Bringing Your Pet to Australia

Can I bring my pet dog/cat/rabbit?

Rabbit? No! Australia is not keen on rabbits, but they definitely are a pet loving nation with dogs and cats at the top of the list. Thousands of pet owners bring their dogs and cats with them when they migrate to Australia, dogbut….

Is it a good idea?

We brought our pet dog Baggy with us, but it wasn’t cheap. But had we left him behind, we would have paid a bigger price. My wife and daughter both dote on him and, in the early stages, it can be quite tough adapting to your new Australian surroundings.

You’ve said goodbye to your friends and family, you’ve left your hometown, your children have had to leave their friends and their school behind, so if you can help it, don’t leave the dog behind (or cat!).

All dogs and cats coming into Australia need to spend a period of time in quarantine. Quarantine is run by AQIS, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. They, in turn, are part of the Department of Agriculture and they are all part of the Australian Government.

How long your pet will spend in quarantine depends on which country you are coming from, but, for example, it’s just one month 10 days (for qualifying pets as of March 2014) when coming from the UK.

To find out more…..

Visit cat-dogs

…which covers cats and dogs. For other pets…..

Visit all imported livestock

I regret to inform you, that at the time of writing, spiders and snakes cannot be imported into Australia. Perhaps it’s because we already got some. Hehe!

Thinking of Exporting Your Pet to Australia?

When we brought our dog with us, we arranged for somebody to go in to the quarantine station to see him regularly and take him for walks. But it wasn’t easy to organise. Since we’ve lived here, my wife started a company that did do just that called Dog Walks Pty Ltd.

The company was established in the middle of 2008 and she has made hundreds and hundreds of dogs and cats very happy. We have now closed the DogWalks Gallery, but we used to have literally thousands and thousands of pictures of smiling doggie faces on display.

Sadly, her Dog Walks team can no longer physically visit pets or walk dogs in quarantine. Rule changes by the Australian Government put an end to that which now means…

  • No visits
  • No exercise
  • No treats
  • No idea what the facilities are like inside quarantine
  • No photographs
  • No updates (even telephone calls to quarantine staff are not allowed)
  • No playtime
  • No toys
  • Absolutely no contact whatsoever

ebook_coverA scary prospect for a loving pet owner, for sure. In fact the whole process of exporting your pet from beginning to end is quite daunting. To help you though, Karen has written a guide, to find out more please visit the following page…

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You can read Baggy’s Story here.

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Warning! If you are bringing your own pet, you’ll want to know how much it costs. Sit down before reading this, it’s a bit of a shocker. This is how much it cost us to bring Baggy to Australia.

If you can also plough through the comments below, quite a few people have mentioned how much it cost them to bring their pets over. For example one of my readers, Pravdaseeker, mentioned that it cost him nearly $9000 to bring his two dogs over from the US towards the end of 2012.

Warning over.

Visa Assessment Service


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  • Bob April 22, 2014, 4:24 pm | Link

    I’m from New Zealand. We intend migrating to Australia sometime around September/October 2014 as I’ve got a job in Victoria. We want to bring our boxer with us – what will be the steps necessary and the costs involved. He will be 3 years old in July, we’ve had him since he was 5 weeks old.

    Would love to have your answer by e mail.

    Thanks and kind regards


    • BobinOz April 24, 2014, 2:08 pm | Link

      Hi Bob

      I think it will be quite different for you coming from New Zealand. For a start, your dog will not need to go through quarantine here, but I’m sure you will need to take certain steps before you depart for Australia.

      I would suggest you consult with your vet to find out what needs to be done in terms of vaccines and maybe electronic tagging. Other than that, you will just need to phone around and get a few quotes for the cost of transporting your dog on a plane.

      I can’t be specific on costs, other than it will surely be a lot cheaper than those of us who have brought pets from the UK or the USA.

      Good luck, Bob

  • Vanessa April 16, 2014, 5:34 pm | Link

    Hi All;

    I am from Pakistan and my husband and myself will be moving to Sydney, Australia soon and we are deeply hoping that there is a change in law for bringing a pet from Pakistan to Australia. As per my knowledge that Pakistan is not a DFA approved country and one needs to keep their pet for 6 month in a DFA approved country such as UK, Singapore. We can not afford to send our pet away for 6 months to a place unknown to her. We are extremely attached to her and can not imagine leaving her behind. My husband and myself are both very disturbed by the thought of moving away from her and she too is extremely attached to us. I would really appreciate if someone could advise me with a possible solution. We don’t mind keeping her under quarantine for 6 months or more but in Australia. Thanks alot in advance, hoping to hear some good news!

    • BobinOz April 17, 2014, 2:13 pm | Link

      I’m afraid I really can’t see quarantine relaxing that rule any time soon, I assume your country is regarded as a risk in respect of rabies. I’m afraid there is no way around it that I know of, apart from moving to a country for a year (or whatever the required period is) with your pet that is not high risk.

      Seriously, I’ve heard people moving to, say, Italy (because they could) and stay there for long enough to qualify for the shorter quarantine period and then move from Italy to Australia.

      Good luck, Bob

  • Julie February 27, 2014, 9:40 am | Link

    Hi Paul

    If it helps we have just flown 2 dogs & 2 cats from the UK to sydney. One of the cats was incorrectly put down as Siamese on her permit when she’s Persian. I believe our vet checked this and was advised to cross it through, write in the correction then sign and stamp against the correction. Might be worth suggesting to the vet handling your paperwork.

    I would also say that we had a last minute panic on the brucella can is blood test for one of dogs (only needs to be done on un-neutered dogs). The UK guidelines say it has to be done one way but the Australian permit requires it to be done a different way. I’d advise just checking with your vet that they’ve followed the Australian permit requirements as due to the recent changes the UK guidelines don’t appear to be in line with the permits. We almost couldn’t send one of our dogs so worth a check.

    By the way all of our animals have just come out of quarantine. Other than massively malting they were fine and seem to be adapting to the heat with no problems even the husky that we have!

    Hope this helps


  • Paul February 26, 2014, 11:29 pm | Link

    Hi – In trouble : only 2 working days before out pets are due to be imported to Australia, I have found that my pet reloator has issued the wrong microchip number on one of the dogs (just oned digit, an 8 instead of a 3 on his permit). Do you have any experience of if DAFF are helpful in this situation (i.e. quickly issuing a statement letter explaining they are OK to accpet the dogs so this official statement can be taken to the export countries authorities)?

    • Leanne February 27, 2014, 11:43 am | Link

      Hi Paul
      I can feel your anxiety. The vet completing our export permits wrote the number 8 instead of 3 and it was only picked up when it was being checked by the government vet to be approved. She wouldn’t allow me or anyone else even with vet’s approval except the vet to make changes and wouldn’t approve anything until that was done. So I had to drive around all over the island looking for the vet to fill in that page again – after taking all the 6 pets back home and printing another page and then back to the government vet. All on the day before they flew out on the only available flight for us.

      I would agree with Julie & get your vet to make the “official” change. They are supposed to check all that info anyway.
      Maybe cover yourself with a call to DAFF?
      Does the import permit DAFF sent have the correct number, as I was told that this is the number that is most important to them, as long as the import permit matches the chip in the pet.

      I wish you all the best with your relocation to Oz. and the panic of the last few days will fade into a distant nightmare once you are on the way. Just remember to breathe.

  • Claire February 4, 2014, 10:20 pm | Link


    I have a question that maybe someone on this site may be able to give me some insight to. My partner is moving to Australia in the very near future, and our migration agent has advised us to do the work for his visa here in Australia.. He does however, want to bring his dog out as well. Is it possible/legal for him to ship his dog out before he arrives and have me take responsibility for her once she arrives in Australia?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

    • pravdaseeker February 5, 2014, 5:14 pm | Link

      Hello Claire,

      When I moved to Oz, I shipped my dogs before I left. I wanted to make sure they got to OZ just fine, etc, before I left my old home country. They will go straight to quarantine once they get here for a minimum of 30 days.

      Depending on which country they are being shipped from; and you get all the required shots, and exams, etc ahead of time, you can make it only 30 days in quarantine for the dog.

      For me, and coming from the USA, I needed to start the process about 5 to 6 months ahead of time. So that their stay would only be 30 days.

      And yes, it is possible for you to pick up the dog after the quarantine period; you just have to fill out all the import papers accordingly.

      At the above link you can find the regulations needed to be taken care of prior to shipping. Choose the country the dog is coming from, and go from there.

      It is not cheap, and requires a lot of paperwork, and making SURE you got it ALL right. It was more of a hassle for the dogs to get here than myself almost!

      BUT, it was also well worth it. My two little buddies are very happy here in Oz. I couldn’t have left them behind for all the tea in China.

      Hope this helped you some, and good luck getting your partners pooch to the land down under.

      Keep in mind if you are not able to visit the dog whilst in quarantine, Bobs wife does run a doggy visit business, and it was very well done, and my dogs were much less stressed while in quarantine due to those visits and exercise time, etc.


    • BobinOz February 5, 2014, 5:17 pm | Link

      Hi Claire

      Yes, that is perfectly possible and legal. Your partner will just need to sign over some documentation appointing you as the importer, that authorises you to receive the dog from quarantine.

      Something like that anyway, but all perfectly doable.

      Good luck, Bob

      • BobinOz February 5, 2014, 5:21 pm | Link

        Ah, Pravdaseeker, how is it going? Looks like you answered a couple of minutes before I did and I didn’t know it was there until after I submitted mine.

        Just wanted to add, that as of a few days ago, Monday 3 February, the quarantine period for many dogs (coming from certain countries and having gone through the correct procedures) is now only 10 days.

