School Holidays


As you know, it’s summer here in Australia and we are still in the school summer holiday period. And during these times, we try to do the best we can to keep our children amused. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve slap bang in the middle of our summer holidays, that’s a couple of weeks [...]

South Bank Parklands

It’s been an absolutely glorious week here in Brisbane, a great start to the spring school holidays. If this were England, we’d be talking about a summer heatwave. It’s not. It’s Australia. And it’s still only early spring. On Monday, as you know, Elizabeth went to Redcliffe with her mummy and some of her friends [...]


As the kid’s two-week spring school holidays begin today, I am left asking myself “What happened to spring?” It was only 19 days ago that I presented my five day weather backcast. It was in this post that I admitted my “Winter turns to spring at the flick of a switch” theory was left in [...]

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If I walk out of my front door and turn left, then left again and keep going for about 500 km, I get to a town called Roma, which is in the western Darling Downs. The town of Roma has a population of just under 7,000 people, and it is to those people that I [...]


A while ago I wrote a post about what to do with your kids during the school holidays when it’s raining all the time. That was in September, when it was raining, and here we are in January, and it’s still raining. Except worse! Not only is it raining more, but there’s more of a [...]


Well I like to end the week with a video and we’ve got a beaut for you today. By the way, beauty or beaut is quite a common expression of joy here in Australia. It’s like saying lovely, or great, or nice and it’s pronounced more like bute or bewdy. Anyway, today is the last [...]


I did mention on Monday about the school holidays being here and the weather being awful. It is a big shame because lots of outdoor events have been organised yet the weather is only fit for going to the cinema. And that’s just what Mrs BobinOz did with my daughter Elizabeth on Monday. They went [...]


Yes, after a long hard term doing all that learning stuff, it’s the school holidays here in Australia. At last, time for their well-deserved rest, or… Time to have some fun! Let’s see, what could we do? Well there are several theme parks down at the Gold Coast, just one and a bit hour’s drive. [...]