Shopping Australia

Faulty Goods and Australian Consumer Law: Meet the ACCC thumbnail

In the 10 years that we’ve lived in Australia, we’ve bought quite a bit of stuff. Furniture, electrical goods, white goods, beds, houses, cars, all sorts of stuff. As anybody who buys stuff knows, sometimes things go wrong. Of all the stuff we’ve bought, things have gone wrong on several occasions, and by and large [...]

Amazon in Australia – 3 Months Post Launch thumbnail

It would have been some time in 2016 when Amazon announced it would be coming to Australia to sell physical products in addition to the already available digital books. 2017 was filled with rumours of an impending launch throughout the year. The rumours weren’t just about the launch though, there was much talk about the [...]


Normally, when I am reprinting one of my articles from Australia and New Zealand magazine here on this blog, I like to give it a good long intro. But this article was about shopping. I don’t get overly verbose when I’m talking about shopping. It gets worse, this article was about girlie shopping! What do [...]

BobinOz and Santa

I went out the other day to do some Christmas shopping here in Australia. I took myself off to one of those retail parks, you know, big stores out in the open. Here’s a picture of me (pics taken by my little girl, Elizabeth, at no cost. Don’t you love child labour?) with Santa…… But [...]


Okay, we haven’t even hit July yet, Christmas is a very long way away and yet I am going to talk about Christmas shopping in Australia? Am I nuts? Sure, it’s a good idea not to leave it until Christmas Eve but to get your Christmas shopping organised now would be crazy, wouldn’t it? No, [...]

Grocery Prices in Australia

In what may be (some of you may wish to argue and suggest other entries) my most boring post to date, I bring you a relatively meaningless grocery price comparison chart. I say boring because it wasn’t much fun writing it and I can’t imagine it makes great reading. But if you are considering coming [...]