It’s been a long time since I last had an intruder on my property. During the first year of this blog, 2009, I had a whole bunch of them. Let’s take a wander down memory lane to remind ourselves of just a few of the beasts (or cuties) that have wandered into my home or [...]

Gympie Gympie

When I was a small child, playing in the fields, parks and the countryside of the UK, there was one plant that we always had to make sure that we didn’t “literally” bump into. The stinging nettle. Yes, stinging nettles, object of great fear and source of enormous pain. As much as we knew about [...]


Today I will cover some very small Australian Bad Things. This one, not so small…. I found this Hedge Grasshopper having a nose around my garage. He was probably 3 inches long (90mm). He actually turned his head to look into the camera. I’m sure he would have smiled if he had the required facial [...]