        See It’s Good News

        Cheers, Bob

        • pravdaseeker February 5, 2014, 6:47 pm | Link

          Hello Bob,

          WOW! That is GREAT news! When we picked up my dogs, the workers there at the Quarantine facility were mentioning they were trying to get it shortened for certain countries and situations.

          Well that should help save some money for a lot of people! It apparently has proven that for some situations and circumstances it was a waste of time and money, and facility staffs time to keep them for 30 days.

          Thanks for the reply, and update on time in doggy jail for our furry friends.

          Working full time now, busy busy… LOVE OZ. I have a yard full of feathered friends every morning now, you should have seen some of the pics recently..

          Love the outbackish countryside too!


          • BobinOz February 6, 2014, 4:21 pm | Link

            Hi Pravdaseeker

            Not so sure about saving people money, the quarantine stations have raised their fees quite substantially to coincide with the rule change, but the dogs and cats don’t really care about that too much, they are happy all the same.

            Yes, I’ve been getting your updates, I’ve been hearing about your outback adventures and getting plenty of great photographs. Keep them coming.

            Cheers, Bob

  • Kimberley February 4, 2014, 6:25 am | Link


    My partner and I are seriously considering moving to Aus, we have been toying with the idea for some time now. Leaving our pug behind is just not an option for us. Can anyone tell me how well pugs adapt to warmer climates? I know some airlines wont take pugs, is there any restrictions for the ones that will (certain times of the year they cannot fly, will he have to go a different route etc)?

    Also (were debating this one), I had promised the other half we could get another pup once our Ralph turns1. Would it be easier for my boy if there were two of them?

    • Paul February 4, 2014, 2:44 pm | Link

      Hi. Australia is a wonderful place. We moved from the UK several years ago. That said, we have been in Taiwan for the last three jyears and are now planning our return to Oz. We have boxers. Snub nosed dogs. We are finding it almost impossible to get an airline to fly them. So far only Qantas will consider it so long as we sign a responsibility waiver. I would check this out ASAP before making any decisions.

      It’s also worth checking the Oz DAFF web site to review fog import processes. They are well communicated on their site. The process can take at least 7 months.

      Snub nosed dogs may find the heat of areas like Perth and Brisbane too difficult. You might be better trying Sydney and Melbourne as options. As for 1 v 2, all I can say is that we once had 1 boxer and we now have 2. The first boxer is very happy to have a dog companion and we are very thankful that we decided to get a second dog.

      Good luck

      • BobinOz February 4, 2014, 7:15 pm | Link

        Well we live in Brisbane, Mrs Bob walks our dog and we also run a local pet care business, there are plenty of boxers and other pug dogs around here, we don’t know of any who have had problems.

        I do know it can be difficult getting some airlines to take them, but plenty do turn up here and go into quarantine as my wife will tell you from running Dog Walks.

        As for getting a second dog Kimberly, if you were actually thinking of getting one so that your boy has some company on the aeroplane, I wouldn’t bother with that. I don’t think it would make any difference to his journey, so I’d wait till you get here to get another dog, would be much cheaper.

        Good luck, Bob

  • Jen February 1, 2014, 11:42 pm | Link

    HI All, HELP please, I live in Italy and want to bring with me my twoyear old neutered Ragdoll with me, leaving him is not an option, my desitination is Perth ( but understand this quarantine facility is now recently closed) ; i have had a quote from a firm here in Italy ( MIlan) which will cost €2400 just to get him finished at Sydney quarentine, is there a cheaper way?? Can I do it myself??? Proposed travel dates are late JUly this year (2014), I dont want to be a cheap skate but surely there is a better way?

    • Alex February 2, 2014, 4:38 pm | Link

      In one word NO cheaper way…accept €2400 it is already cheap…sorry. NO you can not do it yourself. The only thing you can do yourself/your export company is to understand and comply with Australian Quarantine Requirements to the letter!!!

      Australian Quarantine get approx €900 for 30 days food, room, board, laundry, vet service. AND Pet Shipper,Airline get approx €1,500 for 1 day travel.

      Wrong…is it not!!!

      • BobinOz February 3, 2014, 2:10 pm | Link

        Alex is right, (thanks Alex) and this sounds very cheap to me. I really don’t think you will get it any cheaper. Good luck, Bob

  • Paul January 16, 2014, 7:33 pm | Link

    Hi. We are Australian citizens who currently live in Taipei. We have 2 beautiful boxers. We need to return home in March. We have the required permits. However, our Taiwan based pet export service provider is saying he has contacted every airline and all of them are saying they will not ship a boxer due to their internal snub-nose regulations. Do you have any advise on how we can solve this terrible issue? Many thanks in advance.

    • BobinOz January 17, 2014, 10:14 pm | Link

      I spoke to my wife about this Paul, she runs Dog Walks. She tells me that she has seen plenty of boxer dogs come into quarantine, so I think it’s simply a case of you finding the right export service. She can’t help you with a name, most of the services she is aware of are in Europe.

      You say you have all the required permits, are your dogs coming direct from Taiwan or are they going to another country first?

      • Paul January 17, 2014, 10:51 pm | Link

        Hi – thanks Bob. Yes we have the permits through for a shipment via a Cat 3 country so we are ok from that point of view. The only direct shipper from TPE to SYD are China Airlines and they have said “no”. So, we believe they will have to go through another country first. However my agent is saying he has contacted Cathay, Singapore, EVA, Korean, Asiana, Thai and Malaysia and they are all saying “no”. I have done some more digging today and it seems Qantas now accept boxers (so long as you sign a responsibility waiver – which is no issue) but they do not fly to TPE – only to HK. So I am now trying to find out if Qantas will receive the crates from any airline that will ship the dogs from TPE to HK (if I can get anyone to do that given even this is difficult). Its a real mess and very complicated. Hopefully we can get some assistance from Qantas. The only other airline that has been contacted but that has not yet replied is Philippines Airlines. I thinkI will have to work the problem with my current agent next week and see if we can get the dogs to HK and then on to a Qantas flight.

        If you come across anyone thinking of moving to Taiwan with a snub nosed dog please convey the real issue they will have getting the dog out.

        • BobinOz January 19, 2014, 10:51 pm | Link

          Wow, sounds like a nightmare. Hope you get it sorted. I don’t come across too many people thinking of moving to Taiwan with a snub nosed dog, but if I do, I’ll be sure to warn them 🙂

  • kyle January 3, 2014, 12:40 pm | Link

    Hi there,

    I’m just wondering if you have any information on moving a pet from Thailand to Australia. I am an Australian citizen and have been living in Thailand for the past few months. My girlfriend and I adopted a toy poodle while here but have now realised you cannot import oets from Thailand to Australia unless first travelling through an approved country.

    Any advice on an easy and efficient way on doing this would be appreciated.


    • BobinOz January 6, 2014, 4:40 pm | Link

      Hi Kyle,

      There isn’t an easy way I’m afraid, you need to comply with the specific procedures as outlined on DAFFs pages. Good luck, Bob

  • Leanne December 23, 2013, 1:50 pm | Link

    Hi worried cat momma
    I brought 3 cats into Oz via Singapore to Sydney. One is a very nervous cat also.
    The flight may have freaked her a bit but from all reports not too much.
    From my info and experience, You are not allowed to see them when they are picked up from the airport and not within the first 24 hours of arrival at quarantine.
    Although we live in Perth and we were unable to visit our pets (we had dogs as well), when we did, I was very impressed with the girls who looked after the cats with their level of concern and care. The person looking after Cifa knew she was very nervous and didn’t try to force herself on to her even when she needed to be weighed, which they do regularly to check they are not losing weight. The cage that Cifa shared with the kitten was really airy so even though it was quite warm in Sydney, there was a lovely breeze. The girl even moved our third cat in with the other two during some days to make them feel more at home. We engaged Bob’s wife Karen’s company Dog Walks to visit them all who did an amazing job !
    All pets are home now and I have to say that Cifa is a different cat in a good way. She’s more relaxed and now even let’s strangers near her and sometimes even pat or stroke her. She’s more affectionate than before to my husband so he’s really stoked. As I think it’s been said many times before, the whole experience is probably more stressful for the owners than the pets. I’m sure that your little kitty will be fine!
    Best wishes for Xmas to all.

    • a worried cat momma December 23, 2013, 2:53 pm | Link

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Leanne! It certainly puts my mind at ease and I’ll probably look into DogWalks services to visit my cat when things are confirmed since I can only visit Mondays and Wednesdays. Actually contemplating getting another cat soon so he will have company during quarantine though I think I’m overdoing it :p
      Happy holidays to you and your family too!

      • BobinOz December 27, 2013, 11:53 pm | Link

        Hi a worried cat momma, I see that Leanne has answered most of your questions (thanks Leanne), not much more I can add. It might be worth looking at my wife’s website, she has a page listing pet carriers she knows well and trusts.

