Tomorrow is Anzac Day. Yesterday, in Anzac Square, Brisbane, up to 4000 students from primary schools and secondary schools around south-east Queensland attended the Anzac Commemoration Ceremony for Students. Elizabeth was lucky enough to be one of the 25 children chosen to represent her school and Mrs Bob volunteered to go along as one of [...]


Hot off the press today we have a brand-new survey to share with you, and you know how much we love a good survey here on Bobinoz. It’s not so much surveys though, I think it’s ‘best lists’. You can’t beat a good best list. We’ve done Best Cities in Australia, Best Cities in the [...]


Last week in my post Australia’s Bulk Billing Explained and $7 GP Fee Co-payments I talked about the current Australian Government’s plan to make a visit to the doctors more expensive. There is another proposed change the government wants to introduce which will make student fees in higher education much more expensive. The government wants [...]