It’s been a strange couple of days. A sinkhole Just up on the coast, about three and a half hours drive to the north, are some popular campsites close to Rainbow Beach. You may remember that Mrs Bob has been there with a friend of hers and the kids, they fed the dolphins. It’s a [...]


On Wednesday we had a look at Brisbane’s so-called ‘cold snap’ in my post called It’s My Traditional Winter versus Summer Weather Battle. As you will have seen, it wasn’t really that cold at all in my home city, but elsewhere around Australia it has been cold. Jolly cold. Snow in Australia Three years ago [...]


I’ve got two quite stunning videos for you today as I bring you the latest and most noteworthy news from around Australia. On Wednesday I mentioned Sydney’s severe weather and gave you the briefest details of the rain, snow and gale force winds that engulfed the area. Sydney storms 16 October 2014 Unfortunately, the first [...]


Last Wednesday I was kind of bragging about the rising temperatures here in Brisbane even though we were still in the middle month of winter. In the post about Brisbane’s Winters the temperature on the day was around 26°C and the forecast was for it to get even hotter. Well, on Friday in some parts [...]


Yes, this is big news. Today, something really strange happened to me, something that I don’t think has ever happened whilst I have been living here in Queensland. Today, during the daytime, at around 4:30 PM to be precise, I went outside to be greeted by (as usual) a very sunny and clear blue sky, [...]


About four months ago I asked the question Has It Ever Snowed in Brisbane? The answer was no. But what about Queensland? Has it ever snowed in Queensland? About 217 kilometres north-west of Brisbane is a town called Stanthorpe. This morning they recorded a minimum temperature of 3.5° C there, and, along with that say [...]


Friday was the first day of June and, for us here in Australia, the beginning of winter. Just last week, you may recall, I had my breakfast in a beach side cafe, and couldn’t resist sitting on the sand for a while afterwards on such a beautiful 22°C day. That happened the morning after Blues [...]


About 30 kilometres east of where I live is a suburb called Carbrook. It has a golf course. Now I’ve only ever played golf twice in my life and didn’t much take to it. But if I were to ever play a third time, Carbrook would be the course I would like to play. Why? [...]