        Not sure any of them operate from Singapore though, but worth a look…

        Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend buying another cat to share the journey and quarantine with your current pet, your cat would probably deal with this thing better on her own than in the company of another cat she hardly knows. Only my opinion though, I am not a cat whisperer 🙂

        Good luck, Bob

        • a worried cat momma December 28, 2013, 9:23 am | Link

          Thanks, Bob! I did get in touch with one of the pet carriers and got a list of to-dos from the company which helped make the process seem less daunting. 🙂

          • BobinOz December 29, 2013, 5:09 pm | Link

            Sounds good, I’m sure everything will be okay. As Leanne said, pets usually cope better than owners, I know that from how our dog breezed through it whilst Mrs Bob went quietly frantic 🙂

  • a worried cat momma December 23, 2013, 1:10 pm | Link

    Wondering if anyone can share brief experience bringing cats into Australia? I’ve a 4 year old neutered male ragdoll cat who is extremely timid. Have been reading up on the airplane rules (cargo hold for flights in and out of Australia) and quarantine rules (10 days after some time in Feb 2014). My move to Sydney from Singapore is not confirmed yet but I have the following questions:
    1. Will I be able to see my cat after alighting in Australia when he is out of cargo hold? I’m the most worried about the flight given the turbulence and that I can’t comfort him. He’s scared if even the most innocuous sound and not sure how he will do on the 8-9 hour flight.
    2. Which airline is best in pet travel service? Have heard horror stories though may not be true. Are there any airlines that have staff to check on your pets during the flight when requested?
    3. Is there any season not recommended for pet travel? I know US has summer and winter restrictions but given Australia’s seasons are rather mild, there may not be official restrictions. However, he has lived in a tropical country his whole life so not sure if traveling in winter would make it more difficult for him to adapt/ survive the trip
    4. Lastly, I may engage a pet travel company to take care of most of the logistic hassle. Any recommendations?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you.

  • Gary Sanderfield November 14, 2013, 3:35 pm | Link


    Thank you for all the great information. We are in shock tonight after receiving the quote for moving Pepe from Scottsdale, AZ to Sydney, AU. Pepe is a 10 y/o French Bulldog. The cost seems to be in line with many statements of cost that we have seen on your website, $4,000.

    It would be a far easier decision if Pepe were even a year of two younger. Pepe’s sister passed away last year at the age of 10y/o. Frenchies average 10 – 15 years for life span. We struggling with the idea of putting him through the stress of travels vs. The stress of him being separated from his family. Now we have to struggle with the cost. We are wondering is it even an option for us to be our own General Manager in this process? Can we cut out the middleman costs in exchange for a lot of personal blood, sweat & tears in dealing with airlines, customs, vets and more?

    Thanks for your support to the expat pet lover community!

    Sydney or bust,

    Gary, Michelle, Zayda, Paxton and Pepe

    • Leanne November 14, 2013, 4:08 pm | Link

      We saved a significant amount of money by doing a lot of the legwork ourselves, both when we sent our collie and cat to Mauritius and again now, sending 6 of them back to Oz.
      We also found that the pet relocation company’s quote here for things like vets fees were higher than what we paid straight to the vet plus costs like pickups and delivery to the vets etc and even applying for the import permit, were saved by us doing it ourselves.

      • Mitchell November 15, 2013, 3:18 pm | Link

        Hi everyone we have just sent our Lab Cross back to Australia from France ( he arrived yesterday it has cost us over 6000 euro ( cage , paperwork , Vet ) plus another 1500 aud for the Oz Quarantine . It is the freight monopoly that causes the problem the Airlines where fined for this a few years ago for fixing prices but it seems to not have affected the prices .

    • BobinOz November 15, 2013, 2:57 pm | Link

      Yes, it’s an expensive process and also a tough decision, we faced a similar decision when deciding whether or not to bring our labrador, Baggy.

      He was nearly 11 at the time, so first we asked the vet if he felt our dog could cope with the move. He said yes, maybe you should ask your vet a similar question about your dog.

      For us the cost was around £3000 as you know, and labradors generally live to about 12 to 16 years. We hoped we would get at least four more years with Baggy and we did, he finally passed age 15 1/2.

      So, for us, it was definitely worth it, the pain of leaving him behind would have been too much.

      Obviously we came from the UK, it may be different in the USA, but we were not able to deal direct with airlines or customs, but we did do the legwork in terms of dealing with the vets and getting the import licence but even so, still expensive.

      Good luck, I hope you make the right decision.


      • BobinOz November 15, 2013, 3:22 pm | Link

        @ Leanne – With six of them you’d need to do a lot of the legwork, maybe you could even look into chartering an aeroplane 🙂

        • BobinOz November 15, 2013, 3:23 pm | Link

          @ Mitchell – Sounds like the price is just going up and up!

  • Leanne November 11, 2013, 11:50 pm | Link

    HI all fellow pet lovers

    As we are in the process of moving our 3 dogs & 3 cats (2 returnees & 4 rescued strays) from Mauritius to Perth, thought I would just add a couple of comments.

    Firstly we were just notified by email that the Department of Agriculture is changing the import requirements for dogs and cats, and their semen.

    The new import requirements are only available to importers whose animal(s) will be imported on or after 3 February 2014 (except for those imported from New Zealand).
    The key change to import requirements is a decrease in the minimum number of days in post-entry quarantine, from 30 to 10. However, prospective importers should note that the new requirements also include changes to pre-export preparations, to enable the reduction to 10 days quarantine, which must be followed. If you are seeking to bring your cat or dog into Australia before 3 February 2014, you must use the old import conditions.

    Secondly as we have found out – Perth (Byford) quarantine station does not take any more bookings after 15 Nov until April 2014. This is due in part to be being very popular, plus safety of the animals during the bush fire season. This now means our girls (all 6 of them) will have to go to Sydney.

    Thirdly – check the flights carefully …since we now have to send the girls to sydney & there is no direct flights there from Mauritius, it means we have to transship them through another country – and since Mauritius is no rabies (cat 2) it must be another no rabies country. There are no direct flights to any of the 4 listed countries from here however we found a flight that goes via KL (Malaysia is a rabies cat 4 country) and as long as the pets stay on the plane before heading to Singapore, it is allowed. The other option was London & a whole pile of special requirements (and an extra pile of $$$).

    As we were made redundant we are on a very limited timeframe & the authorities, the relocation company and AQIS themselves have been really helpful, in trying to help us meet our deadline. If all goes well – the furry girls will be out of here in a week & home in Perth (after serving their time) in time for Xmas…if not then New Year. From start of the whole process to them leaving could be 1 month…as long as everything is researched and ready.

    Lastly on cost…We moved 1 Lassie dog & 1 Fat cat to Mauritius 5 years ago from Oz. It cost AUD2400 for the move not including all the vet costs for preparation to leave, then we naively got ripped off on “clearing agents fees” and “GST”. Leaving Mauritius with now 6 of them – the cost to get them Mauritius – KL – Singapore – Sydney is about AUD3500. Biggest cost is quarantine & even though they say pets can share – they will only allow max of 2 of them to share. Quote we have been sent has the cost of getting them from quarantine in Sydney to Perth the same as Mauritius – Sydney.
    Ah but it is only money & the love & happiness they give is worth every dollar!

    Best of luck to everyone & their pets

    • BobinOz November 12, 2013, 9:00 pm | Link

      You have been so unlucky Leanne about Perth quarantine closing down, I think it’s only ever been closed once before in the six years that we’ve been here and that was only briefly.

      Lucky it’s only money and you love your pets 🙂

      And yes, the 10 day stay does kick in next year, I think New Zealand have been working that system for some time. Much better for the dogs and cats.

      Cheers, Bob

  • Jim Lamb November 11, 2013, 10:23 pm | Link

    Just returned to the UK from Australia Queensland a month ago.It cost $AU3300 for our two mini fox terriers.Thats air fare Tai Airlines.Vet charges the vet came to our home give the rabies jab ect,then picked hem up a day before their departure for final wash and flea check.supplied the, crates the lot.Even the £360 custom charge at Heathrow was all in.,Seems that the pet travel services in the UK are ripping everyone off BIG TIME.

    • BobinOz November 12, 2013, 8:50 pm | Link

      Wow! That is cheap compared with prices going the other way.

      What I don’t understand is why free competition isn’t bringing prices down, but then I could never understand why it cost £1365 all up to fly me, my wife and my daughter to Australia whilst it cost £1910 to fly our 35 kg labrador dog the same distance.


      • RachelinFrance January 20, 2014, 11:51 pm | Link

        It only cost us NZ$4500 (~€2500) to bring 2 cats and 2 dogs from NZ to France two years ago..that included everything!. Now we are being quoted about three times that amount to bring 2 dogs and a cat to OZ…madness!

        • BobinOz January 21, 2014, 11:14 pm | Link

          Madness indeed! Not sure how they get away with it. We need a budget airline for pets.

  • Mark Jones October 31, 2013, 6:54 pm | Link

    Hi Bob

    Great website – wish we had found it before we moved! We live on the central coast and bought out our 2 cats in July.
    Did you know all the quarantine stations except Melbourne are due to close in the next couple of years? There will only be one for the entire country!
    Also can I warn anyone that reads this about paralysis ticks. They are VERY common in NSW and if you miss one and your cat gets symptoms you are looking at hospital and a big bill. Mine was $500 plus! Apparently applying frontline every 2 weeks is the best defense – unless they are kept indoors – just keep checking them!


    • BobinOz November 1, 2013, 1:43 pm | Link

      Hi Mark

      Glad you like my website 🙂

      Yes, we are aware that quarantine will be centralised in Melbourne, no date has yet been set although it should be some time between 2015 and 2018.

      As for ticks, they are very nasty and you were lucky! I’ve known a couple of people get hit with vet bills of over $1000, I think one was $1200. I’ve written about ticks before a couple of times and I even saved a cats life not so long ago and you can read about that in my post Australia’s Killer Creatures: The Silent Assassin is Back.

      Cheers, Bob

  • Claire September 4, 2013, 4:14 pm | Link

    Hi Bob!

