Time for a reprint of one of my recent articles for Australia and New Zealand magazine, this one is all about the sun and daylight hours. As I write this, it’s the middle of summer in the UK and I believe you are getting quite lengthy glimpses of the sun at the moment. But how [...]


Today I am going to be comparing sunrise times and (here’s one I watched earlier) sunset times… … between Australia and the UK for both winter and summer. In an ideal world, according to scientists, it is believed that as humans we would work most optimally if we got up in the morning as the [...]


It was only two weeks ago that I ran my last reprint of an Australia and New Zealand magazine article, that one was about Acclimatising to the Australian Winter Weather. I’ve been falling a bit behind with these reruns though, so today I’m rushing through another one which, as it happens, is the perfect answer [...]


Here in Australia, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Now I know it wasn’t Mother’s Day in the UK, but I can assure you it was Mother’s Day in most other places around the world. But then you probably know that from reading my post about Mother’s Day from a couple of years ago. So Mrs BobinOz [...]