Scuba diving

Jewels in the Crown of Cairns: Kuranda and the Great Barrier Reef thumbnail

There is more to Cairns than just strolling around and having a look. There’s also more than just two ‘must do’ attractions in Cairns, but if you only had time for two, your choice would be simple. On land, you will want to visit the lush green rainforests of Kuranda, taking the cable car one [...]

Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef thumbnail

A long time ago on this blog we played a very silly game of ‘Where’s Wally’. On that occasion, Wally was a kookaburra. Today we are going to play ‘Where’s Wally’ again. This time though, Wally is a fish. Can you spot Wally? I can assure you that Wally is a real fish, this isn’t [...]


As I mentioned in a previous post about Hamish, my son, Tom, who is here on holiday, was off to Cairns for a week on a diving course. Today he got back. He has completed his six day course, four days of which were spent at sea. He did 14 dives and hit a maximum [...]