    Great and informative blog! My boyfriend is coming out from America next year and is planning on bringing his 10 year old Carolina Dingo… I have read Pravdaseekers comments and was fully expecting it to cost around the $5000 mark! However, people who I have spoken to about the quarantine process are telling me that dogs from the US have to be quarantined for three to six months?! It won’t be that long, surely? Everything I seem to read states 30 days? Also, I am in Hobart (obviously no quarantine facilities) so would the dog go to Sydney for the quarantine or Melbourne?

    Thanks so much!


    • BobinOz September 4, 2013, 10:04 pm | Link

      Hi Claire

      As long as your boyfriend has prepared his dog in the US first, made sure he has had the correct injections and tests, especially the one for rabies, then the dog will only need to spend 30 days in Australian quarantine. The whole process does take six months, but you can do five months worth of it whilst your dog is free to enjoy his life at home in the US.

      It’s only dogs that arrive here that have not been prepared properly who have to sit in quarantine for longer than normally needed. Whether your dog goes to Sydney or Melbourne is your choice, but Melbourne is closer to Hobart so it would make sense to go there, although it could be cheaper to fly the dog direct to Sydney and then from Sydney to Hobart.

      Hope that helps, many thanks


  • Julie August 27, 2013, 3:56 pm | Link

    Hi Bob

    We are currently planning a move to Sydney from the UK and have an 18 month old husky dog and and elderly cat to move. My main concern is our husky and the time she will spend away from us. I’m really concerned as to whether she’ll get the exercise, attention etc she needs (I usually walk 3-4 miles a day plus a run in the morning with her). If she doesn’t have this she does tend to get irritable and sometimes can be a little nippy. I’m also worried the time away will affect her temperament and the way she is with us as she’s very soft and quite affectionate for a husky. Just wondered if you had any experience of huskies in quarantine and how they’ve come through it?

    Many thanks

    • BobinOz August 29, 2013, 5:47 pm | Link

      Hi Julie,

      Yes, having to put your dog and cat into quarantine isn’t ideal, so I do understand your concerns. Clearly your husky is not going to get the exercise she’s been used to when she’s in quarantine, the quarantine station have strict rules which mean that your dog can only enjoy a maximum of two half-hour walks a week plus an additional two visits.

      She will survive though, my wife has seen hundreds and hundreds of dogs go through quarantine through her work at Dog Walks and they all do. I asked her if she has had any huskies go through and she said…

      “Yes, – Emma – she did really well and totally unaffected:-

      My wife’s team did as much exercising and playing with the dog as they could, but she also added that if you are concerned about your dog getting bored, you should consider buying one of these toys, although she says they are not cheap…

      Hope that helps, cheers, Bob

  • Gillian July 31, 2013, 9:45 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,
    Just wondered if you have had much information on the experience of cat owners who have transported their pets from the UK to Australia. We are currently living in Northern Ireland but we would like to return to Australia as my hubby is an Aussie and we have a youngster who is nine years old and we feel for many resons it is time to move back. Unfortunately we have ( in our eyes)one big dilemma. We have two cats one who is eleven years old and the other two years old. The older cat has had disc problems and takes anti inflammertory medication every other day. We don’t want to leave either cat behind but are particularly worried about how traumatic it could be for our older cat. Our local Vet hasn’t any experience of this situation so can’t really advise. I understand that no one can give guarantees and that the Vet would certainly have to clear both cats in regard to health but I just wondered is there anyone who has gone through a similar experience with an older cat that could give us some reassurance.Thanks. Gillian
    P.S. Love your website

    • BobinOz August 3, 2013, 12:41 am | Link

      Hi Gillian

      I can understand your concern, we had similar concerns about our dog Baggy who was 10 years old when we brought him over. He breezed through it.

      Thousands and thousands of dogs and cats come over each year, and my wife helps many of them through the quarantine period through her company Dog Walks. As well as walking dogs, her team also offer cat visits and cat cuddles too. She has never known of either a cat or dog not surviving the plane journey, so you can be pretty confident that both your cats will be just fine.

      My wife spent an entire month worrying about our dog during this process, but if you want to know the truth, cats and dogs cope with it far better than us owners do :-).

      I know you will worry, but there is no need and let’s face it, leaving your cats behind is not an option.

      Cheers, Bob

      • Gillian August 3, 2013, 6:09 am | Link

        Hi Bob,
        Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am much more reassured and will research the best companies available for pet transport. if we make the move, which I hope we shall, I will keep you informed as to how it all goes. We are hoping i will be Victoria perhaps Geelong or somewhere on the Bellarine Peninsula. Anyhow thanks again to both you and your wife and keep up the good work with this brilliant website!!!


        • BobinOz August 5, 2013, 1:25 pm | Link

          Thanks Gillian, hope all works out well for you.


  • Alex July 15, 2013, 4:03 pm | Link

    Great job your doing here Bob…I’ll chime in & help you out a bit.
    …My experience Finland-Oz 15 years ago. Norway-Oz 1.5 years ago. Currently doing Finland-Oz again as we speak.

    First stop for everyone is it’s complicated, but all you need is there.

    Cristina – If you want to stay in NZ for 90 days & then come to Oz…great do that. 20 days less quarantine in NZ & there is no quarantine between NZ & Oz. However NZ & Oz import conditions are much the same PLUS if you come via NZ you will be charged 15% GST(same as your VAT) on all your transport costs plus the value of your dog by NZ customs. And still have to fly as manifested cargo from NZ to Oz(no GST upon arrival in Oz though:). I have investigated this “cunning ploy” before…it’s much more expensive!!!

  • Ashleigh July 9, 2013, 1:51 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,

    I am hoping you can help! We are moving to Adelaide from NZ and are bringing our dog (he is travelling 2 weeks after we arrive). One pet transport company we got a quote with said it’s easier to fly him to Sydney then onward to Adelaide because Customs in Adelaide is a nightmare and there are usually customs brokers involved. For some reason it doesn’t seem right to me (Another pet transport company mentioned nothing like this). Is the import process in Adelaide relatively straightforward?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • BobinOz July 10, 2013, 6:25 pm | Link

      Hi Ashleigh

      Sorry, but this isn’t something I or my wife can help with as we have only dealt with dogs that need to go to quarantine first and as there is not a quarantine station at Adelaide, we have never flown dogs directly there.

      I would be inclined to get a third opinion from another pet transport company to see what they say.

      Good luck, Bob

  • Cristina July 4, 2013, 6:08 pm | Link

    Hi guys,

    I have a few questions for everyone. I am looking to move to australia at the end of november and would absolutely love to bring my little dog Rio (who is more than a dog to us, he is family!:)))) i am leaving from france which is his country of origin on his doggy passport. A couple of websites are ambiguous on the time in quarantine, which is my biggest concern! Was also contemplating taking the route to New Zealand (which I believe from France the quarantine period is only 10 days) and then if i stay with him in New Zealand for 90 days there is no quarantine period in Australia? Im just worried that ince we get to customs if they will give us a hard time etc… But also makes me feel better that there are services such as your Bobs wifes business for animals in quarantine! Would appreciate any information or advice!

    Thank you,


    • BobinOz July 4, 2013, 11:22 pm | Link

      Hi Cristina

      Here’s what we (and I mean my wife) know. NZ quarantine is 10 days, Oz is currently 30 days. There is no quarantine for dogs coming from NZ to Oz but the only thing we don’t know is about the 90 days rule you mentioned, we thought it only applied to resident dogs from NZ.

      If staying in NZ qualifies your dog to move from NZ to Oz without quarantine, then I think you’ve found a short cut.

      Good luck with your cunning plan, Bob

  • Lana June 21, 2013, 12:31 pm | Link

    Hi guys,
    We are planning to move to Melbourne from Toronto, Canada. We have two little dogs (pug cross and Boston terrier cross) and a cat (Maine Coon). We have read the step by step process and aware of costs and quarantine times. But we still have a question that we can’t find an answer to. How do the pets fly to Australia? We do not want to “ship them as freight”, because we heard about so many cases when pets arrive dead. Taking them on board seems impossible as well. Does anyone know a pet-travel company that would allow us to travel with our pets in the cabin? We would like to keep an eye on them ourselves. Right now the only option we have seems to be renting a private jet, even though it is way too expensive. Thank you for any information! And see you in Australia 😉

    • BobinOz June 21, 2013, 8:48 pm | Link

      “… so many cases when pets arrive dead”?

      Where are you getting that from Lana? Seriously, my wife runs the above-mentioned company (link in the post) called Dogwalks and she has known and seen literally thousands of dogs transported here as freight, not a single one has arrived dead.


      What you are right about though, is that the only option you do have is renting a private jet and that would be pretty expensive 🙂 No-one will let you take your two dogs and your cat in the cabin, I can assure you that.

      Really, you shouldn’t worry too much, you do have to bring your pets with you, you couldn’t live without them and they couldn’t live without you. Just send them out here the same way everyone else does, they will be fine 🙂



  • Henata May 24, 2013, 11:13 pm | Link

    Hey Bob,

    I´ve just found your page by chance and it´s really interesting.
    Most people who wrote about their dogs come from the UK, what about Brazilian dogs? Does it take longer than usual?
    I have a 17 yo Lhasa Apso, believe or not she´s quite well and healthy. No way I can leave my dog. I have done this about 10 years ago when I lived in Japan, but she was 5 years old.
    I intend to move to Australia before my relationship is over, but I have my beloved dog here. Do you think it´s worth letting her go through this?


    • BobinOz May 27, 2013, 8:20 pm | Link

      Hi Henata

      There is a link in the article above, if you click on it it will take you to the Australian government’s website and you’ll find a drop-down menu where you can select the country of export.

