Well, why not? I’ve compared prices, the weather, houses, I’ve even compared the Grand Canyon and Uluru. I think it’s about time I compared television award ceremonies, don’t you? After all, I think it’s fair to say that most of us, whichever country we live in, do like watching the telly now and then. And [...]

Andrew Wishart

This week the Australian version of The X-Factor began a new series on television. From what I can see, the program appears to be on almost every night, lasting over an hour for each one. So I won’t be watching it, no way will I spend that much of my time watching wannabee’s warbling. But [...]

Australia magazine

Australia & New Zealand Magazine Pt 2. You will, no doubt, recall me announcing with some pride my appearance in the UK magazine Australia & New Zealand as a columnist in their series called Expat Diary. If you haven’t yet read my first ever article to appear on the shelves in a national UK Magazine [...]