Spiders, especially Australian ones, get a very bad press. This week that changed somewhat, this week the press are saying some nice things about spider venom. Because this week it has been announced that a research team from University of Queensland (UQ) Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have discovered that spider venom could lead to [...]

Yes, today I’ve got a video that nobody wants to see, not even me. In fact I have even more reason not to want to see it, because I live in Brisbane. It was in a Brisbane suburban back garden that Gigantor was found. What is Gigantor? Here are some clues. Normally these things are [...]


A couple months ago I did an interview with Professor Julian White (MB, BS, MD, FACTM), Consultant Clinical Toxinologist and Head of Toxinology at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Adelaide. We discussed Redback Spider Antivenom Doesn’t Work; True or False? As some of you will know, I was bitten by redback spider and when I [...]


I suppose it is quite surprising that up until now I haven’t written anything about Wolf Spiders. I was reminded to do so though, when Mike made a comment on my post What It’s Really Like to Be Bitten by a Redback Spider. Mike was bitten by a spider the other day; he thinks it [...]

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With the constant sound of Christmas songs playing on the radio (“It’s Christmas!!!” – Thanks Noddy, I almost forgot) you’d think for this Friday’s video post I’d have come up with something full of Christmas spirit. No! They don’t call me Scrooge for nothing. It may be cold and Christmassy where you are, but here [...]

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My series on Australians bad things has proved to be hugely popular. I get more traffic searching for the bad stuff than I do from people searching for say, golden beaches, open spaces or wonderful weather. I wonder if that is because many people want to come and live in Australia, but some are a [...]