Strange Sounds

what is it?

I mentioned earlier in the week about my acclimatisation to Australia in terms of getting used to the creepy crawlies. I said that I felt we had reached stage four in the process simply by going camping. “Camping in Australia? Are you nuts! There’ll be snakes and spiders and bugs everywhere, what are you, some [...]

Remember this? With extraordinary timing, a reader has posted a comment on a previous post. Why is the timing significant? First we need to go back in time about five or six months …….. I am sitting in my living area, or lounge as I used to call it, it is a late at [...]

Since moving to Australia I have seen plenty of trespassers, intruders and various Australian bad things enter into my home and walk in my garden. Quite a large number of Brisbane’s wild creatures, creepie crawlies and ugly bugs have crossed my path. Going from memory, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things, I have [...]