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By Karen; AKA Mrs Bobinoz:

For nearly 6 years, Dog Walks walked, visited and loved pets during their quarantine period. We took photographs and built a massive Photo Gallery, provided pets with toys and treats and we updated owners about their pets’ well-being.

We were lucky and privileged enough to see over 2,000 families of dogs and cats throughout those years and help countless pet owners during what can quite often be a quite traumatic time.

10 days in quarantine

On 3 February 2014 new rules came into effect which, for qualifying dogs and cats, reduced their stay in quarantine from 30 days down to 10.

That was great news, but unfortunately it was followed by a second announcement a couple of weeks later. With that one, all visiting and therefore exercising, either by owners or their chosen representatives, came to an end on Monday, 3 March 2014.

From Overseas to Australia – a Guide to Migrating with Your Pets

My Dog Walks team may not be able to help you directly anymore, but over the years we have learnt a great deal about quarantine and how it works.

We operated in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne quarantine stations and have a wealth of experience of being in quarantine, seeing how it operates and working with the staff there.

These experiences, as well as bringing my own dog from the UK and now being a local pet owner of two cats and a dog have given me the knowledge to write this guide which I now wish to share with you.

From Overseas to Australia – a Guide to Migrating with Your Pets has the answers to all of your questions and will help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

  • Should you bring your pet? What you need to consider before making a decision.
  • How much will it cost? I’ll give you a quick guide to prices.
  • How do you relocate your pet? I’ll take a complete step-by-step look at the import process.
  • Pet shippers? Do you need one? Where would I find one? Who? All answered.
  • What’s it like in quarantine? I don’t know, the new centralised quarantine facility opened late 2015 and no visitors are allowed. So I don’t know very much about it, but I’ll tell you everything I do know.
  • What happens when you finally get your pet home? Council registration, heartworm, dog off leash areas, insurance, all covered.
  • How do you keep your pet healthy? Australia’s nasty critters and infections and how to guard against them.
  • What pet foods are generally on sale in Australia? Popular brands listed for both dogs and cats.

And if that’s not enough, my final chapter is a list of “My most frequently asked questions” – all answered.

Instant digital delivery

This is an instantly delivered digital ebook in PDF format.

From Overseas to Australia – a Guide to Migrating with Pets

When I first released this book in 2014 it went on sale for $27. I released V2 of the book in January 2016 following the centralisation of Australian quarantine to their new facility just outside of Melbourne.

Of the 8 chapters in the book, only chapter 5 was affected by the changes, but I updated that as best I could. I then decided to sell this book at the massively reduced price of $9.

It’s now 2018 and although I still believe this book is useful and relevant, I have decided it’s time to give it away for free. If you do like the book though, and you agree it has been helpful and relevant, then next time you pass a donation tin for your favourite pet charity, why not throw a few coins in it to show your appreciation.

Grab your copy now for FREE!

In it’s 53 pages, I’ll cover…

1. Deciding to bring your pet
2. How much does it cost?
3. The import process
4. Do I need a pet transport company and how do I find one?
5. What is it like in Quarantine – accommodation, bedding and food
6. Once home – council registration, micro-chipping, heartworm, dog off-leash
areas, insurance, ticks and fleas, other pet treatments and types of food in
7. Wildlife – snakes and toads (and some other native wildlife)
8. My most frequently asked questions

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Many thanks, Karen

Some Testimonials for Dog Walks 2008 – 2014


“I don’t think I could have done this if we didn’t have you guys checking on him. He’s a rescue dog, we’re his 3rd owners, and he’s a little clingy because of it. We were determined not to leave him behind and were mortified at the prospect of him being locked up for a month. You made the decision easy and all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much! Judy”
Max’s Mum, Judy
“Indie arrived home on Friday and I just wanted to thank you and your team. She looked fabulous and was in a great state of mind. Please thank the staff members who looked after her, they have clearly done a wonderful job, and we loved looking at all the photos they posted while she was in quarantine. We are so grateful to have her with us, she is really enjoying the games and walks and good food. Thank you all very much.”

