About a year ago I wrote a post called Tradesmen or “Tradies” – Lucky Dip, in which I gave an example of some not so great service from a local tradesperson. At the time, my general impression of the tradies around here wasn’t great. But since then I have had some excellent service as well [...]


A Story Full of Hot Air I like a laugh just as much as the next man. But not when it is at my expense, literally. Like many Australian homes our house has air conditioning. Being as we are new(ish) to Australia, we are rarely put it on. We prefer to open all the windows, [...]


Well I know it’s old news, but as I mentioned them yesterday, I do want to get this one out. Although I am now far, far away, the demise of both Woolworth’s and MFI has still saddened me a great deal. These two stores were British icons. Woolworth’s, the wonder of Woollies, is no more. [...]