      It’s not good for Brazil, they are not a country that Australia can accept dogs directly from. If you read their page about it, you will find out more. Whether it is a good idea to bring your dog over at her age or not, well, I think that’s a question you should ask your vet.

      Good luck,


  • Mitchell March 11, 2013, 10:04 pm | Link

    Good Afternoon

    I am just wondering if you can help me , I have been following your links and blogs for some time waiting until we prepare our dog for his trip to Austalia from France . We are sending him before our departure ( Jan 2014 ) he will leave around Nov and spend his month sunny himself in Eastern Creek and then family will collect him . Can you advise us on any transport companies here in Europe/ France ? we would prefer a recomended company than just searching on the internet . My main concern is the Vet knowing how the French work if she forgets to do something and delay his departure they will not really care . Should we use the Transport companies Vet ?

    Regards Mitchell & Giraud ( thats my dogs name )

    • BobinOz March 13, 2013, 2:43 pm | Link

      Hi Mitchell

      My wife is the expert on this, she doesn’t have any transporters that specifically work in France, but if you go to this page…

      Scroll down to the Australian section, both of those companies work internationally and are recommended.

      Hope that helps, Bob

    • Mitchell March 13, 2013, 3:44 pm | Link

      Hi Bob

      Thank you for respoding I have already contacted some of the companies that are uk based unfortunatley they can not qoute for a departure from France and recommend using a French based company we have found one called Golden Ways Pet Transport that are based in Charles de Gaulle Airport and have been helpful so far . Also I have sent an email to you wife asking about the time of year to send Giraud ( I am concerned about the heat at Est Creek in Nov ) he will be leaving here aroun the first 2 weeks of Nov . I will also arrange for Doggy wlaks to care for him as well maybe the email from me has gone to her spam account .

      Regards Mitchell & Giraud

      • BobinOz March 15, 2013, 12:50 pm | Link

        Glad you have found someone Mitchell, I hope it all goes smoothly.

        I’ve just checked with the wife, you are right, your email did end up in her spam folder. She has found it now and will reply.



  • Karen February 15, 2013, 2:34 pm | Link

    Hi Annika,

    I am Karen, Bob’s wife and I run which walks and visits dogs in all 3 quarantine stations. I do empathise, Annika, I really do. We were so worried about bringing out our boy, Baggy, who had never even spent a day in kennels in his life. He was a month away from his 10th birthday when he became an Aussie. Bringing him seriously was the best decision and I do understand what you are feeling, quarantine does look a bit stark (compared to home) but the staff there are really lovely. We work on the Sydney Station every day seeing pups and pusses as well as dealing with the staff on a daily basis. They are busy but really do their best to make sure the whole process is as easy as possible on their furcharges. Have a look at some of the dogs we are seeing in quarantine at the moment: It usually takes a couple of days for dogs and cats to get over jet lag – just like us – but they soon settle down and accept their temporary new housing well. Not saying it is a wonderful experience for them, but if our Baggy is anything to go by and the feedback I get from other owners, it is definitely worthwhile.

    Hope that helps a little. Good luck and feel free to ask me any other questions,


  • Annika February 14, 2013, 3:51 am | Link

    Hi all

    We are thinking about taking our dogs back to Oz for the second time. The first time they were much younger and we spent 4 months on NZ which has no quarantine and this allowed us to enter Oz without quarantine. Now we have a child so this is no longer an option. I have seen pics of quarantine in Sydney and it truly looks vile, like a prison…please can people share their experiences, is it really as bad as it looks. My dogs will be almost 10 and I can’t bear the thought of them coming out with manic depression and crazy issues.. What are the staff like etc?..

    Thanks so much.


  • k February 9, 2013, 3:27 am | Link

    hi bob,

    i own a 6lbs chihuahua and would love to take him with me when we move there.
    is it exactly the same procedure as with the big dogs, or could i have him with me in the cabin?
    i have read that GB has drastically change the immigration process for animals – just last year in January 2012. don’t you think Australia might do the same soon?


    • pravdaseeker February 9, 2013, 8:21 am | Link

      Hello K,

      Having “just” gone through this process of bringing my two Yorkies to OZ, I can offer some solid info for you.

      1.) According to the current regulations, ALL dogs MUST arrive as air freight.
      You are not allowed to see your dog upon arrival, it is picked up by AQIS
      personnel and taken to the quarantine facility.

      2.) SIZE does not matter, nor do you get a discount because your puppy is such a wee pooch.

      3.) When we were there picking up my two traumatized Yorkies, two of the staff were having a conversation with another owner, who was there to get their puppy out of doggy prison, (quarantine). They “said” that Oz was looking into shortening the stay on dogs from certain countries, but as of yet; those changes have not been made.

      At the above link you can find the current regulations. You just need to select what country you are bringing your dog from, and hit enter, it will then bring up what you and your pooch must endure to be together Oz.

      When it comes to governments, and what they “might” do; your guess is as good as mine.

      The conversation with staff sorta went like this..

      The 30 days is excessive IF the dog is coming from a category 1 country with all the required vaccinations, and checks prior to arriving in OZ. They were looking at maybe shortening it to 2 weeks or so, or as soon as they knew no diseases were going to show their ugly heads, like RABIES, etc..

      Australia has NO RABIES on the continent, and intends to keep it that way.. good on em for that one.

      I do not know when you are moving, or where you are in the immigration process; but some things, (like microchipping) needs done WELL IN ADVANCE like a year or more, before you plan on shipping your pet to OZ.

      It is a pricey thing to do, I posted on costs earlier in this blog. ALL TOLL, for me including chipping, vet fees, air fares, the WHOLE ball of wax was $8500 USD for 2 pooches, divide that in half aprox for one dog.

      My dogs were a mental wreck when I got them out of there, but they are a bit high strung too. It took one month for them to become “themselves” again.

      Go to that link, get DEEP into it, and FIND A GOOD VET to work with you on meeting all the regulations criteria before shipping your dog.

      Unless you are familiar with the airport where you will be shipping your dogs from; I HIGHLY recommend getting a pet handling company to take care of the final vet checks and sealing of the shipping crate prior to the dogs flight to OZ.

      Unless you will be living within daily driving distances from your pet, I also highly recommend hiring DOGWALKS to visit, groom, and exercise your dog during its minimum 30 days in doggy prison.

      MY dogs went downhill AFTER the AQIS facility went into LOCKDOWN for the Christmas holidays, and even DOGWALKS wasn’t allowed to visit them! They were great until holiday lockdown..and did not re open until like the 5th or 6th of January..when we retrieved them from the AQIS facility, (Sydney), and took them home.

      Good luck, all said, it was worth it for me. And now that they are with me, all is well.

      Good luck, it IS an adventure.


      • BobinOz February 11, 2013, 4:19 pm | Link

        Great answer Pravdaseeker, I couldn’t have done better myself 🙂

      • k February 12, 2013, 12:54 am | Link

        dear “pravdaseeker”,

        thank you so very much for your time and love to animals, writing this very detailed answer!!!
        we will hopefully move to australia with in the next 2 years. melbourne or perth are.
        do you know anyone with experience there?
        from what you were writing, i understand that one can visit ones dogs in the quarantine facilities during their stay there. is that right? that would make it a bit easier for my little phelix knopph!

        thank u again and the most happy time in australia! i love the continent, the people are great and i love the sound of the birds there!

        big hug

        • pravdaseeker February 12, 2013, 8:01 am | Link

          Hello K,

          Ah, ok, so you have time to PREPARE for the adventure if moving to the great southern land in 2 yrs is your goal.

          I moved to the Brisbane area, which does NOT have a AQIS Quarantine facility. (In my opinion, it desperately needs one though.)

          The nearest AQIS facility for my wife and I was in Sydney. TOO FAR.. 10 hour drive one way! That is why we hired DOGWALKS to visit our 2 dogs.

          If you are moving to Melbourne or Perth, then you should be able to visit your little pooch. You just have to jump through all the hoops, and schedule visits with the AQIS facility staff. The SECRET is following their rules to the letter.

          The AQIS facility in Sydney is a BIG place! I would imagine that the facilities in Melbourne and Perth are just as big. Little dogs can sometimes get stressed being so close to other BIG dogs barking, etc..If you can’t make the visits as often as you would like to, DOGWALKS can fill in the blanks for you too.

          No K, I am not familiar, or know anyone with experience in Melbourne or Perth, DOGWALKS has staff to visit pets at all 3 AQIS facilities, if need be or desired.

          Once your pet arrives in OZ at the airport, AQIS staff pick your pet up; and off to doggy prison they go. You can’t visit or see your pet until a day or 2 after their arrival. And that has to be scheduled with the AQIS staff.

          I have been living in Australia for only 2 months so far, so my list of friends I can count on one hand with a couple fingers left over! Ha!

          I checked out your pictures by the way too… cute little brown bugger. Funny how they can steal your heart eh? Yes, I LOVE animals. And Australia has such a blessing with its unique fauna. The birds here are my “soft spot”. Coming from a place where birds were RARELY even seen, I am in awe of our feathered friends here in OZ.

          Yes K, the people are great here where I live. Australia is unique in so many ways. It is the best thing I ever did! I have NO REGRETS for moving here! I LOVE IT!


          • k February 12, 2013, 9:28 am | Link

            HI PRAVDASEEKER,


            • pravdaseeker February 15, 2013, 2:47 pm | Link

              Hi K,

              It WAS Arizona, and a very small town in what was called “high desert”. 5800 feet elevation. The birds were: Ravens, English Sparrows, and Starlings. 2 of which are introduced species.

              My wife and I hope to do the Oz tour ourselves someday as well.

              Good luck on getting here.