Indie’s Mum, Georgie



“Hi Karen

Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for making Mishca’s stay in quarantine a more pleasant one. I can see from the photos that you went above and beyond our expectations by visiting her when you had the opportunity and we really appreciate that.

Mishca arrived safely in Gladstone last Saturday and was so very pleased to be reunited with the family, I think she thought she would never see us again!

Thank you again.”

Mischa’s Dad, Shaun



“Thanks again for everything. You and yours made all the difference. I have already recommended your company to other friends in Vanuatu. ”

Bernard, Sophie’s Dad



“Thank you so much for the email – I have been very worried about them especially Zola with her being sick. They certainly look happy in the pics.

I can’t thank you and your team enough, you have given me peace of mind and I know if the dogs could take they would also tell you how grateful they are for the affection your team has provided them. It was worth every penny and more.”

Sarah, Rocco and Zola


“Dear Karen,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so very much for taking such beautiful care of our baby whilst she was at Eastern Creek.  My husband has just picked her up and is on his way home with her and I am chomping at the bit to get home from work and kiss her.
We are so grateful to you and your amazing staff for the fantastic job you have all done (and continue to do) and would recommend you services without hesitation.
We wish you all so much luck with this amazing endeavour and although I hope I never have to import a dog again, I certainly know where I will go if I do!

Thank you again, a million times over.”

Sophie’s Mum, Bianca


“Thank you so much for all your help with making Roman’s stay more comfortable and we believe it is a testament to you guys and Susannah at the quarantine station with the wonderful care he received.

Our very warmest regards”

Sally and Roman


“Thanks so much Karen. It has been a pleasure working with you!  I work at [….name omitted] and there are many Americans coming here with dogs.  I have already recommended you to a colleague!  Fantastic work!  Quarantine is awful and it made me feel better to know that you were taking care of Jakey! ”

Jake’s Mum, Victoria


“I can’t thank you enough for your service. As much to us as to Buddy. Those photos are what we have hung on to to keep us going, I so wish we were near one of the stations as I would love to help with the dog visiting. It must be so rewarding. Dogs just don’t whinge like people do they?

Will the photos stay on the gallery for a while? We would love to copy them off as they are so precious. I can’t tell you how many people have been enjoying them! And I have been promoting your company far and wide. I regard it as very good value for money; we had such peace of mind knowing that he was getting some individual care.

Thanks so much for all the extra bits of info you have provided. You have been a great help.

If you would like me to write a more formal recommendation letter I would be more than willing to do so. We are SOOOOOOO grateful.

With thanks and best wishes”

Annette, Steve and Ben – Buddy’s family


“Thank you for looking after Tai for me. I wonder if he’ll talk to me when I pick him up tomorrow. I can see from the photos posted and also from your gallery that you and your staff give all your charges lots of love and attention.”

Tai’s owner, Pamela


“I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind you gave me whilst Peppa was in Puppy Jail! It was so comforting knowing that she was getting all the love and cuddles that I could have given her. Being able to see the photos of her visits was extra special as I could see how she was doing. You made a horrible experience much easier to cope with. I will be sure to recommend your fantastic service to anyone importing animals to Australia. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Peppa’s owners, Katie and Adam


“Thank you so much for all the love and care he received from all the DogWalks girls. He was well looked after and I could see he loved everyone that said goodbye to him.”

Lucky’s owner, Marietjie


“Thanks so much to your Sydney team for looking after my bundle of joy. He has a wonderful temperament and walks wonderfully on the lead. I am more than impressed. I will use your team again when I save enough for my next puppy.”

Breeder Nikki, owner of puppy Malachi (a 4 1/2 month old chocolate labrador)


“Thanks for all your help with everything. We are so glad that we found you and we feel like this is the best money we have spent since we started this whole expensive process. Your company is such a brilliant idea!!”

Ernie’s owner, Tim and Amanda


“This is awesome!!!  I feel as if you guys are treating them as if they are your own, which makes us extremely happy. Judging from the photos, they look as if they have adjusted quite well and are enjoying their time outside of the kennel.”

