Supermarkets in Australia


I have written about supermarkets before a few times, you’ll see some links sprinkled throughout this article that will take you to them. I’d not written about supermarkets though for Australia and New Zealand magazine, not until recently anyway. This article appeared in the magazine’s November edition and they gave it the following title. Supermarket [...]


Out of the blue, on Sunday Mrs Bob said to me “I want to go to Costco.” Gosh, I’d forgotten all about those people; when we used to live in the UK our Costco trips were a regular occurrence. Once every two or three months we would drive over to Gray’s Thurrock, a half-hour or [...]


Who is it, here in Australia, who takes on average 23 cents out of every dollar Australians spent? Surely there is only one answer to that, it has to be the taxman doesn’t it? No, it isn’t. Would you like a clue? Okay, so you’ve run out of milk, sugar, breakfast cereals and of course [...]