              • k March 15, 2013, 2:53 am | Link

                hello pravdaseeker,

                we just came back from new york last night. 😉 fascinating to see but for sure not a place where i would like to live, although many people think “that’s the place to be;)” … i think new york is totally overestimated.
                i believe home is the place where oneself finds the most of the own sole in other people, with whom one can share ones life – laugh together, share good food and wine, ideas, etc. [friends;)], … and in the environment. i am sure that a lot of people don’t miss colourful birds and their singing at all. so they never would go and look for them… 😉 right?
                love and hugs to your wife and you!

  • louise gibbons September 4, 2012, 7:08 pm | Link

    Thanks I will do. If I have any further questions I will post after that. 🙂

  • louise gibbons September 4, 2012, 3:49 pm | Link

    Hi there. I’m just here in oz (Perth) for 2 months. I’ve done thesame as the last couple and have left my dog back in Scotland. Until I can afford to bring her over. The problem I have is I don’t know where to start. I know I might be being dense but I can’t help it. I have looked at wedsites for UK and oz governments with myself going round and round. I have got some quotes from companies to fly her out. What should I be doing first? Do I pay the company first then see what they will do for me or do I start to get all the vets visits done first and what order do I do them in? Sorry if this is to much but really want my Rosie here. Thanks for your help.

    • BobinOz September 4, 2012, 6:43 pm | Link

      I wouldn’t know where to start either, my wife did it all. Fortunately though, she has a page on her website that helps, take a look at Exporting Your Pet to Australia.

  • keith monks September 2, 2012, 8:35 pm | Link

    Hello Bob. Firstly I’d like to thank you for providing such a helpfull website, it is very informative and offers some great advice. Me and my Girlfriend have just moved to Perth from the UK and left our dog Rudy back home with the view of moving him over in the future. Rudy is a 10 month old Jack Russel/Patterdale Terrier cross and we are worried about how the whole experience is going to effect him as it must be very traumatic for them getting over here. Do you have any advice for us please as to whether it has any harmfull effects on the dogs behaviour or even health, as at the moment we are torn between leaving him there and bringing him over. Thank you for your time.
    Keith Monks

    • BobinOz September 3, 2012, 5:06 pm | Link

      Thousands of people bring their dogs over, we did as you know. Australia has millions of dogs, I see no reason why your dog wouldn’t be happy here. There are health risks, check with your local vet to see what they are in your area. But there are health risks in any country, so that should not put you off.

      I say bring him over!

      • keith monks September 5, 2012, 5:05 pm | Link

        Hi Bob. I am happy the dog will be ok in Australia and have a great time. My enquiry was more aimed at how the dogs handle the journey over as it is a long time to be in a box and there is no way of sedating them at all due to problems breathing. We have read stories about people who’s dogs were affected by the journey and were wondering whether anyone out there can give us a bit of peace of mind on the issue. Any answers are more than welcome.
        Keith Monks

        • BobinOz September 7, 2012, 5:21 pm | Link

          Hi Keith

          By and large, dogs handle the journey pretty well, most just snooze through it. Mrs BobinOz has a lot of experience with arriving dogs because of her Dogwalks company, she hasn’t heard of any dogs being badly affected. Some may well handle the situation better than others, but she hasn’t heard of dogs coming to any harm.

          The flight is probably worse for some humans.



  • cheddah August 19, 2012, 9:42 pm | Link


    I am looking at moving to Darwin for work with my cat and dog. My worry is finding rental accommodation that will accept pets, especially as I’ve heard rental accommodation is hard to find in Darwin anyway. Can you share any info or give any advice? If necessary, I’d live in a trailer/winnybaygo type thing (assuming there is somewhere to put it).

    Thanks, your website is fab!

    • Pravdaseeker August 20, 2012, 10:48 am | Link

      Dear Cheddah,

      Try this website:

      Then do a search on the Darwin area..for rentals..

      We been using it to locate a place for my wife and I in Brisbane area..
      We found one that is pet friendly for us, oh and if the ad does NOT clarify, then ask the real estate broker about it..we found a few that WERE pet friendly, but there was no mention one way or the other.

      My wife has to APPLY for the rental and hopefully she will be chosen.

      IN Brisbane area, they advertise, usually with a SHOWING DATE… you gotta register for the showing, and if TEN people registered, then TEN PEOPLE will show up at the showing, and ONLY ONE gets to rent it, others must begin another home search, so it is a good idea to have a second or third choice… just in case.

      The showings in the Brisbane area are usually a 15 minute window, so dont be late either…lol. EVERYBODY roams the rental for 15 minutes, and you fill out an application form, and hand to the real estate person showing the property.

      GOOD LUCK, not sure if it works that way up Darwin way… but my wife thinks it does, same as Brisbane area.


      • BobinOz August 21, 2012, 12:45 am | Link

        Pravdaseeker is correct, there are some rentals available that will accept pets, you are just limiting your choices, that’s all. Even if they don’t mention accepting pets, it’s always worth asking.

        Have a little search around using the link provided above, see what turns up. Cheers!

  • brishna August 14, 2012, 11:59 pm | Link

    thankyou so much ….
    and thanks for all the help !

  • brishna August 14, 2012, 12:35 am | Link

    oh okey , so as soon as he gets there i should get it done from quarantine so after 6 months once again …. so , australian system is sure he was in uk for 6 months ….
    i’m working on his exporting doc’s from pakistan to send him to uk ,,,,

  • brishna August 11, 2012, 2:53 am | Link

    hey , okey i got it ,
    im sending my dogy to UK very soon then ….
    from there i wil import him to australia …
    but i have one question ….
    how is it going to be proved that dog was in uk for 6 months ?….

    • BobinOz August 13, 2012, 12:31 am | Link

      Official and signed quarantine documents I suspect.

  • brishna August 10, 2012, 6:43 am | Link

    thanks for the help in details …
    well yeah i went though the whole page you showed above …
    but the issue is i cant send my Puma to japan for 6 months i don’t know anyone there….
    i might send him to UK for 6 months as i have very close one there that i can rely on .
    but i want to try if there is any way out that i take him directly to australia and there keep him in quarantine for 6 months rather than 1 month , is it possible , if we request them or something ?
    cause sending him to uk for 6 months will be like i am going to be away from him for 6 months in a row … and if i can get him in quarantine of australia for 6 months that way i will be able to go and see him ….

    • BobinOz August 10, 2012, 10:31 pm | Link

      brishna, people are trying to help you here, my wife sent you a very detailed response and so has Pravdaseeker here. Did you click on the link about Pakistani? Did you read the first line? It says…

      “Pakistan is not an AQIS approved country. This means you can not import a cat or dog to Australia directly from Pakistan.”

      Pravdaseeker himself quoted you the line in his comment. Yet you still ask “is any way out that i take him directly to australia”.

      It’s very frustrating, there is no back door, these are the rules.

  • brishna August 9, 2012, 8:35 am | Link

    i really need ur help
    i have been through all the details im ready to pay anything ….
    i want to take my dog Puma with me to Australia as im moving there for my higher education i cant leave him here no way…
    thing is im from pakistan and it says i cant bring him directly to australia …
    but isnt it possible in australia they keep him even for 6 months but i wont have to send him to another country and then get him to australia ?
    plz help

    • BobinOz August 9, 2012, 2:23 pm | Link

      You sent the same email question to my wife at dogwalks, she has sent you an answer.

      • brishna August 10, 2012, 12:43 am | Link

        hey thanks to you and your wife …
        but i still didn’t really find a way out , i am very upset regarding this situation , i don’t know whome to ask for help .
        as you people are already in australia , cant you guys help me ?… by speaking to someone there who has things in hands regarding imports of dogs …
        they can keep my Puma with them for as long as they want untill they’re satisfied with his health issues ?…

        • Pravdaseeker August 10, 2012, 4:59 am | Link

          Dear Brishna,

          Man, my heart goes out to you, this is from Daff about dogs and cats from Pakistan…

          “Pakistan is not an AQIS approved country. This means you can not import a cat or dog to Australia directly from Pakistan.

          The importation of cats and dogs from an AQIS non approved country can only occur indirectly via an AQIS approved country.”

          6 months of OZ AQIS quarantine will run you right at…$7500.00 And you would need some human contact with the dog especially since you were talking 6 months.

          I heard of a person getting a hairless Chinese dog to OZ from a non AQIS approved country..and HE had to fly his dog to JAPAN first. Once it cleared the Japanese quarantine, his dog was then allowed into OZ because Japan is a AQIS approved country.. I was told that by the lady at the vets office this morning. We were discussing my dogs and their rabies certificate..

          She has been WAITING for over 2 weeks for an answer to her email to the AQIS Oz folks…lovely.

          So I think you need to find a AQIS approved country..that accepts dogs from Pakistan… run your doggy through their quarantine, then ship it to Oz for a 30 day quarantine…which will run right at $1250.00 for one dog.

          Read the info at the link above…I wish you good luck and success..although I hate to tell you it will a logistical nightmare for you…most help/info from the link and a export vet in your country maybe??

          Regardless, you will need to get your dog chipped, and most likely get all its OZ tests done before sending it to a AQIS approved country..Its going to be a real challenge for you I am afraid, but I do hope you are successful, but you might need to be “wealthy” as well…it wont be cheap to accomplish..


          •The cat/dog is currently living in Thailand
          •Thailand is not an AQIS approved country.
          •Singapore is an AQIS approved country.
          •You will then need to contact the quarantine service in Singapore to determine whether they allow cats/dogs to be imported into Singapore from Thailand.
          •If the animal can be imported into Singapore, 6 months after arriving in Singapore the cat/dog may be imported into Australia. This is provided the animal meets all of the AQIS import conditions for cats/dogs from Singapore.


