Weekend Break


This is another one of my “I’m not here” posts. When this post goes live online automatically, thanks to the wonders of WordPress scheduling, I’ll be two hours away. This morning I packed all of the essentials into the car. Tinnies, wine, sunglasses, shorts, mp3 player, headphones and thongs. Thongs may or may not be [...]


In Monday’s post I presented you with a few pictures from Moreton Island, and said that today I would tell you whether or not we had a good time. Er, yes! The weather was pure scorchio, I don’t think any of us saw a thermometer all weekend, but we all suspected it was at least [...]

Last Monday I wrote a post about the crime rate in Australia, comparing it with the UK’s. What I prefer to write about on Mondays, are all the exciting things I did over the weekend. The problem with last weekend was that I had done nothing exciting whatsoever. As I said in the article, “No [...]

North Stradbroke Island: Day 3 I have often thought of myself as possibly the least observant person in the world. I never had the urge to take up train spotting, but if I had, I imagine I may have gone down as one of the only spotters to not notice a train go by. Which [...]


As I mentioned on Friday, we wanted to do something “special” to celebrate our two year anniversary living in Australia. We decided to go camping at my wife’s favourite place, Mooloolaba. Now, this was only our second camping trip but I really think I could get quite into this. Like the last time, we gave [...]

the sea

…..Nearly Yesterday we celebrated two years since we left England. Tomorrow we will celebrate two years of living in Australia. Today, we are on our way to the destination of our second celebration. We decided it would be nice to mark the anniversary by doing something special. But we thought it would be a little [...]

I am not here. I am in Maroochydore. thumbnail

A bit of a short post today on account of the fact that I am not here. I am in Maroochydore. So I wrote this post yesterday and set it to be published today at 6 pm my time, so that the rest of the world will have it first thing in the morning. But [...]