It’s been a bit of a ‘here comes summer’ kind of week, in fact it all started last Friday when I featured a video of Perth’s heatwave. On Monday the subject was Ticks and Snakes in Australia: Welcome to Summer and then on Wednesday we had Things to Do in Australia When It’s Hot. That [...]


In today’s post I am going to reveal Australia’s most deadly animal, the critter responsible for the most human deaths year by year here in Australia. Before I name the beast, you might like to try and guess who the culprit is. You won’t be the first to try, the following question was asked to [...]


Previously here on BobinOz I have brought you many similar and scary posts. I don’t need to list them here, they are all featured on my page called… Australia’s Killer Creatures and Death But don’t click over to read that just yet, you can do it later. Today, I need to talk about… Sharks and [...]


About 30 kilometres east of where I live is a suburb called Carbrook. It has a golf course. Now I’ve only ever played golf twice in my life and didn’t much take to it. But if I were to ever play a third time, Carbrook would be the course I would like to play. Why? [...]


Small Bites. Regular readers at BobinOz will know that out of all of Australia’s bad things, the baddest bad thing of all is not the shark, not the crocodile, not one of our many deadly snakes, nor is it one of our two killer spiders and it’s not even the most venomous animal in the [...]


One of my readers in the UK has requested that I do a post about the bad stuff. He says I’m making Australia look like paradise and it’s making him depressed. He needs cheering up, but he’s read about….