  • gigi July 31, 2012, 1:16 am | Link

    Hello Bob,

    Great website! I’m originally a Brisbanite and after six years living in the UK my british husband is about to return the favour and we’ll be moving out later this year – It’s great to have such useful and honest info to calm his nerves and get him excited! 🙂

    We’re taking our two labs with us and have started their export process, and they’ll be due out later this year. You mentioned that your Baggy coped with the warmth pretty well, but I was wondering if you had any advice or could point me toward info on settling dogs in a new country. I’m wondering whether we’ll need to teach them to stay away from cane toads… somehow… I know dogs are pretty resilient but any opinions would be appreciated!


    • Pravdaseeker July 31, 2012, 11:15 am | Link

      Hi Gigi,

      I was wondering the SAME thing! My 2 dogs recently had a go at a big fat SKUNK, and even though they got sprayed real good. It just made them MAD! The bigger Yorkie I have went back for seconds! And he got it straight down the throat, in the mouth! LORD what a horrid mess! LMAO!

      I am worried about them doing the SAME thing in OZ to a cane toad, and/or a dang snake! Me and snakes do NOT get dogs kinda are knotheads, well TERRIERS, and we all know what terriers were bred for.. so I guess it is natural for them to go after critters.

      My wife and I plan on renting a place built up on the poles, the raised Queenslander style, and keep the meatheads on the elevated veranda. We are thinking that should eliminate most snake encounters..(

      And a good fenced yard, given a good look over before letting them run around.

      If out anywhere in a bush type setting, we will have them on a if we come across a snake we can keep them at bay, and they won’t get bit!

      Darn few walks you are allowed to take pets on, you gotta check the rules for various parks, trails, etc.. the ones that do allow pets ALL have required they be on leashes, which does make sense..

      My pooches are not so big… 12 pounds and 20 pounds.. chewing on a cane toad for them could be their last adventure..I understand your concerns, and hope Bob can give a GREAT TIP or two!!!??? What say you Bob?


      • BobinOz July 31, 2012, 2:15 pm | Link

        You are both quite right to be a little concerned, there are quite a few new dangers you have to deal with here in Australia. Heartworm tablets should be given, and you will need to protect your pets and try and keep them away from cane toads and snakes. Probably the biggest danger to dogs (and cats) would be ticks.

        But much of this depends where in Australia you move to, I’d suggest registering your pets on arrival, which you do have to do, and going to see a local vet to find out exactly what all the local problems are. Also, check out the RSPCA online for the state you are going to move to, you’ll find plenty of safety tips there.

        As for Baggy, he wasn’t the sort of dog to attack anything, and nothing attacked him.

  • Pravdaseeker July 24, 2012, 4:52 am | Link

    Bob, and all:

    Thought I might add what I am currently dealing with from the USA to OZ for 2 DOGS, yorkies…to move there with me..

    I am finding it a bit of a logistical nightmare, am having vets office assist in trip prep for them.

    It is a tossup, you break the bank in getting them there, or you break your heart leaving them behind. Had my heart broke enough in this lifetime, its ONLY SO OFF WE ALL GO TO OZ..

    Costs are for 2 dogs..divide for ONE dogs cost. Costs may vary, this is just what I am paying, depends on your vet and their fees, etc..

    1.) Dogs microchipped (mandantory), rabies shots, distemper, Parvo: $259.00

    2.) 30 days later.. BLOOD DRAWN and sent for RABIES-FAVN test to make sure Rabies shot “took”…and certificate of negative RTNN testing..VET keeps this here til time to ship animals..$368.00

    3.) Australian Import Permits… $180.00

    4.) 30 days quarantine fee for 2 dogs… $2500.00

    5.) ONE way plane tickets for dogs.. $1800.00, Albequerque, NM to Sydney, OZ
    Watch out for ground temperature conditions, needs 85F or less on all stops!!!

    6.) Fees for dog sitter to visit dogs while in doggy prison (GOOD IDEA FOLKS!)
    Aproximately $570.00.. 4 visits per week..walks, pic on internet of how they are doing, etc..have not done final invoice with dog sitters yet, but that will be pretty close price.

    7.) TWO shipping crates that meet required specs= NOT BOUGHT YET..$200.00??.

    8.) Another string of blood work withing 30 days of shipping to test for several other diseases, Brucillosis, and three other diseases that just hardly even exist in the USA= UNKNOWN at this point, but I figure at least $400.00 for my two guys. These require “titration testing”, which is pricey..

    We are pushing the $6000.00 mark already…and I havent decided whether to hire a pet transport company, or just fly down there, rent a car, and bring them home to Brisbane yet.. either way theres another wad of

    This is for 2 dogs, so figure $3000.00 per critter at least.. to go to Oz with you.

    Hope this helps.. my logistical nightmare is still ongoing..I hope to send my dogs to Oz in early December…and I will follow a day or two later..


    • BobinOz July 24, 2012, 7:23 pm | Link

      Ah, this is bringing it all back to me. Welcome to my world!

      It was five years ago that we were going through the very process you are going through now, we had the same decision that you have put so brilliantly; break the bank bringing your dog or break your heart leaving him behind.

      As you say, it’s only money, but it is a lot of money as well, isn’t it?

      I have now added an update to the above post. I’ve mentioned your financial breakdown so others can look for it and I didn’t realise I’d left off the link to my original post talking about the cost of bringing our dog to Australia. Considering it was some time ago, I think we got slugged even higher than you did, around £3000 for just one dog!

      But, worth every penny, you’d hate yourself if you left them behind.

      Anyway, back then, 3000 of our quaint little British pounds was worth $6000 USA. FOR ONE DOG!!

      See, there’s always someone, somewhere, worse off than yourself 🙂

      Anyway, Karen did mention you have emailed her about booking with dogwalks, she and her team will certainly give your dogs plenty of walks and cuddles and she can also recommend a good good pet transportation company to get them up here to Brisbane.

      Not sure about that 85°F maximum temperature though, never heard of that one. You’ll struggle to find temperatures that low here in Brisbane in December, I can tell you.

      Good luck and thank you for posting this breakdown for us, always helpful for others who need to do the same.



      • Pravdaseeker July 25, 2012, 6:59 am | Link

        Hello Bob:

        Yeah that 85F degree thing is about shipping them from the USA, and the carrier I will need to use.. American Airlines.

        I’ll be ok that time of the year for the northern hemisphere temps..

        And yep, Sydney will be warm in December; but that is their destination, and AQIS folks will be there to pick them up, so I am told.


        • BobinOz July 26, 2012, 12:11 am | Link

          Strange rule, but glad it doesn’t apply here in Australia. Dogs would never be able to land in the summer!

  • shelly July 7, 2012, 11:04 am | Link

    Hi Bob,

    I think your website is fantastic, very helpful and upfront. I have a question. I live in Adelaide and two months ago I found a stray cat and took him in. I had intended to find a home for him but now he has become part of myself and my Fiancé’s home and we don’t really want to part with him. How ever we are not Australian and we are going home in the next six to eight months. we would like to take Monty(mister puss) with us but I am unsure about cost, stress on Monty and quarantine, it just seems so complicated. He is an indoor cat and is up to date with shots and vacs but the vet hasn’t being very helpful when I asked him about bringing Monty home. I have read the link you provide about pets leaving Oz and I understands about the microchips and shots and vacs but nothing about anywhere close in Adelaide, can I bring him to Adelaide airport and so on……I was unaware of the very strict restriction on pet travel until I started researching it about a month ago. we shall be travelling to Ireland and would love to take Monty with us. but how ever I am a realist, we are on a budget and I cant go above a certain amount. I feel very harsh and cruel saying that but I cant afford an unreal quote. our tickets and travel will be very expensive also.

    I do hope that you can help on this.

    Thanks again.


    • BobinOz July 9, 2012, 4:28 pm | Link

      Hi Shelley

      First off, have you checked to see if the cat has already been micro-chipped? A quick scan could locate the cats owners and when you find out how much it might cost you to take Monty to Ireland, I think you might decide it’s better to return him to his original home if you can.

      I’ve never exported a cat, but I can’t imagine you will get the job done for anything less than $4000, at a guess. It wouldn’t be to cruel to leave him behind, cats aren’t like dogs, they don’t have the same kind of loyalty. Give a cat a glass of milk and a soft cushion and he would be happy to call your place his home.

      Good luck!

  • Shami June 21, 2012, 10:24 pm | Link

    I would like to know can i bring my pet rabbits to sydney?

  • Lara Grant May 13, 2012, 11:53 pm | Link

    Hi my husband has recently been offered a job in Perth & I am just looking into whether we would be able to bring our dogs with us, we have 6! (I am a dog groomer/microchip implanter). 3 are chihuahuas, we have an elderly border collie & 2 husky crosses who were originally from a rescue situation. My concerns are obviously to do with our big dogs as the collie is 11now and obviously our huskys dont do well in heat. I’m facing a heartbreaking decision of whether it would be better to rehome them as I am not sure if it would be cruel to move them such a distance or to somewhere so hot. Any advice please? Are there any huskys in Perth?! Thanks, Lara

    • BobinOz May 14, 2012, 9:06 pm | Link

      Hi Lara

      We also had similar concerns for our chocolate lab Baggy, who was 10 years old when we brought him out here and struggled in the UK heat, not that we had much of it. But he was fine when he got here, in fact he enjoyed lazing around in the sun. He adapted very well.

      We also know some people not far from us here in Brisbane who own a couple of huskies, they are fine in this heat. The Brisbane climate is not much different from that of Perth.

