Tweed Coast


If you have ever visited my homepage, and hopefully you have, you will have seen that it has links to a selection of videos. The very  first video on it, Our First Full Year Living In Australia, went live on January 1, 2009 just after midnight and launched this website. The video contained some of [...]

shark smiling

Some of you may remember that in January of this year we had a long weekend down on the Tweed Coast. It really is a most beautiful part of the country, here is just one of the pictures I took at the time… You can see plenty more and watch three videos if you check [...]


Last month the reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles was on the rather contentious subject of housing; it was called UK and Australia: The House Price Debate. Nothing contentious about this months reprint though, it’s about going to the beach for a long weekend. Long beachy breaks are what Australia [...]


I was going to wrap up my ‘Tweed Coast’ week by putting together a video of our escapades down that way. But before I do something like that, I always like to check on YouTube first to see what’s around. No point in reinventing the wheel, as they say, so if someone has made a [...]