Before we go on a tour of Brisbane’s beaches, I want to show you some beaches close to Brisbane, but not in Brisbane. Firstly, just over an hour’s drive north, we have the Sunshine Coast. Here are some beaches on the Sunshine Coast… Next, just over an hour’s drive south, we have the Gold Coast. [...]


I don’t remember ever seeing this sort of thing going on at Southend Beach when I was a kid, but they certainly have it here in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Tropical Cyclone Marcia tried to put a damper on the event a couple of weeks ago, but the sculptors were having none of [...]

Fraser Island

It seems quite a while ago that I was at Hervey Bay enjoying a short break, which I’m sure you have all read about in my post called Sun, Sea, Sand and a Place to Chill. Shortly after that break, as I’m sure you also know, huge areas of South East Queensland were hit with [...]


I can’t remember where I saw them, but I’m sure I did. It certainly wouldn’t have been when I lived in England, they don’t have them. But the strange thing is, Mrs Bobinoz doesn’t remember ever seeing them, although it is high on her list of things she really wants to see. I have a [...]

Last Monday I wrote a post about the crime rate in Australia, comparing it with the UK’s. What I prefer to write about on Mondays, are all the exciting things I did over the weekend. The problem with last weekend was that I had done nothing exciting whatsoever. As I said in the article, “No [...]


I mentioned in Friday’s post that I was packing my bags and leaving Australian mainland for the first time since my arrival nearly 2 1/2 years ago. I gave you some clues regarding my destination and one reader, John, had a stab at Fraser Island. Wrong! It was here……. So where is here? Well, we [...]