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It’s a strange and scary title, I’ll explain it all in a bit. Before I do though, I want to say that this post isn’t for everybody, it’s probably really only of interest to very small minority of people. But this website is about ‘What it’s really like to live in Australia‘ and when something [...]


I have been to the outback, but only for a holiday. I flew out to Alice Springs, spent a few days there, and then drove the 400 or so kilometres to Uluru before flying back from there direct into Brisbane. It was great fun and we saw some awesome sights… … but within seven days [...]


About a year ago I wrote a post called Backpacking in Australia: A Simple Guide and at the same time gave a big mention for the Working Holiday Visa (WHV). In this post I am going to talk a lot more about the WHV and at the end of this article, I’ll introduce you to [...]


What is backpacking? Well, I’m only taking a really wild guess here, but I assume backpacking gets its name from the notion that you carry everything you need to survive your lengthy tour, in a bag, on your back. A backpack. Backpacking in Australia is hugely popular, probably because the weather is fantastic, the beaches [...]