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I know I’ve been whingeing about the weather a lot lately, but we have had loads of rain. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Here’s a quote from the Courier Mail from a few days ago. “Brisbane recorded its wettest December in more than 150 years with 471.8mm dumped until 5pm yesterday, beating the [...]

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For today’s post I was going to tell you about all the Christmas activities that are scheduled to take place here in Brisbane. And there are plenty of them! They’ve already started. On Friday we went to Brookfield for the evening, the Bush Christmas event took place at the Showgrounds. No need for me to [...]


When we first arrived in Australia back in November 2007, we appeared to bring the British weather with us. Australia was in the midst of an ever worsening drought. All the talk was of saving water and “every drop counts” was the mantra of the South East Queensland Water Corporation. Even before we’d left England, [...]

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Australia is a big country; I know I have mentioned it before. But then, I’m just stating the obvious aren’t I? Everybody knows Australia is a big country. But I was reminded of how big Australia is again this week. As you know I have been talking about the arrival of spring here over the [...]


I explained what we’d got up to on Sunday in yesterdays post, but what of Saturday? Saturday was a very grey day, weather wise. All day it was just grey, cloudy and dull. I can’t remember if it rained or not. I don’t think it did. It will come as no surprise to you that [...]