Spider Bite

funnel web

Before we get started on this post, if you or someone with you has just been bitten by a funnel web spider, seek immediate medical attention. Also… First aid treatment for a suspected funnel-web spider bite consists of immediately applying a pressure immobilisation bandage; a technique which consists of wrapping the bitten limb with a [...]


I suppose it is quite surprising that up until now I haven’t written anything about Wolf Spiders. I was reminded to do so though, when Mike made a comment on my post What It’s Really Like to Be Bitten by a Redback Spider. Mike was bitten by a spider the other day; he thinks it [...]

redback spider

I think you know what’s coming. But before that, an important message. I realise that some of you may have found this page because you have just been bitten by a Redback Spider and you want to know what to do. You are looking for urgent medical advice. Here it is… On with the post. [...]

A taipan

There is a lot of negative talk about the spiders and snakes of Australia. In fact whenever they are mentioned, it’s not long before the “death” word appears in the conversation. This is something that does not happen in the UK. It is very rare that spiders and death crop up in the same sentence [...]