We’ve done quite a lot of driving out of town recently. We first went Driving Out Of Town in Australia in January when we drove out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In February we drove out of Darwin and Adelaide along several Australian Roads with Very Few Cars on Them. Sandwiched in between those two [...]


Any of you who live in the UK will know that if you decide to drive out of town, it is usually not long before you are driving into another town. Where I used to live, for example, if I drove out of town in any one of four different directions, within 10 minutes I [...]


If you were to go to Latitude: -34.750690460 and Longitude: 139.380264282, you would find yourself in the state of South Australia. You would be around 80 kilometres east of Adelaide, slightly to the north. You would be standing above a cave. The name of that cave? ‘Well It Wasn’t There Last Year Cave‘. Yes, really, [...]


I’ve often wondered what it would really be like to live in a small town in Australia. And when it comes to small towns, Australia’s got plenty of them. Most people who migrate to Australia though, they head for one of the big cities with Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the very busy Sydney topping the [...]