I know we only had an Australia and New Zealand magazine article last week, but again I am trying to catch up a bit. So here’s another one, and it’s probably good timing. If any of you have been following my recent road trip, then you will know that last time I wrote about it we [...]


This is another one of those ‘I’m not here posts‘. Yes, this morning, Mrs Bob, myself, Elizabeth and two of her friends all jumped in the car and headed south. We are going to be spending a week by the beaches of Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. We all had a similar holiday last [...]


In less than two weeks it will be Christmas. Really? This will be my 10th Christmas in Australia, and like the nine Christmases before it, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. How can it? Temperatures at around 30°C here in Brisbane, blue skies, people walking around in shorts and T-shirts. Whether it feels like it or [...]


Any of you who read last Wednesdays post 20 Things to Do on the Sunshine Coast will know that most of those things involved, to quote a famous old song, messing about on a river. What we enjoyed most was kayaking, we may even take it up as a sport. We could go kayaking on [...]


On Sunday the girls, that’s Mrs Bob, Elizabeth and three of their friends decided they wanted a fun day out. Being a ‘girl’s day out’, I stayed behind, on dry ground. Where they were headed it was going to be wet. Very, very wet. Their first stop was… Aquasplash Gold Coast I asked Elizabeth what [...]


It would be almost impossible not to notice that Australia, a country with a relatively low population, usually does extraordinary well in swimming competitions on the global stage. At the time of writing, apparently 58 of Australia’s 143 Olympic gold medals came from swimming events. So, why are Australians such good swimmers? Here are a [...]


My daughter, Elizabeth, who is now 9 and in year 4 said to me the other day “Daddy, did you know there are only two days a week when I don’t do any sport at all?” No, I didn’t. So I asked Elizabeth to explain, and here’s how her week pans out: Monday – She [...]


So that was Christmas and the New Year, how was it for you? Here’s how it was for us: We spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day round friends along with more friends. In total I think there were 13 adults (15 at one point) and, give or take one or two, about the same number [...]