Last Wednesday I released my sixth full-year video in my post called Moving to Australia for the Kids: Our Sixth Full Year in Australia. For the two Wednesdays before that though, I’ve been trying to catch up with my reprints of articles that have appeared in Australia and New Zealand magazine as I’ve really fallen [...]


Weeds. Three months or so ago, the front of my house was part jungle, part driveway. I liked the driveway bit as it was, but I was keen to get rid of the jungle part. It was a long story, one I told in my post called Gardening in Australia: A Tale of Two Gardeners. [...]


So Easter has come and gone. Here, in Brisbane, the weather was absolutely fantastic for the whole four days. 28°C to 30°C, sunny, clear blue skies and not a hint of rain. As I mentioned in my post called Easter Fun Australian Style, we had plenty of good stuff lined up to do, yet today [...]


Actually, there are two problems. Here is the first. It rains, and then it’s sunny. It rains and then it’s sunny again. And then it rains again, then it’s sunny again. This weather pattern kind of repeats itself around these parts quite regularly. When it rains, it rains hard. When it’s sunny, it’s really hot [...]


Sun, sea, sand, glorious clear blue skies, beaches, barbecues, beers, beautiful weather, swimming pools, fun, it’s what Australia is all about! But not this weekend. Without wanting to sound like a whingeing Pom, I am about to sound like a whingeing Pom. Living in a subtropical climate has many benefits, a few of which I [...]


I think I mentioned before that I am not a gardener. But unfortunately, I am having to get the hang of it. My experience with gardening is very limited, but the little I did do was in a cold, wet and predominantly cloudy climate, called England. There, I suspect every single seed had to draw [...]