get ready

For me? Yes, a letter from the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, for me. Although it has to be noted that the letter was addressed to “Fellow Queenslanders” and not me personally. It appears this same letter has gone to the other 4.3 million or so people that live in the state as well. But, [...]


As you know, and as the world now probably knows, on Monday the Queensland flood crisis took a sinister turn as what has been called a wall of water and described as an inland tsunami swept through the Lockyer Valley, an area just an hour or so drive west of Brisbane. At least 10 lives [...]


I have mentioned previously in a post about junk mail,  that leaflets, free local newspapers and free magazines along with gazillions of free shopping store catalogues regularly find their way into the BobinOz letterbox. I seriously have no idea where we get all the trees from, although, thankfully, most of this stuff is printed on [...]