Short Film Festival


Well, that’s what I would be demanding if it wasn’t that Tropfest is yet another of the many Australian outdoors event that is completely free of charge. For those of you who are really only interested to read about the life in Australia stuff rather than me having a rant, click these links to read [...]


How to watch 16 innovative and exciting new films in less time than it takes to watch Waterworld, or….. What did I do last Sunday? Last year I watched it on television. This year I decided to go. I had a choice of venues; Sydney – 926 km, Melbourne – 1,691 km, Canberra, 1,204 km, [...]


On Sunday the 22nd of February, Tropfest 2009 was shown live on Movie Extra, one of the film channels on Foxtel, the Sky equivalent in Australia. What is Tropfest? I am glad you asked. If you already know what it is, then you were ahead of me. I love films and consider myself a minor [...]