couldn’t make any friends here. I’m sure he’ll be very happy back in the UK 🙂

  • Vrr March 17, 2018, 9:35 pm |


  • Keith bryant March 7, 2018, 4:17 pm |

    Australians are NOT English people with Australian accents.They are a culture all of their own.When you take the time to really know them you will know why I will never go back to England.

    • BobinOz March 8, 2018, 6:33 pm |

      I’m a little confused Keith, I don’t think anyone here has said Australians are English people with Australian accents? Or have they?

  • Steve January 15, 2018, 1:18 am |

    Hello, I am not sure what delusions you have about Australia, but life is very hard here. I have been here from the UK since 83 when I was 17. This is a nation of very backward folk, inbred might be a better word to use. They don’t like outsiders, they are very uncreative and produce nothing worth mentioning. It is hellishly hot here for at least three months a year, to the point where you can’t do a thing except sweat. I wish my Dad had never brought us out here. To those of you with itchy feet: stay where you are. The grass is dead here. Hope this helps. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And yes, I am going back!

    • BobinOz January 16, 2018, 10:55 pm |

      Here are a couple of quick stories for you Steve.

      When I first arrived in Australia in 2007, I moved straight into a house I bought on the internet and of course, it was completely empty, I had to wait another six weeks or so for my furniture to turn up.

      The house needed decorating throughout, but I had none of my tools either. So out of interest, I phoned up a local painter and decorator to get a quote. He was Australian. His quote was too dear for me, so I phoned him to tell him I was not going to go ahead and that I was going to do it myself.

      The phone call went to his messaging service, so I left a message. Later that day I was on my way to Bunnings to buy the paint to start the job, when I stopped off at the ATM to get some cash.

      Who did I bump into? The painter and decorator. I asked him if he’d got my message, he had, and I kind of say sorry your quote was higher than I would like to have paid, ($11,000) and that coincidentally I was on the way to Bunnings to buy the paint.

      He said “don’t I from there, go to the trade company I get my paint from, tell them you are working for me, and you’ll get 30% discount.”

      How friendly is that? I’m still friends with that guy today. He also introduced me to another Australian back then, in case I needed any carpentry work, another Australian. He became a close friend as well, my wife became friends with his wife who is also Australian and my daughter became friends with their daughter.

      I could tell you loads more stories about all the Australians my wife and I have met and how many we are friends with today, but I suspect I’d be wasting my time with you.

      Seems to me, certainly from your attitude and the disgraceful ‘inbred’ comment you have made about all Australians, that it is you that has not accepted them. Or, more likely, it is you in particular that no Australian can possibly like because you are obnoxious.

      It’s fantastic to hear that you are going back to where you came from.

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