Swimming Pools


This weekend was the first weekend of our autumn, or ‘fall’ as some of you may prefer to call it. For us, it was also a weekend when we celebrated Elizabeth’s 12th birthday. This year she wanted a pool party, not in our back garden as we’ve often done in the past, but down at [...]


On Sunday the girls, that’s Mrs Bob, Elizabeth and three of their friends decided they wanted a fun day out. Being a ‘girl’s day out’, I stayed behind, on dry ground. Where they were headed it was going to be wet. Very, very wet. Their first stop was… Aquasplash Gold Coast I asked Elizabeth what [...]


As I mentioned on Friday in my post How to Surf: A Quick Guide to Riding the Waves, Elizabeth is sure to be wanting to go into the swimming pool sometime soon. That sometime soon happened on Saturday, just one day after my prediction. A friend came round to play and at about 1:30 in [...]


Time for me to catch up on another reprint of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles; this one appeared, rather ironically, in their winter edition. Now it is being added to my blog just about a few weeks before we will probably be closing down the pool for the colder months here. Great timing [...]


Some people think Australia is a bit of a nanny state. Sometimes, I’m inclined to agree. The other weekend a couple of friends of mine went to an outdoor music festival. One of them took an umbrella with her. Very wise, when it rains here, it really pours! Except security made her throw it in [...]


On Wednesday I posted my “real-time” video footage of what happened when a snake came into my house. On Friday I followed that up with more information about the snake along with some video analysis on the snake intruder. Well, it seems that since then, one or two of you are having second thoughts about [...]

swimming pool

I suppose it’s easy to imagine that almost every house in Australia has a swimming pool in the back garden. But that’s not true. I did a little research over at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, who happen to have the exact figures as at 2007. The reality is that just 11.7% of Australian homes [...]

Bert Newton

A couple of months ago I wrote a post in which I asked the question who is it in Australia who takes 23 cents out of every dollar that Australians spend? The answer was quite surprising, well, it was to me. Because it wasn’t the taxman. If you want to know who it is, you [...]