santa sunbathing

Hot, sunny, clear blue skies. That’s not guaranteed, but it is the default weather for Christmas in Australia and its why Christmases here are so very different. Update: today, December 23, the Bureau of Meteorology released their forecasts for Christmas Day weather around Australia’s major cities. Here it is… Sydney Expect clouds with temperatures between [...]


That’s a stupid question really, isn’t it? We all know there is only one Santa Claus and the poor man has a lot of presents to deliver on Christmas Eve. Never mind all the houses he has to visit, what about all those countries? He must get ‘cream crackered’ as we would say in England. [...]


Summer arrived with the weekend, and we certainly had the weather to match; temperatures have been hitting around 32°C. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the forecast is scorchio; we are told temperatures here in Brisbane could hit 40°C and elsewhere around Queensland could get as high as 45°. We are talking about temperatures in excess of 100°F and [...]


For those of you currently covered in a blanket of snow, it may cheer you up to know that our weekend here was also a bit of a washout, as far as the weather is concerned. But I suspect you all had much more fun playing in the snow than I did playing in the [...]

Face painting

But the weekend wasn’t all back breaking gardening work, I managed to squeeze in some fun too. That’s assuming that you will agree with me in saying the weekend starts at around five o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Because that is when we set off for Brookfield. I have mentioned Brookfield before, because back in [...]