Morty and Baxter’s owner, David


“Dear Karen, Pepa is due to come home on Monday and we just wanted to thank you and your team for ALL you have done to make this last month easier on all of us.  You were always helpful and willing to go that extra mile and a special word of thanks for all your moral support.  Keep up the good work! Warm regards”

Pepa’s owners, Charlene and Dave


“I would like to thank everyone from dog walks for all the help they gave us. They give a fantastic service and I would recommend them to anyone. It is clear they really care for all the animals they visit and nothing is to much trouble for them.They photos which we received were excellent and showed how them looking happy and having fun. It really put our minds at rest until they finally arrived in Cairns with us and we were a complete family again.”

Lorraine, Lewis,Emily and Perdy’s owner


“Hi Karen, I have to say, without your service, we would have been in such a state. Well done for picking on on the “niche” to make our dogs at least 1/2 comfortable and by the look of your photos, you kept them very happy!! Warm regards”

Roz and family, Bindy, Summer and Shadow’s owners


“Karen, thank you so much to you and your team that have looked after our baby for the last 4 weeks.  Without your emails and photos the process would have been so much harder.  I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others in the same situation as us.”

Sadie’s owner, Stefanie


“We have just arrived back in Brisbane from our “road-trip” from Sydney. What a happy reunion….tears and licks and all!! We are so happy to have our little Puppet back with us…we know that it was a long 30 days for all of us, but you made it bearable for us as well as for Jessie. Thanks a million for everything that you have done for her and all the phone calls that you handled from us ….mostly at inappropriate times….we really, really appreciate that a lot. We will not hesitate a second to recommend your services to anybody that finds themselves in this same situation.”

Jessie’s owners, Barbara and Marietta

“Dear Dogwalks Team

Only words can express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the team for watching over our precious Thatch and Anju. When we had taken the decision to come to Sydney, we were concerned about the 7 month quarantine period. Whilst most people opt for 6 months in the home country and the last month in Oz, we’re glad that we brought them through earlier as we had the support of your team and our kids had someone to watch over them…

We have never been more comfortable and at peace knowing that they were in good hands. They were always happy when we visited and the regular emails and postings on the website proved helpful to follow up on their progress. The teams that visited Thatch and Anju have done such a great job, their personalities are intact, they’re still energetic and full of tricks. Bringing them home on Friday was a long awaited homecoming, they are still the happy, loving 2 that they were and we are forever grateful!

Our friends and family overseas have been so impressed with your website and we recommend anybody coming to Australia to sign up with Dogwalks for that extra love and care whilst their dogs are in quarantine.

Rgds Nithia, Santhinee, Thatch and Anju.”

Nithia and Santhinee, owners of Thatch and Anju



“We can’t thank you and your team enough for what you have done for him and you made the process so much more bearable for us, we hated the thought of him being alone and frightened and you took that feeling away ……………… I think your service is fantastic, the photos are just the best idea and you so understand what people and their pets are going through at this time.”

Jack’s owner, Kirsten



“Dear Karen, I would like to thank you and your wonderful team of “dog walkers” for making the quarantine experience bearable for myself and Serendipity.  I really appreciated your advice and comforting words and the fact that you were looking out for my little dog.  My heartfelt thanks to you all.”

Veronica, Serendipity’s owner



“Without you she would have had a miserable time, I cannot thank you enough”

Sandy, Amber’s owner



“I would just like  to thank you and your walkers for everything , for the wonderful service you provide and for making the separation less stressful. You have been patient and answered all my queries and I feel like I know you now through all the correspondence, photos, emails and video clips.  I wish you continued success with the business and please feel free to ask anyone who is in the same position I was 2 months ago and is stressed and nervous about relocating their loved pets overseas to contact me and I will gladly give you a reference . I would have no hesitation in recommending you to shippers who haven’t heard of your service.”

