I’m so excited, the World Cup starts tonight! Now I know a lot of you are thinking it actually started last night, but this is Australia. Game on! Depending on your nation of residence, fill up your beer cupboard (UK) or fridge (AUS) with your brew of choice, put your favourite chair in pole position [...]


Last week I wrote a post about a “Special Broadcast Service” from the terrestrial television channel SBS here in Australia. I got thoroughly bashed in the comments by everyone; it seems that nobody else liked the “Special Broadcast Service” I was talking about. It was a little European competition that has been established so many [...]


Like most countries, Australia has “terrestrial” TV and “subscription” TV. I’ve mentioned the TV channels before in my post called What’s On Television in Australia? I’ve also mentioned subscription TV in my post about English Football on Australian Television. Now I want to talk about one particular channel on the free terrestrial television service, it’s [...]