I have written on this blog before about wasps. I wrote a post called Australian Wasps: Big, Bad and Painful? If you read it, you’ll know that back in England I detested wasps. But in the article, I explain that here they don’t seem to trouble me at all. Well, a year later the situation [...]


It’s been quite a while since I have had a new kind of intruder come into my house. I have had new intruders on my land recently, I think the last one was the beautiful green tree frog. But nothing actually in the house for some time. Until yesterday. First, a little background. Having had [...]


Today I will cover some very small Australian Bad Things. This one, not so small…. I found this Hedge Grasshopper having a nose around my garage. He was probably 3 inches long (90mm). He actually turned his head to look into the camera. I’m sure he would have smiled if he had the required facial [...]