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On Monday my post was about how we lived in one of Sydney’s multi-millionaire suburbs for all of 2 days, and on Wednesday I explained how Mrs Bobinoz and Elizabeth took care of some dogs in Australian quarantine for the day. Today, being Friday, I have a video for you as I conclude ‘Sydney Week’. [...]


I’ve been to Sydney a couple of times before, always headed for the city centre and the bright lights. It’s busy, no doubt about that, busier than any other Australian city by a long way. But this weekend I saw the other side of Sydney. North Shore. We arrived at our hotel later than we [...]


I’m not here. This isn’t the first time I’ve not been here either, it has happened previously as I discovered when I used the search facility on my own website and also utilised the built-in memory of my brain to find “I’m not here” related posts. Here’s what came up: Yippeee! I’m on Holiday The [...]


It was only in March of this year that I was reporting the latest Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability rankings. At the time, there were very few changes, although Melbourne had slipped into second position from being third the previous two years. Image courtesy of vermininc You can see how all Australian cities fared in that survey [...]


The latest results for the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Poll 2011 are out, how exciting is that? Well, not at all really. Why? Because, by and large, there’s very little change from last year’s Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Poll. So, maybe I don’t need to write a post today at all, all I need do [...]


I feel such a fool. All the effort I have put into my category Australia’s Bad Things, with 46 post so far and probably more than 30,000 words and now I discover how I could have covered it all so much quicker. A couple of comedians managed to condense it into just over a minute! [...]

You can never find a park(ing) space when you want one! I had a great idea for today’s post. You see, today is Park(ing) Day. Park(ing) Day began in 2005 when Rebar, a San Francisco art and design group turned a parking space into a park in a protest against the amount of space being [...]


Last week I concluded my story about how we moved to Australia. If you read the whole series you will know from part six, taking the dog, that we brought our dog, Baggy, out to Australia with us. This is Baggy…… Baggy went to Australia almost a month before we did. But what that [...]