South Bank Parklands


I received an email from a reader the other week, she was visiting Brisbane for one day and wanted to know the best places to visit. Among my suggestions were South Bank Parklands and the Cultural Centre, and she certainly took me up on that idea. I know because she sent me a photograph of [...]


How to watch 16 innovative and exciting new films in less time than it takes to watch Waterworld, or….. What did I do last Sunday? Last year I watched it on television. This year I decided to go. I had a choice of venues; Sydney – 926 km, Melbourne – 1,691 km, Canberra, 1,204 km, [...]


… it doesn’t do bad for sun, sea and sand. I’ve been meaning to write a post about the South Bank Parklands for some time now, but for some reason I never seemed to get around to it. Until today. I showed you a glimpse of the Parklands a few weeks ago but felt it [...]

Regular readers will know that, more often than not, my post on Monday is about what we did at the weekend. But today, I’m finding it difficult to bring myself to do that. Why? As you will know, I used to live in Europe, England to be precise, and I still have friends back there, [...]


I have said before that what I love about living in Australia is that there always seems to be something to do and it’s always something different. Previously on BobinOz we have given you the opportunity to go on the last ever chair lift at the Ekka Festival, we have also taken you to the [...]

Big Pineapple

When I wrote the post It’s All Happening in Queensland, I looked at the first three categories out of 10 for Queensland’s top 150 icons. Those three categories were all about people and organisations. In today’s post I am going to look at the fourth category, which was locations. I was very surprised to see [...]