Swimming Pool


I’ve talked a lot this week about snakes coming out and snake season in my posts about Keeping Children & Pets Safe and Avoiding Snake Encounters, but that’s because it’s been hot. Actually, it’s been unusually hot for this time of year, I believe some records have been broken for maximum temperatures in a few [...]

swimming pool

I suppose it’s easy to imagine that almost every house in Australia has a swimming pool in the back garden. But that’s not true. I did a little research over at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, who happen to have the exact figures as at 2007. The reality is that just 11.7% of Australian homes [...]


I mentioned on Monday that I’d been invited to an Australia Day party but wasn’t sure whether it would go ahead in view of the tragic events surrounding poor Doug the koala. But with true Australian spirit, we pressed on and we partied! But first, what is Australia Day? Fortunately, I explained a bit about [...]


I often mention how there is always something to do every weekend here and always something different. The problem with that is all those little maintenance jobs around the house tend to get neglected as you go gallivanting off having fun each weekend. This weekend my wife asked if I fancied going to the Coolum [...]


On Sunday we decided to have a family day out.  So my wife and I and my son and daughter headed for Wet and Wild, a water park on the Gold Coast.  It’s very rare that all four of us go out together on account of the fact that my son, aged 22, stayed in [...]