Story Bridge


I’m sure everybody knows that the most famous bridge in all of Australia is Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge is also known as “The Coathanger” because, well, see if you can guess… Yes, because it looks like one. What some of you may not know though is that the engineer who worked on the design [...]

Story Bridge

I wrote a post a few years ago, and you can read it by clicking the following link, about Mother’s Day in Australia. You see, Mother’s Day in Australia is on a different day than it is in the UK, so I wanted to check it out. I discovered that only Ireland and Nigeria share [...]


It’s been a while since I spoke about Queensland’s top 150 icons, but when I last did it was about the top 15 natural attractions in the state. The sixth category in the series is called structures and engineering feats. Engineering feats aren’t really my thing, not something I tend to get excited about. But [...]