      Also, my wife runs a company called dogwalks, and she tells me that all kinds of breeds come into Australia, they all seem to adapt very well to the heat. So that won’t be a problem, paying for them all to get here is probably your biggest worry 🙂

      • Pravdaseeker June 4, 2012, 12:59 am | Link

        Hello Bob,

        I am deeply enjoying your website, and hints, tips etc that you and some bloggers here have offered up. Thanks for the great effort.

        The dog walks site was a wonderful suggestion…! I am bringing two yorkshire terriers with me.. and the quarantine cost that you mention being a concern is not an understatement..

        Roughly $2500 to kennel them at the Eastern Creek site for a month..and this service is so much better than my wife and I were going to be able to do. We were only going to see them a while after they arrived for one day, and have to get to Brisbane and set up house, etc.. prepare the place for dogs getting out of prison.

        And then hire a pet transport service to bring them to Brisbane for us.. 30 days, no contact by us due to distances.

        This service offered for pets is just what we needed to find! I will send the dogs over a day or two before I leave.. and I will just fly straight to Brisbane. My wife was going to come to Sydney and meet me, then we rent a car and drive home.

        By bypassing all of THOSE expenses, it just about pays for the services offered for the pets..for us.

        I am making an initial enquiry with your wifes business today..

        The dogs will have the needed attention and keep them from going bonkers, and depressed. Walks and visits.. exercise yard.. perfect!


        • BobinOz June 4, 2012, 5:59 pm | Link

          Yes, man’s best friend becomes man’s biggest expense when moving to Australia, that’s for sure. But leaving them behind just isn’t an option, is it?

          Have a word with my wife when you book up, she can advise on the best pet transport service to bring your dogs to Brisbane for you. Glad you are enjoying my website and I hope the move goes smoothly for you all.



  • Jan March 27, 2012, 2:37 am | Link

    Hey Bob,

    I’m an animal behaviourist and trainer. I was wondering if there are pet trainers and behaviourists in Oz? In UK dog training is a big deal, is it so in Oz?

    Did Baggy cope with the heat in Oz? My lab struggles in UK summer! May have to rehome if we decided to emmigrate.


    • BobinOz March 30, 2012, 12:41 pm | Link

      Hi Jan

      Well, pets are big business in Australia, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t do well as a pet trainer here, although I do see more people advertising pet grooming and pet care than I do pet training.

      Baggy was the same, we were concerned that he wouldn’t cope with the heat. But when he got here, he actually coped very well.

  • john ennis March 23, 2012, 6:55 pm | Link

    thanks guys vey helpful.

  • Lal Nissanga March 23, 2012, 5:51 pm | Link

    I also think Perth is the place for people with construction skills. There is lot of construction work going there as the state has the resouces from mining.

  • john ennis March 22, 2012, 8:07 pm | Link

    hey bob, my name is johny and im from dublin. me and my girl friend lynda have been following your blog (which is fantastic by the way bro) and we were wondering about the opportunities available for an irish builder with ten years experience in brisbane? i have a brother in melbourne and he says id be mad to go anywhere but melbourne but i have a dream in my head of year round sunshine. (hopeful i know haha). We are set to fly over in september of this year initially on a working holiday visa to check the place out with a hope of maybe being sponsored for a second year if i can source some decent work as my brother has done before me he is now there roughly three and a half years and says he is never leaving. I know melbourne is booming at the moment but im sure its not the only place and brisbane sounds like my kind of place. I am 29 and lynda is 27 and we would be looking to rent a unit or house close enough to a beach but not out in the sticks could you suggest any areas in brisbane that wouldnt be too expensive but still fits our criteria? Bob you are a saint and a scholar and if you could help me out with sum of the questions i have asked i will be forever in your debt. thankyou very much, yours sincerely,
    john ennis.

    • BobinOz March 23, 2012, 3:12 pm | Link

      Hi John

      I don’t know enough about the building industry to know whether you would easily find work here in Brisbane, but I do know that this city isn’t exactly booming at the moment and there aren’t a lot of new buildings going up at the moment. Not sure what it’s like down Melbourne, but most people tell me that Perth is the city that booming right now.

      The other thing you need to know is that Brisbane isn’t really on the beach. Have a look at my page about Brisbane for more information.

      Good luck John!

    • kris November 18, 2012, 1:02 pm | Link


      if u want to live in the sun, move to perth, fremantle!
      it is just wonderful there, lots of great beaches, and lovely people!

      hugs from ca

    • Robby April 11, 2014, 4:39 am | Link

      Hey John,
      Not sure if you are still in Ireland or in Australia yet, but I’d say that coming to Australia, especially for the weather is a great thing. I’ve lived in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. I don’t like the weather in Melbourne at all – annoying, chops and changes and quite frankly can be a bit of a duff place. Sydney has much better weather but it’s much more expensive than Melbourne. I prefer to live in Sydney any day! Brisbane is awesome as well, but humid as heck in summer. I’d live in Brisbane any day over Melbourne. Canberra has great weather – very seasonal, defined – so very cold winters, hot summers etc. Many people in Canberra have a house down the beach (Batemans Bay – beautiful place) about an hour fifteen drive, nothing really, nice drive through cute towns. Canberra has lots of building work going – they are finding it difficult to find tradies and import them from interstate and Europe. It’s expensive, but for work it’s great and pay great. Problem with Canberra is the pathetic politicians, academics and public servants. Otherwise, still prefer it to Melbourne.
      Best place though is Newcastle – about an hour and a half North of Sydney. Beach town, not too big, not too small. Don’t worry about finding work in Australia. If you can build you’ll have work.

  • Chris November 29, 2011, 8:04 pm | Link

    Cookie (our dog) will be quarantined in Sydney, is it possible she can be sent to Brisbane. We were told she had to go to Sydney and stay there for 30 days.

    • BobinOz November 30, 2011, 8:02 pm | Link

      Yes, Sydney is the closest quarantine station to Brisbane. I would recommend for onward transport, contact Melanie Byers, she will look after you.

  • Lal Nissanga November 25, 2011, 8:00 pm | Link

    Dear Sir or Madam, my son has dog, golden retriever in Sri Lanka. He is planning to move to Sydney, and I hear dog needs to be quarantined for one month in Singapore. Any idea how much will cost for the whole process?

    • BobinOz November 28, 2011, 10:01 pm | Link

      I have no idea what quarantine will cost in Singapore, but the dog will also need to spend a further month in quarantine in Sydney after that. I do know that will cost about $30 a day. Hope that helps.

  • christian September 6, 2011, 1:46 pm | Link

    Dear Annon,
    Thank you very much for the words of wisdom, unfortunately time is pressing and we have little choice now to shop around. however we have found a very good and honest company in the new forest (pet air uk) who, to be honest, have been pretty upfront and straight with us. Its a pain in the bum but as i said before, if you love the dog its gotta come and pet air have been very reasonable and honest ! they deducted almost £1000 from our agreed contract after we went with the dog and sorted out his measurements, we have been given a quote of £2805, expensive i know but not as near as expensive as the other 99% of companies in the uk, my dog will fly with BA or Quantas…….does that really mean anything……….china or plastic, you decide lol x

  • anonymous September 6, 2011, 1:00 pm | Link

    I am an Aussie that worked for a pets freight forwarder as a dog washer 😉 in the UK for several years. It costs so much because UK freight forwarders primarily use one airline as the benchmark for quoting. Why? Because they operate in an environment that adds mark-ups using percentages. Therefore there is less money in it for them using the cheapest airline. The true cost of an invoice consist of: airline rate per kg; various unavoidable taxes and ancillary charges; and the forwarders mark-up. How much the primary airline charge? It is somewhere near the old (but different to) IATA rates per kg (note: IATA rates are now illegal in Oz). Who is robbing you blind, the airline or freight forwarder? I’d suggest both. The primary airline is perceived as offering the best service. In reality, the freight forwarder does the legwork to the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (for example), then onto the airline’s warehouse (most likely outsourced and shard by other airlines), then on to the aircraft for transport in the tail. Similar story in Oz but with roughly a months delay. The service doesn’t vary between the biggest airlines, they don’t do much but they get a lions share of your money. I knew a small pets freight forwarder who spent 3 months skiing in the Alps every year (think of that what you may!). My advice is to get 4 quotes (4 airlines) from 2 different freight forwarders that includes breakdowns of ancillary taxes and charges (they wont tell you what the airline charges nor what their mark-up is). If they resist this type of quote state something like “I only use these airlines” or “religious reasons”. It may take a long of time but the cost saving could result in you being able to afford air conditioning in your new Oz home! Finally, if the destination port is on the East Coast you may find that the quotes different between MEL, SYD and BNE (airlines charge different rates) – ask the authorities if it is okay if you can use another city than the one you live, then go with the cheapest city and do an overnight drive for the pick-up of your lovely furry family member. With so many Poms leaving England for Oz the freight forwarders and airlines see this business as a cash cow. Enough said.

  • christian August 6, 2011, 6:51 am | Link

    Hi Bob,
    Quick one for you, how much did it cost to bring poor old Baggy out to oz (rip), we have just had a quote of £3750 excluding quarantine ??? surely they having a laugh, our whole flight tickets for 5 of us doesn’t amass to that ! what company did you use or can possibly recommend. Or is it a simple case of shut up and let the moths out of the wallet. good grief lol.

    • BobinOz August 8, 2011, 2:46 pm | Link

      Yes, sounds about right. We paid over £3000, I’m afraid the love of your dog needs to be as deep as your pockets can possibly go. Check out my post about bringing your dog to Australia for the full story.

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