Winter Sky

I have mentioned that before haven’t I? Not that I really need to, because of all of the interesting facts about Australia, I’d imagine there are three that just about everybody knows. It’s big. It’s hot. It’s got beautiful beaches. In today’s post, I am going to tear apart all of those preconceived notions and [...]

meter maids

I made a post about the parking space trick a short while ago in which I mentioned the Meter Maids of Surfers Paradise.  I didn’t have a photo of any of them at the time, but I did promise you I would get one.  Well, today we went to Surfers Paradise to chill out.  And, [...]


I recently mentioned the Australians’ penchant for shortening words and ending them with “o”. You probably think this is laziness and slang. Here are some more examples in a short story. Perhaps you and a relo (relative) decide to go to the bottle-o (liquor shop, off license). But when you get there you realise you [...]