Gum Swamp

Our holiday is all but over, with the exception of the drive home. A small matter of covering around 1680 kilometres. That’s just over a thousand miles to you and I. That’s like doing London to Edinburgh and back to London again. Except Melbourne to Brisbane is further. All clear now? The quickest way back [...]

bouncy bouncy

Warrnambool is the biggest city along the Great Ocean Road. Well, you saw the road, (you did see the road in the last post, didn’t you?) there wasn’t much competition was there? We had decided to stay for three nights, mainly to give our daughter some beach time. She’s a plucky little girl, but even [...]

When we left Melbourne it was 35°c. We drove for six hours and when we got out at the end of our journey, it was 17°c. In old English, that’s a drop from about 95°f down to 62°f. We were heading for Warrnambool, which is pretty much at the end of the Great Ocean Road. [...]

I knew it would happen. But I didn’t think it would happen so soon and so often. What’s the problem? Booking accommodation last minute during the summer holidays? No. Finding stuff to do to amuse my 4 year old daughter? No! Not that either, she’s having a whale of a time. Traffic? No! You know [...]