Terrestrial Tv


I’m so excited, the World Cup starts tonight! Now I know a lot of you are thinking it actually started last night, but this is Australia. Game on! Depending on your nation of residence, fill up your beer cupboard (UK) or fridge (AUS) with your brew of choice, put your favourite chair in pole position [...]

For many years now I have been a “timeshifter”. I don’t mean that I have a tardis or that I traverse space and time in any way, but I do record television programs to watch later. As a result of this I very rarely, if ever, watch a TV programme as it happens. The big [...]

It’s been a while since I last talked about Australian TV. In fact, it was almost a year ago when I first told you about what’s on television in Australia; I followed that up with a post about the English Premier League football coverage on Foxtel and ended my little TV trilogy with a more [...]


You may be thinking that with so many wonderful things to do in this glorious country, that there’s no need to watch telly. Wrong! When the evening meal has been eaten, the dishwasher has been loaded and our daughter has been put to bed, then chill out time isn’t far away. At some point in [...]