Summer Holidays

Australia Day

It’s Australia Day on Sunday; Australia Day is 26 January every year. I’ve mentioned Australia Day several times before on this website, for example… We Interrupt This Holiday for…erm… A Holiday! The Australia Day Party Is On! Becoming an Australian Citizen So what’s the problem with Australia Day? The Australia Day holiday always comes right [...]


We are now well and truly into the final week of the long school summer holidays. Elizabeth broke up from school on 14 December and will return on Tuesday the 29th of this month. Monday will be a bank holiday because this year, Australia Day (26 January) falls on a Saturday, so we are all [...]

Ski Santa

I’ve talked a lot about Christmas in Australia this week; on Monday I astonished myself when I discovered (eventually) that it was possible to have A White Christmas in Australia. On Wednesday I went through a kind of Christmassy list thing All About Christmas in Australia. But, I hear you ask, but Bob, tell us, [...]


On Monday I wrote about Things To Do During the Long Summer Holidays. That article was about a long weekend away, but what do Australians do when they want the biggie, the two week (or more) summer holiday. Well, I’ve written about those sort of Australian holidays before as well, but this is the article [...]


As you know, it’s summer here in Australia and we are still in the school summer holiday period. And during these times, we try to do the best we can to keep our children amused. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve slap bang in the middle of our summer holidays, that’s a couple of weeks [...]

Byron Bay

In Friday’s post called How to settle in Australia I said “So do you think we will have fun? It’d be hard not to, wouldn’t it?” Well, as we approached Byron Bay around lunchtime on Saturday, the rain was so hard I could barely see where I was driving. My poor windscreen wipers, set to [...]


A while ago I wrote a post about what to do with your kids during the school holidays when it’s raining all the time. That was in September, when it was raining, and here we are in January, and it’s still raining. Except worse! Not only is it raining more, but there’s more of a [...]

The Fall

It’s been a busy, busy, hectic last few days. Those who study this blog and take notes will recall that on Thursday the 9th, I went to The Hi-Fi in Brisbane’s West End to see my favourite band, The Fall….. An absolutely stunning night! The band were on top form and although most of the [...]