On Sunday I popped round a friend’s house and during my brief visit I broke one of my own mini rules. The rule is simple, you may have already guessed it, it’s ‘beware the path less travelled with bushes either side.’ Something like this… In fairness to me, I didn’t know this was a path [...]


Spiders, especially Australian ones, get a very bad press. This week that changed somewhat, this week the press are saying some nice things about spider venom. Because this week it has been announced that a research team from University of Queensland (UQ) Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have discovered that spider venom could lead to [...]


In today’s post I am going to reveal Australia’s most deadly animal, the critter responsible for the most human deaths year by year here in Australia. Before I name the beast, you might like to try and guess who the culprit is. You won’t be the first to try, the following question was asked to [...]


I suppose it is quite surprising that up until now I haven’t written anything about Wolf Spiders. I was reminded to do so though, when Mike made a comment on my post What It’s Really Like to Be Bitten by a Redback Spider. Mike was bitten by a spider the other day; he thinks it [...]


I have written many, many posts about intruders coming into my house. Only last week I presented you with a small list linking to just a handful of such posts when I wrote about being Viciously Attacked in My Own Back Garden! I have also written about the Huntsman Spider before, in a post called [...]

Just before Christmas and at a time when I should have been spreading the festive goodwill, I presented you with a post called The Funnel Web Spider of Australia and Death. It included two videos and a picture of Australia’s deadliest spider. Since then many of us will have enjoyed eating our Christmas turkey, but [...]

redback spider

I think you know what’s coming. But before that, an important message. I realise that some of you may have found this page because you have just been bitten by a Redback Spider and you want to know what to do. You are looking for urgent medical advice. Here it is… On with the post. [...]

what is it?

I mentioned earlier in the week about my acclimatisation to Australia in terms of getting used to the creepy crawlies. I said that I felt we had reached stage four in the process simply by going camping. “Camping in Australia? Are you nuts! There’ll be snakes and spiders and bugs everywhere, what are you, some [...]