Australia’s Economy: CommSec’s State of the States Report July 2017 thumbnail

If this were a horse race, the commentary as they crossed the line would probably go something like this: “NSW romp home having led from start to finish, gallant effort by Victoria towards the end to grab second slot. ACT simply ran out of legs after a promising start. There’s a bit of a gap [...]


For the last couple of years, each July I have been looking at the CommSec State of the States economic report. As I mentioned then, Australia is one big country, but economically it could be regarded as eight different countries. We prefer to call them states and territories. Each of our six states and two [...]


Australia is a very big country, we all know that. But sometimes it might be better looking at Australia as eight pretty big countries as each and every one of our states and territories are run separately from each other. Each has its own state government and each of these states perform differently in key [...]


About two years ago I wrote a post about job availability here and in the UK. You can read it if you want, it’s called Finding a Job in Australia Compared with the UK. But for those of you who’d rather not go back and read an old post, here’s the gist of it. I [...]