Weather Forecast


I know I’ve been whingeing about the weather a lot lately, but we have had loads of rain. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Here’s a quote from the Courier Mail from a few days ago. “Brisbane recorded its wettest December in more than 150 years with 471.8mm dumped until 5pm yesterday, beating the [...]


Yes, after a long hard term doing all that learning stuff, it’s the school holidays here in Australia. At last, time for their well-deserved rest, or… Time to have some fun! Let’s see, what could we do? Well there are several theme parks down at the Gold Coast, just one and a bit hour’s drive. [...]

“It” has only been mentioned three times in the entire archives of BobinOz. Sami mentioned “it” in her guest post; on that occasion “it” surfaced over at Mooloolaba Beach, but of course I didn’t see it. “It” also gets mentioned twice more, firstly when I talked about the heavy storms we suffered in May earlier [...]