Monday’s post was about Sunday’s visit to Samsonvale Lake for a Picnic on Father’s Day. In it I said I was ‘pretty sure we could only see a very small section of the lake’ from where we were. This was pretty much all we could see… So for today’s post I wondered if I could find [...]


If you’ve never been to Darwin, and up until Saturday 29th of June this year I hadn’t, I suspect it is one of those cities that you really can’t be too sure about. I know that’s how it was for me and as I said before on these pages, I’ve always felt it’s the kind of [...]


Those of you who read Friday’s post with the long title that included the words An Island in the Pacific, will know that I made a certain number of predictions. I am happy to announce that almost all of those predictions were spot-on, except the final one which suggested our ferry “would depart at 8:30 [...]