Mari, Poppy’s owner emailing us after their arrival in Australia



“I think in general dog sitters are a blessing given that the quarantine period in Australia is significantly lengthy.  However what really sets dogwalks apart is your responsiveness to inquiries, friendliness and promptness.  Also, I was really grateful that you continued to visit Lilo even when it was raining and unsuitable to walk her.  Thanks a lot.”

Steven, owner of Lilo



“Thanks to you & all your carers who have spent time with our gang over the past month, I can’t tell you how pleased we are to have been lucky enough to have you guys go in & look after them & how much it’s eased our concerns & worries about them being in quarantine”

Henry, Cookie and Molly’s owners, Julia and Peter



“Just wanted to thank you and your dog walkers for all your help and care over the 30 days Sintra and Sebastiaan spent at Spotswood. You were a great help. It was great being kept up to date on how they were doing, and the photographs you emailed us made being apart much easier. I would not hesitate recommending the services of Dog Walks!”

Maarten and Luiza, Sintra and Sebastiaan’s owners



“We found that Karen and the Dog Walks staff truly give the dogs love and attention. It means the world to the owner who find this period very worrying and stressful. Even when Jake and Juli were put in isolation for kennel cough and could not be exercised, Dog Walks still visited them in the kennel and kept me updated with how they were doing.

I would certainly recommend the services Dog Walks offer to anyone going through the quarantine process.”

Estelle, Jake and Juli’s owner, copying us in an email back to their pet exporter in South Africa



“Thanks for the email and the lovely pics, this is much appreciated…… thanks very much for all your help, it was great to have you guys there to give us news of her”

Rocky’s owners, Maria and Brian



“The exercise, visits, treat, grooming and the fact we were able to get online and see pictures of him looking so happy and having fun and also getting feedback from the walkers was just the ticket to put our minds at rest. We were so happy to get our Rufus back who arrived in Brisbane very happy and very well cared for.

I would recommend Dog Walks and the services they offer to anyone in a similar position to what we were in, it really is a great service and you definitely get the feeling that Karen and her dog walkers genuinely care about the dogs and enjoy spending time with them.  It is a lovely way to ensure our much loved pets are cared for when we cannot get there ourselves”

Gina, Rufus’ owner



“I feel that if more people knew of your services, and had some feedback, it would help with the move for both the dog/cat and owners, because you give a great service with lots of communication and pictures for us owners. Ziggy is a dog that is used to lots of one on one with people he knows, which the quarantine staff just don’t have the time to give being so very busy with the day to day running of the station, and without your team’s input, treats and walks he would have struggled to get through the 30 days, so thank you.”

Ziggy’s owner, Jackie



“Thanks again for the updates and excellent service. I have already recommended Dogwalks to a lot of friends and family who are sending pets over.”

Tulip’s owner, Walter



“Bringing a dog over is a scary ordeal – and to do it after such a serious injury just adds more worry to the situation.  Finding your team and having them work with him like they did helped us rest easy – we still missed him of course, but we knew that he was being cared for and loved – which was what really matters”

Tammy and Anna said of Franklin’s time in quarantine



“Thanks so much for the photo’s and video clip of Flintoff… now that is our Flintoff looking really happy.  It doesn’t surprise me that he demands treats first, he is a scrounger!  I believe that when you say it was hard to keep him still as he has a right wiggle on him.  Taking in a couple of toys for him would be great, thanks ever so much!

………….you’re a godsend, wouldn’t have got through it without your lovely photo’s of my happy Flintoff.”

Dawn, Flintoff’s owner



“Could not have done this without you!”

Louise, Angel’s owner



“Thank you once again to you and your team for providing such a wonderful service and peace of mind. The photos also really help towards knowing your dog is doing well.”

Petra, Penny’s owner



“Many thanks for everything Karen – Pepper is home and it’s like she has never left us! She loves her new big garden and being around the kids. Thanks to you all, I don’t think quarantine was such a trauma!!”

Pepper’s owner, Katrina



“I am very grateful for all the photo’s you have sent, they have put our minds as rest ………….Again a big thank you to you and your team who have helped to look after him so well, your service is priceless.”

Mitch’s owner, Clare

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