Last week, you will probably remember, I did post about the Best Beaches in Australia and the World 2014. I included a couple of videos in that post, one was called Great Australian Beaches. The first beach he mentioned was Bondi Beach… Right at the end of that video though, he mentioned another beach. In [...]


It crossed my mind a few days ago that our evenings have started to get a bit cooler and then, all of a sudden, I realised… It’s autumn! And as at the first of this month, indeed it was autumn. Autumn When I left England in November 2007, it was also autumn, here’s a very [...]

“This emergency is the worst Victoria has faced since 2009.” Almost exactly 5 years ago I wrote about that emergency in my post Australia’s Tragic Weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend many people in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Victoria have found themselves fighting bushfires again. Three weeks ago Adelaide battled bushfires and Perth was [...]

Great Ocean Road

It’s time to return to my series about Australia’s most liveable cities after the interruption of Darwin week which became Darwin fortnight. Darwin came stone last in this 11 city poll, but I allowed it to push in when I wrote about the it in my post called Australia’s Least Most Liveable City a couple [...]